Tertullien - Oeuvres Complètes (French Edition)

Genoude, Eugène de (Antoine Eugène) 1792-1849
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Illustrated by William Strang, J. Clark, and Aubrey Beardsley with an introduction by Charles Whibley. Fowler and F. Fowler, Vol. Oxford World Classics - - Selected Dialogues, trans. Transaction Publishing - - Selected Satires of Lucian, trans. Siemonsen quaestiones Lucianeae Dr. Siemonsen quaestiones Lucianeae by Siemonsen Kretz Analecta critica ad Lucianum Analecta critica ad Lucianum by O. Spath Lucianus num auctor dialogi Erotas existimandus sit Lucianus num auctor dialogi Erotas existimandus sit by Lauer, Gullelmus De Lucieni scholiis quaestiones selectae Lucian von Samosata Samtrliche Berfegerman von Bieland Tragodie voin Podagra von Dr.

Karl Friedrick Hermann Schriften des Lucian von Dr. Karl Jakobitz Lucian als Aesthetiker von Motz, F.

Ueber Lukians Hermotimos von Schwarz, Ant Lukian and Horax von Heinrich, Alfred Lukians Satiren gegen den Glauben seiner Zeit von Dr. Cyprianus: cf. Bibliotheca Cyprianica Editio auctior , Lipsiae , p. Venetis per Benalium ". Petitmengin , p.

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It's current whereabouts are unknown. Bibliography on Benalius Not checked : On Benalius there is an article in the excellent Dizionario biografico degli italiani , vol. Now online, with English translation. Printed Milan; Uldericus Scinzenzeler, 4th December Format: Folio. Catalogue source: IGI. Not checked. I have placed online some notes about Scinzenzeler. Size: mm x mm. Quaternions: a 8 b 8 c 8 d 6. A lter hand has written folio numbers at the foot of each folio, starting at on folio a, and ending with Impressum Mediolani magistrum Vldericum Scinzinzeler.

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An extra original leaf is at either end as a guard-leaf. The font is very like that of the Benalius - even down to the hand-written Greek, e. However a comparison indicates the text has been reset. Spaces are left for illuminated initials, as with the Benalius. The text is quite abbreviated, but not in the same places always as the Benalius. I was unable to find differences of wording in a cursory inspection. Update: The Canterbury copy was offered for sale at Sothebys in June , with an online exhibition here. It was unsold; but bought afterwards by the Bavarian State Library in Munich.

An image of the first page was displayed. The catalogue read:. Lot Estimate: 6, - 8, GBP. Chancery folio x mm. Provenance : probably William Roscoe, sale, Liverpool, 19 August , lot , noted in Mendham's copy of the Roscoe sale catalogue; Law Society, armorial bookplate. Catalogue Note One of only two incunable editions of Tertullian, the other printed in Venice not after BMC v ISTC records ten copies, of which only three are located outside Italy the other edition survives in about copies.

It seems plausible, given the rarity, that this is William Roscoe's copy, as Mendham owned a copy of Roscoe's sale catalogue and had marked this lot he also bought his Complutensian Polyglot Bible from the Roscoe sale; see lot However, the recent binding retains no earlier marks of provenance. These are all combined with the works of Lactantius. In some cases e. From Migne. I have not yet seen a copy, but naturally will try to obtain photographs.

Not in Migne.

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This is in fact correct - I have compared the Tertullian portion against a photocopy of the First edition and they are identical. However the combination does appear to be an edition, as it is listed in a recent bibliography of Lactantius as such. Perhaps the printer had access to 'spare' sheets of the editio princeps and added them to his own work to make the edition? Petit, in quarto, possibly with Lactantius. Not checked Details from Migne: Parisiis, ap. Tertulliani Apologeticus, cum Lactantio, si conjecturae fidere licet.

Not listed in Bryce. Not listed in the Bodleian online catalogue : [Lactantius, Chrysostom, Apologeticum ]. Venice, in folio Not checked. Venice, folio Not checked. In the British Library. Apologeticum is in 46 chapters on folios. Ends with 'In Bellouisu Impressi. Anno D. CCCCC ix. Die vero xii mensu September. Checked I need to recheck this edition, and ensure it is the same as the Bryce volume.

