The Kaelic Series, Book I & II: The Light within the Darkness & The God of Shadows

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It was nearly impossible to only take the more… Professional parts without the rest. Although, she knew what she was doing. She just happened to be feigning innocence, perhaps sarcastically. Which drew a few chuckles from her unit, who still watched with interest. The man of the hour.

Last edited by Turmenista on Mon Jun 10, am, edited 3 times in total. Last edited by Forest State on Sun Jun 09, am, edited 1 time in total. March 5, Too cold. You are tied up, in our house. You play by our rules now. I wanted to address the elephant in the room. Communist Insurgent? Man of your talents? I want names, descriptions, locations, and I want them now.

Give me this by the time we land, and I may let you pick your own cell. Another one of your black sites in the boondocks or Antarctica? I'm taking you where the rest of your kind go. Don't worry about it. You know what I could go for right now, Coronel? That would be nice. Why is that? The quicker you are, the quicker you'll be done with this. Just answer our questions. Don't even get me started, Coronel. You were born in bloodshed, engorged on it, and will die in it.

I am an intellectual, and even if you may kill me, my teachings will live on. There's a reason why communism remained so dominant even after the fall of fascism in the s CE, and how it persisted even through the Calamity itself. As the Journal of Villar put it in the s CE, the workers of the world will one day unite and dismantle capitalism.

Communism is the way of the future, and you are hopeless to stop it. It's happening in Valdivia, and, soon, it'll spread like a great fire throughout Ophir and Mederum. Every fascist totalitarian dog around the world will feel our wrath. Hell, I could be here for as long as I wan't. I know I can be here for as long as I want because I know this aircraft can loiter around in the air without touching terra firma indefinitely. I can order it to do so until you give me answers, but, until then, you won't be seeing the light of day for a very, very, very long time.

I can say whatever I want in here without any repercussion. All you have to do is speak into the microphone As I suspected. The Cabo seems to have broken you, and rather quickly. I knew I had faith in him. A shame you couldn't last longer. Ocho Seis, otherwise known as Julian Pardo. Your so-called "invulnerable" and "untouchable" Comandante that evaded capture for decades, who orchestrated countless terrorist attacks against innocent Velezians.. I intend to make an example out of you for all to see—to show everyone what happens when your kind tries to hurt innocent Velezians.

As for your fate I think you're due for a little plane ride to Antarctica I hear the waters there are great. Last edited by Forest State on Tue Jun 11, am, edited 1 time in total. Brynn silently evaluated the strategic map of the Zone, noting all was coming together. Following the strike at Corona, Florianan forces had abruptly withdrawn and opened a corridor cutting through the central valleys of the Zone.

This was intentional — an opening to lure the hardened Canguarian military south to Eldorado. I estimate two to three hours before they arrive in the Area of Entrapment. We don't know if Cango'll send those corporate aces over. A few seconds passed before he set down the communicator, returning his attention to the situation at hand. Her records are exceedingly high — close to my own The uncanny talent her daughter possessed did make her proud, but it also carried about it a bit of surprise — not that she didn't expect greatness out of her.

Read her record She is your daughter, though. Aren't you a little worried? She can handle herself. Holding up fine? Fox had been one of the newer arrivals to the unit, and perhaps one of the friendlier ones. Hoss, she didn't carry too strong any opinions of her fellow pilots just yet. Already she'd taken a bit of a liking to Adeline, looking on at the scene unfolding past them: a black CH Workhorse cargo helicopter seemingly hauling a large container in the distance.

The Canguarian government and its vast bureaucracy, the so-called 'Central Government', was an oddity beyond comprehension. These thoughts would serve only to trouble her. Always ready to get paid— a-and do my job, of course! It was an odd moment of tranquility as they walked on to the administrative building, the briefing awaiting the pilots of the 12th TFS.

The corporate air formation continued south, the surface dotted by explosions of the Canguarian offensive. The Florianans seemed to be putting up little significant resistance, enemy ground forces largely comprised of native conscript-militias. Adeline leaned back in her seat, more than ready for what could easily be a simple day's work — something she'd longed for after the sheer intensity of the past few engagements. Thin slivers of clouds lingered over the surface. Below them the rainforest was shrouded in a light mist, today being a bit more humid than usual.

She couldn't help but smile. The natural beauty of Eldorado was enamoring to the young pilot, Adeline's eyes briefly set on the grandiose formations below. Yet she knew the enemy awaited within — fiendishly anticipating their arrival. She was sure of it Mystic sights await. Qianlong, a new test awaited her. Today would be the first day she'd see combat in Ophir, and she'd been silently anticipating this moment ever since she'd arrived in Basilisco AFB. She'd fought before, but the skies over Pristio had been a by-the-book engagement in a fight that'd only lasted a few months.

They were traveling at a high altitude, the features of the Zone's surface almost trivially distant. It gave her a feeling of omnipotence. Soon they'd descend and strike, however — she knew that much. Maddox noted, leaning back in his seat in front of Leland. He was her pilot, the two having served prior in the Jade Sea, deployed to Gallia. He was a damn good pilot, and for Leland, that was enough. Exquisite quartzite peaks towered about the valleys outside of the city, and it would be there that Leland and her unit would go hunting.

