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An Introduction to Lenormand Cards: Plus Lenormand Card Meaning List

In recent years Lenormand Cards have been gaining huge popularity in the English-speaking world. Even a staggering amount of avid Tarot Card readers have been expanding their decks to include the 36 cards of Lenormand.

Baby Steps: Your Very First 9-Card Lenormand Reading

If you are a part of the ever-growing cartomancy community you may now be asking yourself, how do these two decks compare? And what is all the fuss really about? Here are the four key differences between Lenormand and Tarot Cards.

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It is a year old system from the heart of Europe; a deck of 36 cards that has held its place in the living rooms and salons of France and Germany for several generations. Credit; Loans; Investments; a small amount of money; holding things in; shy, nervous or withdrawn something impedes growth. June 28, at pm. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

While Lenormand Cards are meant to hold both positive and negative connotations with a single symbol. An example of this is, the Anchor symbol which can indicate resilience and stability, while also indicating that one is stuck, unable to adapt, or holding on to something. This deck of cards is divided into the Major and Minor Arcana consisting of 22 symbolic images representing layers upon layers of meaning. Over the past millennia since its creation, Lenormand Cards have gained countless interpretations and numerous connections to astrology, numerology, hermeticism teachings, Kabbalah and ceremonial magic.

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It has always been, and remains, straightforward, and an honest method to take a deeper glimpse into the world around you. In comparison to Tarot Cards, Lenormand Cards give specifics answers to questions.

There are slight variations of border alignment in the deck, but this is no more than the original nor some contemporary decks. Available exclusively through Tarot Professionals, this deck has been respectfully re-cast by award-winning artist Ciro Marchetti, correcting slight deformations in the hand-cutting of the cards and bending due to age.

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The deck is provided with the first English translation of the original game instructions, provided by Steph Myriel Es-Tragon. For more information on using this deck for divination, please see our range of Lenormand courses! The deck is provided as 38 cards in a small organza bag with translated original game instructions.

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I received my cards today but there were no instruction booklet, which was the reason I had ordered them as the other version of the deck that I saw online had none.