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Canadian Man Critically Injured Stuck in Costa Rica Because Ontario Has No Hospital Bed For Him
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On Wednesday, the first of the 8, migrants were airlifted to El Salvador and then traveled by bus to Guatemala. The migrants journey north was halted last November when Nicaragua, an ally of Cuba, closed their border to them. That special status initially raised some resentment in Central America, whose citizens are often deported from the U. Private, chartered transportation and transit visas had already been arranged for them. Human rights activists accompanied them. Lislenia Fernandez, who traveled to Costa Rica with her husband, hopes to get to Miami where her brother-in-law lives.

The couple had to leave behind her sons aged 4 and 8. That's nothing compared to the world leaders: The world capital of traffic jams is Los Angeles, where drivers were stuck in traffic for hours a year, followed by Moscow pictured here and New York with 91 hours each. People who are stuck in traffic frequently have to deal with serious health problems.

When traffic isn't flowing as it should, your body releases stress hormones. Your immune system is weakened and your blood pressure rises. People who are frequently stuck in traffic jams, like commuters, are even likely to develop burnout syndrome. Goods don't reach their intended recipients on time and more fuel is burned. Both companies and private drivers suffer financially. For a while hopes were high that ride-sharing services like Uber would bring down traffic.

If people could easily get a ride, maybe they'd leave their own cars in the garage more often! But traffic researcher Bruce Schaller found out that the opposite was true in US cities. People took Uber instead of the subway or their bikes, while car owners kept driving their own vehicles.

Afghanistan's capital Kabul is also dealing with congested streets. But that's not the only factor contributing to dangerous air pollution. In winter residents have taken to burning coal, car tires and trash to generate heat. If the world is to quit coal and gas for renewable energy sources, they have to be reliable and affordable. Is that realistic? Researchers have crunched the numbers and come up with some surprising answers. Cities such as Santiago de Chile and Cali in Colombia have started using electric buses. Coping with traffic emissions in a city of 21 million is no easy task.

Swapping four wheels for two is a good start, as the smoggy Chinese capital is learning for itself. The students of Ocean College have left their ship and moved to the rainforest of Costa Rica to become guardians of the rainforest.

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Lotte reports. The International Court of Justice has ordered Nicaragua to compensate neighbor Costa Rica for damaging protected wetlands. The ruling is the top UN court's first foray into assessing costs for environmental damage. Is that justified? DW reporter Lukas Stege investigates.

Coffee is king in Costa Rica.

1. Choose the Best Days

But production makes up a large part of the country's CO2 emissions. Now farmers are learning eco-friendly farming techniques so Costa Rica can reach its emission reduction goals. Traffic jams are bad for the environment, the economy and our health. Here are the worst consequences due to traffic congestion — and the places where people suffer the most.

They already motor through the United States and many European countries. Soon, they will also be a common sight on Germany's streets. Are we seeing an important shift away from the car in terms of transport policy?

when VAN LIFE sucks!! - stranded in Costa Rica

To combat air pollution, a number of German cities are trying to encourage citizens take public transportation. But convincing Germans to give up using their cars in favor of buses and trams has proved to be difficult. Conserving biodiversity, protecting the climate and inspiring others to do the same.

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Mirador de Quetzales. Browse forums All Browse by destination. What can we do? What is in fact a former prison, the building is home to a number of important cultural institutions, such as the National Gallery and the National Auditorium. I want to bring home coffee.

That's the goal of the environment projects we profile. An online documentary about a journey deep into the Kazakh steppes to solve a deadly mystery and save an ancient and unique species from extinction.

Activists were carried away after blocking off the entrance to Credit Suisse, one of the biggest banks in Switzerland. The arrests come as student launched a five-day climate change protest in the German city of Cologne. Giulia and Lorenz never had much trouble with their low-carbon lifestyle, until Guilia's best friend invited her to be maid of honor — in Australia.

While Fridays for Future protests have spotlighted burning climate crisis issues, books that articulate our pressing environmental ills are also transforming popular consciousness about our precarious planet.

13 Mistakes to Avoid Traveling in Costa Rica

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