K interceptors nearby, smoke-trails fading off into the horizon. Commence the operation! All Rights Reserved. Explosions erupted across the mountain peaks along the valleys around Eldorado as the air-launched ballistic missiles met their respective targets, the highway quickly being covered in debris and mud, entrapping thousands of Canguarian troops in the valley.

Now would come the next act of the operation as the Florianan Air Force struck in full force, B Segador strategic bombers emerging from the clouds not far behind the formation of F Hierofalcon ESPER fighters, ready to inflict complete and utter destruction on the Canguarians below.

One hell of an explosion. It was well defended, and more than comfortably situated behind the lines of Canguarian Army air defense, however — to which new measures had to be taken. Huron had deployed by H Typhon a few hours prior, the operative now carefully approaching the facility. It was heavily guarded, masked soldiers patrolling the premises. The 'friendship' between Kina and Canguari wasn't what the public considered it to be at this point, however. A clique of revolutionary academics, socialites and military officers had assumed control of the neighboring country in the previous month, the group collectively nicknamed the 'Intellectual Cabinet'.

This posed a significant danger to Alvimia's hopes of maintaining and expanding its sphere of influence through Canguari, to which this bilateral friendship was, in reality, already in jeopardy The Intellectuals. Eliminating the facility should leave much of the country in darkness, even if for a few hours. She couldn't help but feel terrible — the sheer amount of Canguarian troops massacred under their watch, and how quickly they'd been defeated and sent running by The Corporation's endeavor in Canguari had evidently gained some big enemies, and yet Adeline still could not figure out just what the aircraft were.

They bore the figure of Hierofalcons, yet they performed incredibly well.

The Kaelic Series, Book I & II: The Light within the Darkness & The God of Shadows

Were they new models of some sort? Or was it an entirely different aircraft altogether? These questions remained with her as she focused on the runway below. Then, without warning, it happened. City block after city block abruptly went dark, until finally it seemed as though she were landing in the middle of nowhere. A power outage of sorts? To the west, she could see explosive flashes, all the implications of a ground battle evident as she descended All seemed hopeless then, a fraction of Canguari's military evidently having been lost in the valleys near and around Eldorado, the entire opening having been a honeytrap for the Canguarian military A solemn silence hung over her as the aircraft met the runway, the landing gear barely handling the damaged airframe as it taxiied to one of the hangars, the corporate pilot hurriedly removing her helmet and getting out of the aircraft, staggering to the administrative building for debrief.

It hadn't been long until she'd run into her superior, Plissken, similarly demoralized by what'd taken place. Until our aircraft are repaired, surviving's our priority. It'd be a waste to die on the ground. It was clear there was little clue of what came now. The air was cool, fresh with the petrichor scent brought upon by the rainfall. The second floor of the administrative building — its upper floor, rather, as the airbase's facilities extended underground — offered a pleasant view of the scene.

Too many old nations to count. NS user since Both harshly contested the upper hand, rapidly attempting to outmaneuver one another in the air. The operation had been lost at this point, but that mattered little to her now. The waltz persisted in the skies, the dogfight leading them up through the clouds.

Neither had fired yet, Adeline struggling to keep up with the enemy fighter's maneuvers. She'd tried to discern some sort of pattern to the movements, and was operating on her interpretation thereof — but the enemy Hierofalcon seemed to always be a few steps ahead of her. It was baffling, truly Just who was this mysterious pilot? Adeline tried to comprehend just who they were fighting — who the mysterious force seemingly backing Floriana was. The woman sounded quite older than her, that was for sure She could feel the strain as she tried to outmaneuver the Hierofalcon, until finally — for just a second — she had an angle.

Firing away the 20mm gun, she'd managed to lightly scathe the Hierofalcon before it just as quickly maneuvered out of the way, Adeline losing sight of the craft on radar. MCK-OS v1. Charles Lauer Thompson-Twins G. Adeline, please! Pull the fuck back! It's over! I haven't experienced a thrill like this in quite some time. I'll reveal myself Without warning, the Hierofalcon emerged from the veil of the clouds again, sharply spinning before two drones seemingly deployed from rear-mounted pods and bore down on the Recluse, the cockpit being depressurized as it had been once before as the Hierofalcon and both of its drones strafed the aircraft.

An anguished cry of pain escaped Adeline as pain shot up her body, the corporate pilot noticing the shards of shrapnel that had embedded themselves across her arm — particularly her right shoulder. Her VAS was gone, its cathode ray monitor shattered by the attack. With a split-S, she'd managed to get a glimpse of the enemy aircraft again.

The drones were returning to the rear pods, parasite aircraft of some sort Though she initially anticipated a Clancy ace flying an upgraded craft, or even a Lockreed-Eden hire, her face went pale as she saw it: the Federal Air Force roundel in faded grey on the aircraft's wing. As if the enemy pilot could predict her next maneuver, it hastily turned away, Adeline's aircraft flying past with no effect. Their brutal dogfight was taking them to the airbase itself now, the facility's anti-aircraft systems going live as the corporate pilot struggled to keep up with the enemy Hierofalcon and utilize her own countermeasures.