Also to check its text and size. There are 2 's listed for the BL: C. I do not have notes on which this is. In Bellouisu pro Iohanne Petit. Ioanis Tacuini, XXII c. Migne Not checked. Migne Not checked However Bryce lists it as one of those he has inspected, and according to his list it does not in fact contain any Tertullian. The early editors attempted to print whatever they could find. It is worth noting that they did not always bother to print things that were hard to read; we know they had access to the Codex Agobardinus , since it is marked up with printer's page numbers, but the Ad Nationes , contained only in that codex, was not printed by anyone until Gothofried.

In many manuscripts were extant which are now lost, which makes the early editions very valuable as a witness to text-variants unknown today. Generally the text will have notes, which list the variant reading of a given codex if it wasn't used, and from this some estimation of that manuscript can be obtained.

Adams T Online in PDF here! CUL, Emmanuel Spieringk bdg. Basle, edited by Beatus Rhenanus of Selestadt, printed by Froben. Far and away the most sumptuous of the editions, with fine engravings, broad margins, etc. There is a list of contents on the reverse of the title page. Each text is preceded by an Argumentum but is otherwise largely devoid of notes, with the exception of De Corona , and 6 brief notes on Ad martyras.

Text critical notes appear extensively in the margins but are progressively transferred into Annotationes in the subsequent editions of and , mainly concerned with manuscript variants and conjectures. Quare boni co[n]sulenda sunt, huius scripta, si alicubi uarient a receptis horum temporum dogmatis, cum omneis synodos antecesserit, Apostolicis illis exceptis, quarum in Actis Lucas commeminit. Basileae : Apud Io. Frobenivm, Mense Ivlio An. Septimi Florentis Tertulliani Apologeticus adversus gentes.

PL1 38A. Paris, This seems like another incunable reprint. Johns Reynes bdg. Basle, reprint of edition, printed by Froben. According to Migne, the British Museum catalogue, vol II, erroneously records a copy of this as having notes by Junius. This edition has two additional prefaces placed between the table of contents identical in appearance, etc, to that in the edition and the preface to the edition.

Rhenanus also added at the front some hasty notes of some length on the first treatise, De patientia , and more briefly on some other treatises. The first seven treatises then have no additional material, except that De resurrectione carnis had two explicationes the first was omitted from the edition, the second abridged and De praescriptione was followed by 11 text-critical notes; for the others, Rhenanus inserted some annotationes. There are some 31 annotationes in all, occupying 4 pages.

Marginal notes are expanded on those in the edition with historical material, sometimes repeated in the annotationes. However Rhenanus would have preferred to continue to place conjectures in the margin, but says he had not enough space p. Not based on any new manuscript witness; the Ad lectorem tells us he hoped to obtain a manuscript from Gorze see , and an otherwise unknown one from Treves containing De spectaculis, which he supposed to be in two books, but these he could not obtain Exspectabam avide ex Mediomatricis Gorziensem codicem et a Treviris Spectaculorum libros, sed frustra.

The edition was undertaken, according to the preface, at the demand of readers: Interim propter aemulos secundam aeditionem parare compulsus est Frobenius, studiosis ubique gentium Tertullianum flagitantibus. The treatises are published in the same order as in Online: Title page fol. Septimii Florentis Tertulliani. Basle, Frobenius, The title page, which carries the British Museum stamp worded "'Duplicate for Sale, ", is signed at the head by Archbishop Cranmer, and at the foot by [John, Lord] Lumley.

There are a number of marginal annotations in ink a few letters have been shaved by the binder , which we find by careful comparison with authentic documents in the Record Office, London, [In particular with a long holograph letter by Cranmer to Henry VIII in , reporting on visits he has paid to the Queen Catherine Howard ] to be undoubtedly in the handwriting of Cranmer himself.

