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Scharffen Berger was one of the first American chocolate makers to emphasize the importance of sourcing flavorful cacao beans and crafting chocolate to best highlight their character. So how does that come to play in this cookbook?

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Written by Scharffen Berger co-founders John Scharffenberger and the late Robert Steinberg, the book devotes significant pages to how cacao is grown and processed, so the reader can approach recipes with the broader picture of all the elements in mind. Her book blends centuries-old traditions with insights on modern chocolate culture and production. Pastry chef and cooking instructor Fran Costigan is not one to pull any punches. Unlike far too many vegan baking and dessert cookbooks, in this book Costigan does not rely on bucketfuls of Earth Balance or shortening, instead often calling for olive oil or coconut oil in a manner that marries perfectly with the other ingredients.

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Share Tweet Submit Pin. Tags artisan food chocolate cookbooks cooking desserts food gift guide the books. Filled with 70 recipes of every variety, this comprehensive cookbook is packed with delicious baking ideas.

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Full-color photographs and illustrations that detail trickier steps are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions and handy tips, making this an ideal resource for kitchen novices and more experienced cooks alike. Be the first to rate this product. First Previous Last Next Skip.

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