The fact she was fighting not a corporate enemy, but the Federal Air Force made her blood run cold For a moment, she exhaled in relief, the pain diminishing from her mind as the weight of her success became apparent. The enemy aircraft shook in the air as its pilot tried to steady it once more, then, without warning, it happened — with a blaze of its afterburners, it situated itself just a bit further ahead of Adeline's aircraft, deploying a towed decoy. The device unreeled from the mother aircraft, careening into the cockpit and smashing through the suite of computers that still functioned aboard Adeline's fighter, the tip of the decoy looming a mere few inches away from her chest.

She feared then what could've been, her life practically flashing before her eyes in that moment. Yet, it'd given her a final opportunity Both her fighter and the enemy's seemed to glide aimlessly then for a moment, though both pilots soon regained control of their aircraft — gliding down to the runway. It asssumed control of the aircraft, the fighter weakly steadying itself as it descended to the tarmac. Adeline reached then to the cockpit's stowed compartment, reaching for a firearm she often kept stowed aboard: a.

The aircraft violently shook as it met the asphalt, Adeline holding on tight to her aircraft as it slowly came to a halt, landing gear buckling under the weight of the damaged craft. Leaping out of the destroyed remains of the canopy, she took aim at the other pilot who was similarly climbing out of her craft — who'd seemingly foreseen this, and taken a perfect shot that obliterated the gun right out of Adeline's hand. Screaming, she fell backwards, rear-first onto the asphalt as she backed away from the enemy pilot approaching, gun drawn.

Reaching into her uniform, she fetched a knife, pointing it in terror at Brynn as she attempted to get away. Adeline found herself hesitating, backing away a few more feet as she terrifiedly kept her blade pointed forth at the mysterious pilot. The thrill of war? None of you understand how terrible war is..

I'm sure you have your motives — I have my own. Without warning, Adeline let out a yell, lunging forth from the ground with her knife — pushing the firearm out of Brynn's hand before being promptly and swiftly disarmed by the older woman, falling to her knees and struggling to throw a punch, only for the enemy pilot block it with ease.

Already alarms were blazing across the facility. It wouldn't be long until she was caught and compromised — the terror of that quickly set in as she continued to back away. This Brynn seemed to carry about her a rank of authority in the facility Euphemie's fading away You've been misguided, misled.. Effortlessly she punched Adeline in the jaw, the corporate pilot tumbling backwards as everything went black Not long had passed by the time she came to, Brynn looming over her with her firearm drawn. Looking around her, Adeline quickly realized there was nothing near her but the knife — and she knew well her odds.

I fight so that civilized rule may return I fight in the name of peace and justice. Floriana's intervention will stall the war in the Zone, no matter what you do. It takes no genius to realize this. If anything, the three parties are closer now, more than ever, to the negotiating table. The orange glow of the sun was fading behind Brynn, giving an almost divine aura to her opponent that left the corporate pilot terrified of the fate that surely awaited her.

We both share patriotism in the homeland — and I can give you hope towards a Euphemie reborn. I can hope only that the future you carry on your shoulders will be Why was she sparing her? Her hand trembled as it inched towards the blade, though Brynn continued her monologue. The corporate pilot trembled in the presence of this other pilot. Brynn continued, looking on at the setting sun. Blood began to trickle down from where she'd stabbed Brynn, the corporate pilot's eyes widening at the realization of what she'd done.

The enemy pilot seemed to have expected it all — almost welcoming it in that moment as she weakly smiled. She wasn't sure what she had done — or why — but she knew now only to run. The jungle loomed nearby, the corporate pilot breaking into tears as she fled the aftermath of her own actions. Leland hadn't seen a force be so quickly and utterly dispatched as she had in that moment, a good fraction of the Canguarian deployment obliterated and routed. Some of them were already fleeing — namely, the corporate aces. She didn't pay that much mind One of the corporate pilots managed to crashland on the runway and— fuck!

Leland's demeanor changed almost on a whim, locking onto the fleeing aircraft as she nervously tapped her pilot on the shoulder. They caught up rather quickly with the formation of Recluse fighters, Leland quickly deploying both drones and sending them forth, like hunting dogs to deer. Ahead they went, strafing one of the Recluse aircraft — targeting the cockpit per usual. The enemy aircraft violently shook, only to be barraged by the next strafing run — Leland's own.

Listlessly it descended, burning in midair from the damage it'd sustained, careening into the mountain peaks. The other two were making gains fast Today she would make a name for herself — as a 14th gen-hunter. Maddox nodded, the aircraft accelerating in pursuit after the two remaining Recluse fighters.

I think the Major's lost her fucking mind! What are you doing? The boost had sent her Hierofalcon ESPER soaring towards the two remaining aircraft, Leland sending the drones in pursuit once more as she promptly fired away her remaining AAMD Comet missiles, sending both Recluse fighters into sharp evasion spins as they deployed their countermeasures.

Yet they'd been outmaneuvered by Leland's cold 'message', canopies flying open as both pilots ejected, parachutes deploying as they began their descent into the dark rainforest below. Fleeing east were a formation of aircraft she was sure were Velezian-hired air mercenaries. Perhaps they'd come here to claim the reward on the corporate pilots The Canguarians that hadn't fled by now were being obliterated by Basilisco AFB's two Chiangshi squadrons, the older aircraft being outperformed easily by the Euphemian She'd calmed her down for the most part, though the desire for revenge still burned in her.