He has also underscored many passages in the text, a number of them being the subject of the marginalia. The text is otherwise entirely clean and sound, except for slight marginal worming at the end. He promulgated the 42 Articles of Religion later reduced to 39 in ; was committed to the Tower of London for sedition, ; was cited to appear before the Pope in , but refused to recognize Papal jurisdiction; and was condemned for heresy, degraded and burned at the stake in John, Lord Lumley owned a large library and every volume as this copy of Tertullian bears his signature on the title page.

He inherited the library of his father - Henry Fitzalan, 12th Earl of Arundel S0 , which contained many books from the library of Thomas Cranmer.

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The same volume is also described by David G. Tertullian, Quintus Septimius Florens. Basle: in officina Frobeniana , Mar. Some of the Ince books were bought by a Southport bookseller in the s, but it is not known whether this was among them or disposed of earlier.

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Some Ince books were sold at Christie's in , but this was not among them. No information about provenance history, binding or MS notes.

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Rhenanus, Beatus, Quorum catalogum proxima pagina reperies Publisher: Basileae : [in officina Frobeniana], Physical Desc. In place of the Definitiones acclesiasticorum dogmatum of Gennadius, this edition has the anonymous Amonitio ad lectorem de qvidvsdam Tertvlliani dogmatis, later attributed to Rhenanus p. Vellum with blind tools, spine painted grey, clasps clasp on front board ,?

German, 16th century British Library Details from Copac : pp. Reliure du XIXe s. Brant, Peutinger, Zwingle, S. Adams L22 Trinity ff. Not Checked. Basle, edited by Rhenanus again, this time using also a collation of the codex Gorziensis. The treatises are published in the same order as in ; however the Adversus omnes haereses , which the manuscripts all present following De praescriptione haereticorum and which appears in the and editions, is here silently omitted.

Full notes appear for the first time; each treatise has an Argumentum , then Annotationes , then text. Rhenanus repeats his preference for conjectures in the margin p. PL1 38AD. The edition was also listed by the Spanish Inquisition, on account of some too free remarks, especially in the Anvers edition of the Index of ; the passages ordered suppressed are listed in the protestant Junius edition of q.

Title page of Rhenanus' own copy. Apparently a copy now online complete here. Praeconium euangelicae gratiae, per Christum filium dei, factae. Per Georgium Wicelium. Tertulliani libro de corona militis -- 2 copies at Durham Details from Copac. Copy 2 additional details: Bound in same vol: 6 other tracts by Witzel, and a catalogue of his writings, -- Fragments: Two fragments from early 16th c.

Classmark: Paris, in folio, edited by Jean Gagney Gagnaeus , who added 11 works to those he copied from Rhenanus. There seems to be very little prefatory material in this edition. PL1 39B. Johns, Pembroke bdg , Christ's. Basle, edited by Sigismund Gelenius, published by Froben. PL1 39C-D. London, Not listed in Migne. Online complete. Paris, de praescriptionibus adversus haereticos , printed by Andr. Wechelus, in quarto, with notes by Jo.

Quintinus Heduus. PL1 40A. Basle, reprint of Gelenius edition, printed by Froben in September, as it says at the end, in the copy in the Plume. Details on separate page. PL1 40B. PDF here. The text is mentioned in CTC I Padri sotto il torchio. Millennio Medievale 35; Atti di convegni Details CTC Daneau was a Calvinist pastor CTC In two volumes octavo by Andreas Wechelus, as indicated at the end of the book. PL1 40B-C. Not checked , but I have seen the second volume in Cambridge, so it does exist. PL1 40C. It is based on the date of the dedicatory epistle. PL1 40CD.

Paris, edited by Barraeus Rene Laurens de la Barre. Contains the works of Tertullian and Arnobius. See attached page for more details. PL1 42A-C. Online: Title page fol 1r , Table of contents fol. In octavo, by Luc. Maio, Smalkalacae. PL1 42C. Pamelius of Bruges, based on Gelenius, plus using 3 Vatican codices; also 1 each from the monasteries of St. Amandus and St. Bavonus, and 1 from John Clement, the Englishman. The book was split into 5 sections. He also printed the fragments, and the poems. Apparently he also refers to a Greek copy of the works of Tertullian in the library of Philip II of Spain in the dedicatory epistle see lost works page for details.

