The Triangle of Health: Structural Components

The Triangle of Health: Structural Components
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This will create two triangles that brace each secondary support beam.

Triangles are the strongest shape in geometry, and have the best strength-to-weight ratio for your structure. Lay balsa wood beams over the lines of your sketch and cut each beam to match the dimensions of your blueprint.

Tips to Make a Strong Marshmallow Tower

Glue each juncture together with a small dab of wood glue. Affix each side to your triangular base with a narrow bead of glue. Hold the sides to each other and to the base while the glue dries. Test the integrity of your structure by applying a small amount of weight to the top. If you notice any shearing bending or twisting of the structure , support the area with additional triangular support beams.

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Colla , Valerie A. Vladimir Gordin's trilogy will introduce you to the Structural Component of Health. The effects of patient-centered depression care on patient satisfaction and depression remission. Quality Improvement in Athletic Health Care. Development of a group-based, peer-mentor intervention to promote disease self-management skills among youth with chronic medical conditions.

Cut your balsa wood beams with sawing motions rather than with pressure. Pressing a sharp edge into the balsa wood will compress the wood fibers and reduce the overall strength of the beam.

Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health

Sawing motions will cut the wood cleanly. If your structure is only slightly over the weight limit, sand your structure to remove some excess weight. Any joints where glue is visible will be particularly good to sand, as the glue is the heaviest component of your structure. Brian Richards is an attorney whose work has appeared in law and philosophy journals and online in legal blogs and article repositories.

He has been a writer since Construct a total of three sides for your structure using the sketched blueprint.

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For instance, health administrators in a small physician practice may be interested in improving their treatment coordination process through enhanced communication of lab results from laboratorian to provider in an effort to streamline patient care. The process for information exchange, in this case the transfer of lab results to the attending physician, depends on the structure for receiving and interpreting results. The structure could involve an electronic health record EHR that a laboratorian fills out with lab results for use by the physician to complete a diagnosis.

To improve this process, a healthcare administrator may look at the structure and decide to purchase an information technology IT solution of pop-up alerts for actionable lab results to incorporate into the EHR. The process could be modified through a change in standard protocol of determining how and when an alert is released and who is responsible for each step in the process. The outcomes to evaluate the efficacy of this quality improvement QI solution might include patient satisfaction, timeliness of diagnosis, or clinical outcomes.

In addition to examining quality within a healthcare delivery unit, the Donabedian model is applicable to the structure and process for treating certain diseases and conditions with the aim to improve the quality of chronic disease management.

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The Triangle of Health: Structural Components - Kindle edition by Dr. Vladimir Gordin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. This first ground-breaking book in Dr. Vladimir Gordin's trilogy will introduce you to the Structural Component of Health. Dr. Gordin guides us, in the course of this .

For example, systemic lupus erythematosus SLE is a condition with significant morbidity and mortality and substantial disparities in outcomes among rheumatic diseases. The propensity for SLE care to be fragmented and poorly coordinated, as well as evidence that healthcare system factors associated with improved SLE outcomes are modifiable, points to an opportunity for process improvement through changes in preventive care, monitoring, and effective self-care. A researcher may develop evidence within these areas to analyze the relationship between structure and process to outcomes in SLE care for the purposes of finding solutions to improve outcomes.

An analysis of SLE care structure may reveal an association between access to care and financing to quality outcomes.

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An analysis of process may look at hospital and physician specialty in SLE care and how it relates to SLE mortality in hospitals, or the effect on outcomes by including additional QI indicators to the diagnosis and treatment of SLE. To assess these changes in structure and process, evidence garnered from changes in mortality, disease damage, and health-related quality of life would be used to validate structure-process changes. The indicators are limited to 13 non-disease specific measures that provide system-level indications of quality, applicable to both inpatient and outpatient settings and across the continuum of care.

While the Donabedian model continues to serve as a touchstone framework in health services research , potential limitations have been suggested by other researchers, and, in some cases, adaptations of the model have been proposed. The sequential progression from structure to process to outcome has been described by some as too linear of a framework, [12] and consequently has a limited utility for recognizing how the three domains influence and interact with each other.

In his book, Donabedian once again defines structure, process, and outcome, and clarifies that these categories should not be mistaken for attributes of quality, but rather they are the classifications for the types of information that can be obtained in order to infer whether the quality of care is poor, fair, or good.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Explorations in Quality Assessment and Monitoring Vol.

Three Elements of Health Triangle | Health Triangle Facts

M, Rice T. R, and Kominski G. Health Care System, Third Edit. Jossey-Bass, pp. Technical Reviews, No. International Journal of Clinical Rheumatology 7 1 : , published February Public reporting of the hospital standardized mortality ratio HSMR : implications for the Canadian approach to safety and quality in health care Archived June 19, , at the Wayback Machine.

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Open Medicine 2 3 , published Whole system measures. IHI Innovation Series white paper.

Quality health outcomes model.