If she'd lacked a motive to fight before, she carried one now. Someone had killed her mother, and by the sound of it, gotten away. It'd been only a month, yet Leland couldn't remove the memory of losing her mother from her mind. It'd left her grief-stricken, and most of all, it'd left her longing for revenge.

A hundred times over she'd evaluated the single CFA they'd captured, studying its design — its flaws. She'd come to learn more on the pilot's identity from a woman Brynn had made her protege — Sloane. A weapons engineer that'd rather inconveniently been shifted to the task of operating corporate aircraft, Brynn had seen in her a value the company hadn't, and had taken her under her wing shortly after they'd rescued the corporate pilot from the hands of the Velezian Army — unlike the Velezians, it was quite obvious Ardent Sigma's intentions with the pilot had been much more benevolent in nature.

Though they'd seemingly driven Canguari to the verge of defeat, extinguishing the Duchy's last hopes for victory — and yet they had rebounded from this. Alvimian "support" for the Duchy, which had been vague up until now, was blatant and overt. Canguarian troops with Alvimian guns, fighting alongside Alvimian troops, with an increasingly Alvimian arsenal Behind it all lay some conspiracy of Sermonist shadow armies of god, amoral Alvimian scientists and an enigma of a former CBI agent, pulling the strings of the shadowy south Ophiric state.

Even if Leland didn't see within herself the larger-than-life spirit of a great leader — her mother, to be precise — she did aspire to somehow get to the bottom of it all and resolve, perhaps permanently, the conflict in the Zone. She looked on at the damaged captured airframe of the CFA Recluse fighter, sitting now in one of the various underground facilities situated beneath Basilisco AFB. The dogfight against Brynn's aircraft had done a number on it, the face of the aircraft practically unrecognizable from the multitude of strafing runs it'd endured.

And yet this incredibly lucky pilot had managed to survive it all Drawing her attention away from the scarred fighter were footsteps, to which Leland turned around to see James Neworder, known simply as 'Jim' to his closer affiliates, particularly Brynn. Brynn's own dream towards the Euphemian state had affected him, for sure, and he had grown to embrace a few of her idealistic aspirations.

I'm going to be briefing your unit for today's sortie. Since the first flight will be preoccupied with an operation in the eastern end of the Zone, you'll be in charge of this one. I just wanted to make sure everything's alright on your end. She didn't really like all the pity and sympathy she was getting from those around her — they ought to be mourning Brynn, not her. She didn't like all the patronizing that came with everything, either.

He nodded. I'm taking note of how my mother failed. If I run into them, I won't repeat her mistakes Today they would have a mission Standing there, a brief tension lingered in the room before he began. Canguari is, by all means, now receiving the full support of the Alvimian Empire Troops, weapons, aircraft Any semblance of subtlety has been completely and utterly lost. The Empire clearly doesn't intend to lose a proxy in the region, and for good reason We've received reports that the Canguarians are operating The information isn't exactly solid, so keep an eye out.

Your objective is simple: take down enemy aircraft and cover the Florianan fighters. The flooding should severely affect the advancing Canguarian division. Once that's been achieved, return to base. Just how many would die as a result of this? The desire for revenge didn't abrogate her moral sense of right and wrong, the notion of what exactly they'd be complacent in mildly bothering her.

Leland began the usual way to the hangar with her pilot, her mind already running wild with thoughts of air-to-air engagements in the skies above Canguari. The stakes were higher now, far more than it'd been before — Alvimia wouldn't allow their proxy in the region to fall easy. Fang, the pilot of the fourth aircraft in the flight, Dust. She could be a little argumentative at times, especially with her fellow pilots.

I thought they were kickin' Cangoid ass. Paxton, WSO of the third aircraft of the flight, Smoke. Yuhan was WSO of Acid, and one of the more level-headed members of the unit. She was also among those who Leland had served with back in Gallia during the Pristian Crisis, which was something that gave her a degree of trust towards her.

Cai's statement was enough to warrant general agreement from the other seven members of the squadron, a few murmurs and nods following as they each dispersed to board their respective aircraft. Approaching her Hierofalcon, which she'd renamed 'Psycho' in Brynn's honor, Leland took a moment to think to herself. The worry weighed over her that she'd never live up to expectations Whatever had imposed such a fighting spirit in what'd been a broken enemy a month prior was certainly something to think about — to Leland, however, it was ridiculously obvious that they were dealing with Alvimian-backed forces.

Get ready. Walter Elegia J. Ready to kick some ass. Michael Langley Plastic-Love D. With that, the group of aircraft dispersed, tailing after the various contacts on radar. They were past the horizon, presumably covering the advance of Canguarian ground forces Both were Alvimian in nature As he inserted the datacassette, the music immediately began blaring. Needless to say, this was exactly the mood Leland wanted to be in.

With incredible speed they soared past into the early noon sky, and with incredible speed she witnessed the blip pertaining to the enemy AWACS disappear from the map. The Florianan formation below was sure to draw some fire soon, and that was the opposite of what they wanted. Fox codes were uttered as the four Hierofalcons locked onto their Canguarian opponents, missiles trailing across the horizon as three of them met their targets, blips fading from the map as they approached the enemy group, moving ahead of the Florianans to engage the remaining nine aircraft.