Some copies of this were supplied to Plantin in Antwerp, and published with a fresh title page see below. Adams T Christ's [defective]. This is identical to the , but with a different title page, since Sonnius supplied Plantin with the copies for sale in Antwerp according to VOET. Migne lists it as Antwerp, reprint of Pamelius by Plantin in folio. As he believed there was a original He tells us a copy collated by Jo.

Mercerius with the manuscript codices of Agobard was listed in Cat. PL1 42DA. Johns A copy is listed in the Bodleian online catalogue : Title: Q. Septimii Florentis Tertulliani Ab eodem adiecta Tertulliani vita, Scripturarum citatarum index alia['q]; prolegomena. Publisher: Antu.

Ab eodem Pamelio recens adiecta; Tertulliani vita; scripturarum citatarum index locupletiss. Ruelens-De Backer p. The BN records a copy with Sonnius imprint dated Each of the five volumes into which the work is divided has divisional half-t. Head-pieces, initials, marginal notes. Includes index. Printer's device with motto "Labore et constantia" on title page. A typographical error in the work gives a date of PL1 43A-B. Bordeaux: S. Millanges PL1 43B.

Leiden: Plantin. Edited with notes by Franciscus Junius. Notes from Rhenanus, Pamelius and Junius. Migne says it is mentioned by Sandius, du Pin, Cave. PL1 43C. Referred to in French literature as the Pamelius-Dujon edition. Mostly a reprint of Pamelius without his notes, but with those of Rhenanus. Also contains the censure of Rhenanus by the Spanish Inquisition of Notable for the appendix containing the collation of the lost Fulda MS from notes by Modius.

PL1 43CB. PL1 44C. Sand, Du Pin, Cave Not checked. Reprint of Pamelius. PL1 45A. Reprint of De praescriptio and notes from the Pamelius edition. Migne adds, "Ad calcem tract. See edition for details of Raemond. Arguments about the meaning of some passages in Tertullian, against the notes of Junius. Paris: Ambros. PL1 45B. Migne gives his source: " Cat. Sand, Cave. PL1 45C. Tertullian, De praescriptione ; Vincent of Lerins, " adversus profanas omnium haereseon novationes " ; Edmund Campion, "certaminis in causa Fidei rationes decem". Migne gives as his source: " Catal. Regalis Carthusiae S.

Neapoli PL1 45D. Emendationes Epidicticae ad Q. Ammien Marcellin - Histoire de Rome. Ammien Marcellin. Histoire des Francs. Gustave Flaubert. Albert Thibaudet. Les Livres Saints des grandes Religions. Histoire des ducs de Bourgogne de la maison de Valois, Augustin Thierry. Oeuvres de Machiavel. Oeuvres de Euripide. Oeuvres de Aristote. Alphonse de Lamartine. Oeuvres de Goethe. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Oeuvres de Montesquieu. Oeuvres de Epicure. Corneille - Oeuvres completes. Oeuvres de Emmanuel Kant.

Emmanuel Kant. Georges Courteline; ses oeuvres - 33 titres. Georges Courteline. Oeuvres de Ovide. Oeuvres de Anaximandre. Oeuvres de Blaise Pascal. Blaise Pascal. Oeuvres de Beaumarchais. Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais. Oeuvres de Stendhal. Oeuvres de Ronsard.

Pierre de Ronsard. Napoleon Bonaparte - Oeuvres completes. Napoleon Bonaparte. Oeuvres de Denis Diderot.

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The gradual progress toward equality is also shown in the development of retail duty. Oeuvres de Thomas d'Aquin. French translations of all Tertullian's works, or 22 of them Migne says both these things. Michel Massenet While a number of the Latin fathers cite De carne Christi, none refers to this maxim.