Francisco B. It must be those Florian pilots! The enemy could be listening in! Six missiles were incoming It seemed these Alvimians-in-disguise were equipped to look the part, and were, accordingly, designed to combat much more older aircraft. The engagement attempt hadn't proven well for them, to say the least — and the Hierofalcon group had managed to deal with four more 'Canguarian' aircraft by the time they'd entered visual range.

Engaging separate targets ahead of Leland, two of the C33s were relieved of their pilots almost instantly in the process, gunshot-ridden cockpits evident as they descended down into the urban cityscape below, their afterburners clearly working to their disadvantage. The chaos quickly spread to the rest of the enemy formation as the rest of the Hierofalcons attacked, managing to down the rest of the Alvimian mercenaries out of the sky in practically a single fell swoop This had evidently caught her pilot's interest, Maddox slowing the aircraft as he evaluated the suspicious blip, allowing the Hierofalcon's drones to return to their respective pods.

As they continued in the general direction of the anomalous blip, an alert klaxon made Leland's heart skip a beat. The mysterious aircraft was locking on — to her. Swiftly she deployed the fighter aircraft's countermeasures, her pilot rapidly maneuvering the aircraft out of the way as the action began. The missile veered off-course, aimlessly exploding into the clouds as both fighters entered visual range of one another — to which she got a look at it. It wasn't exactly anything she'd seen before, to say the least.

The lack of a cockpit on the airframe seemed to imply it was unmanned Evading an attempt at a strafe as it rocketed past her, Maddox quickly angled the aircraft to give chase after, though he seemed to visibly struggle with the stick as he attempted to keep up with the enemy fighter's own maneuvers. The enemy aircraft had an admirable suite of countermeasures Her pilot struggled, barely making a strafe on the rear of the enemy fighter before veering to the left, avoiding an abrupt — and terribly sharp — countermaneuver that would've allowed the enemy aircraft to do the same.

With inhuman capacity it managed a ridiculously sharp Almeida Turn , almost managing a strafe on their Hierofalcon before it abruptly activated afterburners and took its leave. Blazing a trail off into the northern horizon as it left, Leland's breathing slowed as she tried to process what'd just happened. You owe me one for keepin' both our asses alive. Edward Powell Angel-Night K.

Unknown aircraft fucked off An infrastructural project of immense scale, it was another of the Duchy's grand infrastructural projects Florianan forces on the ground had probably evacuated by now, to which the next step was obvious. In the far distance she could see a contrail descend towards the dam, followed by an immense explosion. One would have difficulty fathoming the sheer scale of destruction wrought upon the area. Surely they'd stopped the Canguarian Army's advance on the ground, but it went without saying that many innocent lives would perish in the process.

I believe this was already asked. As a follow up to that question, have you ever been involved with any Lowlander independence groups? It was puzzling. One moment they had said they wanted to question her about what happened at the air race, because it was an important matter for national security. The next moment, however, they had begun asking questions that framed her as some kind of bad person.

Some kind of criminal or terrorist. But from the amount of writing that had happened so far, she felt there was going to be a full report on her soon. Were they discriminating against her just because she was a Lowlander, someone with a culture that was not entirely northern or southern and who spoke a separate language when she was with her own people? She had assumed that there would be less of that now that the leader of the entire country was a Lowlander, but maybe it would take longer for old ways to die.

It was always more of an underlying tension. This felt different. Like she was being targeted specifically. At which point the KIB agent continued writing things down without showing what it is that he was writing. You were adopted into your current family, correct? However, she felt things would go worse for her if she refused to answer it. I was adopted. She no longer felt they had decided to interview her just because of the crash, but because they wanted to talk to her in specific. And do you have any knowledge of who your birth parents are?

She was pulled out of her thoughts, though, when the agent seemed to be done with the interview. Or interrogation, depending on who you asked. Even as she left, though, the interview stayed on her mind. What had been the meaning of it? Probably because before she talked to anyone else about it, she wanted to understand it fully herself.

She had told herself that it was because of drugs, but she knew that there was no drug out there that made something like that happen a day after taking it. At least, no drug that she had personally taken. But, increasingly, she felt as if she needed to get to the bottom of the strange visions and what they meant. Kyle felt that in the future, they would keep happening, and like the last time, it might just be at the completely wrong time for something like that to happen… Jets screamed overhead at AFB Daernel, just outside of the capital city of the Federation of Kael, and Kyle felt that she was once again at home.

She stood and watched from outside of one of the buildings as a Super Phantasm chased after a Whirlwind in some kind of maneuver exercise. It was the kind of thing that their unit, the 24th Fighter Squadron, or the Risk Junkies as they were known, was used to. Technically they were a special unit, which could be identified by their unit numbering being different from the rest of those in the wing, along with the 25th Fighter Squadron. It took a certain kind of person to fly something while knowing that it was still unproven and potentially dangerous, and they were that kind of person.

It proved the reasons it had been grounded in the first place, and some wondered if the Specter would ever see service or if Gnothas Mearn would have to ship it off to some third world nations at a reduced rate just to make anything back on the program following the delays and problems when the prototypes finally did enter the IAAF. Few fighters in the same generation would be able to beat it in that area.

As Kyle was standing around and watching the two fighters compete against each other in basic fighter maneuvers, she felt a hand on her shoulder and glanced to the side to see that Conan had seemingly appeared behind her. So soon after what happened? Apparently, their friend Brigid was the one behind the stick in the Super Phantasm, her usual plane.

They were all a bit shaken up from what had happened… But obviously, they expected Kyle to be far more shaken up, having been the one that had actually risked death.

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I do love that plane. I really do. Someone that was rather important to them and their unit. Different units had different sponsors and these powerful sponsors could increase the strength of a unit through their indirect support. Some of them were rich millionaires and billionaires, others were political leaders who could negotiate with others in power and benefit their chosen unit, and some happened to control forces of their own and were pseudo-warlords.

When he did show up, it was generally important. So it was safe to say Kyle and Conan were both somewhat confused on why he was looking for them in specific, and not some higher ranking officers that worked directly with him. You know how it goes. Just a part of life here, right? Anyway, I was told you two especially showed promise.

Raw Recruits

I wanted to offer you, and your fellow pilot Brigid Cleary, a chance to make some extra cash and fly some combat sorties for a bit of an unconventional faction. That place where a bunch of neighboring countries have been wilding out since before you were born? They want some more pilots to help them with combat missions, and went to Kael because they know our pilots sometimes head off as mercenaries. He reached into his pocket, handing a business card to each of them. If it seems interesting, give me a call. But one they would have to seriously consider… After all, every one of them did want to see combat.

And it looked like the chance might have just fallen into their laps. Collaborative post between Turmenista and Valefontaine. Collaborative post with Forest State. The situation in the Zone was steadily developing, though Leland had heard by now of diplomatic tensions and rumors thereof amiss — perhaps the news of what'd happened two months prior had reached the President by now, and perhaps now he was finally acting upon it. These were but mere rumors, of course I don't get why you need to bring me along for this, I'm nowhere near as qualified as she was— I'm just a pilot!

I'm no, uh, international diplomat or anything. You oughta look for someone else before I somehow fuck this all up. I'm of a guilt-free conscience. The 1st ASOC's colonel is there, too. You'll have to familiarize yourself with these people because, well Put simply, the Canguarians— or should I say, the Alvimians, have upped the ante. We've upped ours accordingly. It was still rather early in the morning, the sun cresting just over the east It was one hell of a long way from home. The Zone had been on the news plenty, but Kyle and Conan had never thought they would end up there.

Nor did they think their friend Brigid would be called away for a joint operation, one which was also supposedly happening in the Zone and was just as redacted as the strange one that the two other pilots from the 24th Fighter Squadron found themselves wrapped up in. There were no more luxuries of home. All of the members of the 24th, even the ones such as Conan who came from poorer backgrounds or had worked on farms up north before becoming pilots, had lived well. They had access to great facilities, lived better than the average soldier did because of their status as pilots, and they were never very far from the many interesting things the city offered.

They just knew that Brigid was operating somewhere around the Zone, with the st Special Operations Squadron. It also provided a decent jet for certain units such as the st to use without being on the record as using them. Nobody was paying too much attention, after all, to where the supposedly grounded planes were. And as Kyle knew from spending time around the Air Forces, the Special Operations squadrons were some of the most secretive around. Or had lost out on those jobs when some factories closed as the country moved towards a service economy.

However, her parents - or her step-parents, rather - were better off than most in Mearn. And inevitably, every time it happened, they ended up ignoring all of the blood and sweat and tears she had still put in after the opportunity had been placed in front of her. Well, the one they were fighting for as mercenaries.

He already looked like he was reconsidering things, too. They had been more concerned with landing following a long flight, unpacking their things, and then getting rest after the late arrival. Today, however, they were apparently supposed to get to know some of the others - who they would be working with, even if they were in a different flight.

She just pointed to her clothes. They continued walking, not having a real aim and wondering if they would just end up running into who they were looking for by accident. Hall, was an older man with a rather interesting combat record in that it was marred in secrecy , and he seemed to be two steps ahead of them, waiting idly by the hangar as the groups inevitably met.

See a Problem?

James Neworder Before they could respond, he also added. Needless formality. The only 'briefing' we'll be doing is later today — there's an operation planned, of course. The more popular one back home, she was also the one that was dressed more expensively and the one that extended her hand when Jim offered his. The type of person that would often become the life of a party. For when she had to meet new people.

Wing Daernel. And Conan was obviously the less social one, hands still in his pockets as he nodded towards the others. You'll find yourself getting familiar with them as you operate in the Zone. She spoke up before Hall did, offering a hand in greeting. I run the second flight of the ASOC.. Perhaps it was because of growing up in an area that was more dangerous than the south of Kael, but Conan was the type of person to always build a mental profile on someone before interacting much with them.

Well, most of us. I run the 1st ASOC. Qianlong here is my de-facto second in command," He spoke in a gruff tone. Comes with the last name, don't it? He had in fact been one of Brynn's handpicked test pilots for the Hierofalcon ESPER, and had been entrusted with flying the first ever airframe of the program. No need to give 'em the wrong idea. The general amount of special treatment that came with being the daughter of a war hero wasn't exactly her fancy — she wanted to forge her own path, and she hoped that somehow she would out here.

Qianlong don't like talking about that all too much. Apparently, he ended up in contact with you guys, and we were the pilots that he ended up sending over here. The rest of the world, after all, was very different from her own corner of it. The mention of money did contradict some of her own aspirations, but they seemed a decent enough bunch. Kael's political system was a complex one, and she'd only vaguely been educated on what went on there — along with the occasional news headline, the recent signing of the monumental Tradewinds Agreement being one of them.

I'm sure the Colonel here would say the same thing. God Bless Euphemie. It had only been relatively recently that one of the Specter fighters had exploded in the Daernel Air Race, nearly taking the life of Kyle herself. Maybe she just happened to have a special power for luck. That's the goddamn President's favor.. Kyle and Conan both exchanged a look, before both of them laughed slightly. It was a bit odd to talk about an event where she had nearly died, especially fairly recently.

Both of the Euphemian pilots seemed momentarily dumbfounded, before both of them found themselves chuckling. Alvimians are getting bold with what they're giving Cango, and with these rumors of negotiations behind the scenes, Cango can't have anything they might try and use as leverage — crazy bastards almost dropped a goddamn nuke, can't have something like that happening again.

We've got a mission ahead of us today. I'll be looking forward to meeting the other pilots of your unit. Nice meeting y'all. The end of the conversation had been awkward, but well, it was somewhat expected when they were here in Floriana and working with the Florianans. At least, Kyle figured, there would be a degree of separation between them and the others, which might help in this case.

Leland herself couldn't help but be a bit curious as to these new pilots Walking on back to her quarters, her mind was already running wild with intrigue. Foreign mercenaries from Kael Collaborative post with Valefontaine and Turmenista. Still fresh in Adeline's mind were the rather unfortunate memories of the previous night. It was more than apparent to her now that everything that had happened back in Floriana had affected her mental state, and certainly not for the better. She couldn't help but feel more than a little dejected, but confronting Francis directly about it seemed the better path to take in all this rather than let it eat away at her.

For other pilots to know she'd murdered the elusive legend of the skies, Brynn Qianlong, by her own hand — it was troubling, to say the least, and entirely her own fault. That'd bring a whole reputation of its own, and with it, she couldn't even begin to fathom what would come of it. Adeline tried not to think about it too long as she stood by the door to Francis' quarters and knocked. Adeline spoke up first. I was drinking, I wasn't in the best mood, and that guy was just trying to provoke me.

Adeline followed her in, closing the door behind her. Didn't want anyone to catch me lacking in public like that Shit happens. I didn't know what to do. Instead of killing me, she dumped all her ammo and just Nukes going off in Fuxia, fighting over Akhmanar, all that I don't know what got into me. And it's just left me a wreck. I can't stop thinking that doing what I did let her win. I think I did all that because I wanted to get back I had to gun down one of my childhood friends, damn it. I just don't want to be a burden or a liability.

I hate it when I get all emotional like this, it's just.. I've just been trying to deal with it all — process it. It's not been easy for me, you know? They had done well on the last sortie… But how long would that last? I can already hardly recognize myself from before I came down here to Canguari. How close was she exactly to breaking? Both the Zone and the airbase seemed to test her constantly. There was a bit of awkward silence before Francis spoke up again with a question.

Just looking for answers. I guess… What Lupe said about putting a ring on me stuck with me last night. Adeline… If you want to really be together… Is it really going to work to keep hiding everything? Adeline shrugged. I was.. Sorry if it came off as, well.. Which she was. About the next way to proceed. She opened her mouth to say something, but then shut it again before saying something that was considerably different from what she had planned to say before. I've got nothing left. Everyone's left me behind — my company It'd caught Adeline by surprise, her own sobs quieting down as she looked up to meet her gaze.

And I'll always be there for you.. I'm sorry if I haven't been giving you enough attention lately. There'd be some time until then, without doubt — but until then Adeline could only aspire towards a future that hadn't yet manifested Collaborative post with Valefontaine. It seemed more like it was a closed compound of buildings, but all of them were of the expensive kind. As if some rich person had bought the entire area and had arranged a number of similar buildings together within it, all with a similar style.

Rather, it was filled with residential style buildings. They were on fire, burning after they had been set alight by something or someone. There were some people walking through the area, clad in greys and blacks and other muted colors, the occasional person having olive green.

Maybe they were the ones that had set the place alight… And the gunshots, they seemed to be coming from the soldiers, if that was what the people were, too. Ebooks and Manuals

Shooting at anything in the area, moving through slowly and methodically… Yes, it looked like they were the ones behind the destruction. But where was this place in the first place? Who were the soldiers and what exactly were they doing here? Why had they destroyed that looked like a beautiful area? The scene posed all of those questions and more, and there was incomplete information about the situation, with the corners of the vision being blurry and grey, as if someone had spilled ink around the edges and it had darkened and blackened them to the point where nothing could be seen.

There were more details but they were impossible to make out. One of those gunshots was the thing that caused Kyle to… Snap awake? It had been… A dream. A very strange dream, that she was left with little answers about. She had seen the news. The same day they had attacked Canguarian vessels on the river, Canguarian Super Phantasms bought from Kael had been involved in a strike on Sanchez along with bombers - the latter of which were almost certainly Alvimians rather than mercenaries.

Right now was… Different. It felt dirty, like something she needed to wash herself clean of. She was fine with doing things for a quick dollar. As Kyle stepped in the shower after getting up, that was what she felt like she was doing. The only thing she could do was distract herself with other things and in this case the other thing was the strange happenings that had been going on around her.

Well, not around her. In her head. She felt like the dream was a part of that. It felt more real than even a lucid dream, it had felt like she was really there. Also known as …. Holy Symbol: An Orange wedge of Cheese. Holy Symbol: A golden bow with a white net on the black background. Ninsun was a winged minotaur in the ancient land of [[Nimmur]]. She attained immortality in the sphere of Energy with Ixion as her sponsor.

The Norns represent the past, present and future, respectively. The Norns are three eldritch and fearful Immortal crones that mysteriously appear to a mortal at the Time of birth and death …. Unpainted or colored. In temples and such, mosaics made of multicolored stones and …. Region: [[ …. Region: [[Northern Reaches]] Also known as Jotun. Holy Symbol: Book, Quill, and Scroll …. Also known as Ar, The Lofty One, …. Any Clerics, are calle Apolloon-Oracles. Holy Symbol: A golden apple ….

Also known as Pilikia, Predal, Paraph. Holy Symbol: A Raven burning with …. Saasskas was a female devilfish who gained Immortality by sacrificing thousands of tritons. She animates the bodies of …. Region …. Most Kopru underwater nations. Holy Symbol: a volcanic foamstone the only stone that naturally …. Also known as Seker, Nanna, …. Region: [[Thyatis]], [[Hinterlands]], [[ …. Sphere: Temporal IM 7 of Thought. Region: [[Skothar]] regionally. Holy Symbol: A pair of winged sandals. Patron of Luck-both Good and Bad, and Fate. Holy Symbol: A medal with a smiling face on one side and a crying face on the other or a wheel symbol of changeability of luck.

The Magi are usually friendly toward clerics, thieves, elves, and magicusers, but look down …. Holy Symbol: a hammer floating …. Holy Symbol: His symbol is a black skull, against a white background. A son of Odin, he is employed mainly as the messenger for all of the Aesir Immortals. Besides Odin, he is the …. Also known as Vili, Ve. Harming the forests, or any of the creatures who dwell in them, is usually considered …. Refer to "The Campaign" chapter for further information on Immortals. Eirys [[Eiryndul]] : Patron of woodland beings and elves, but especially of elf wizards.

Fredar [[Frey]] : Patron of freeheart warriors. Fredara [[Freyja]] : …. Gender is not a status issue in Herath. Neither does race seem to be a status …. Ruler: Margrave Bosit Hojah human, former fighter. Typical NPC: seafaring trader …. Ruler: Margrave Miosz II human noble, age Typical NPC: merchant or poor, urban …. Typical NPC: ….

Ruler: Margrave Galben Zvornik human noble, age Typical NPC: farmer or …. These small, furred humanoids live along the Savage Coast, especially the territory …. Organized into several …. Ancient Herathian …. The kingdom's coat of arms shows a golden fox rampant in the 1st …. A recent alliance between the …. The lands are populated ….

The hobgoblins of the steppes ride dire wolves, and the …. Many of the hobgoblins of the steppes ride dire wolves. The [[Hupkur]] tribe which …. Though the title refers primarily to the cactus scrub in the region, common usage of the name includes …. These three states are grouped for several reasons.

First, their governments are …. The humans of these baronies are primarily of Ispan descent, with strong traces …. Buffalo and wild horses roam the …. The cultures which have risen in these two states create an atmosphere unique in …. Inhabitants of Vilaverde and Texeiras, who speak Verdan as a native …. First, their governments …. The cultures which have risen in these two states create an atmosphere …. Over the centuries, many saimpts were authenticated, either genuine Immortals or heroes of the lupins' history now long ….

The cat-people revere these Immortals in their own way now. Belbion [[ …. Five Immortals are venerated throughout the baronies: the Ambassador [[Masauwu]] , the General [[Thor]] , the Judge …. Today, the company owns or finances many …. She commands the forces of nature. Ruler: Stefan Karvich proud, capable high-level human warrior.

Typical NPC: farmer …. They replaced them with an adaptation of their own pantheon. The beliefs of …. Her shamans are the ones who ordered the Green Slayer's slime-repellent paint to be stolen. It was hoped that a cross between …. Abandoning attempts to create gigantic and deadly servants, Herathian wizards produced the …. Goron [[Demogorgon]] : Patron of [[Ator]], victory, bravery, and death. This reptilian queen of evil interfered with ….

These are actually several different, disconnected sets of steppes. Once home to rakastas and lupins, …. Many of these tribes are mounted, goblins ride worgs; and orcs and half-orcs ride specially-bred boars. A recent alliance …. The Tai-luk goblins are important only because no other tribes inhabit that rather …. Shielded from the west by its fellow peninsula, the Arm of …. Simple communication between [[Elf elves]] and Yavi speakers can be achieved.

The language has much in common with its [[Traladaran …. Neighboured …. Warrior As in every world, warriors are common in the Mystara …. It abuts the [[Western Alliance]] to its west and lies just below the Arctic circle. Ghyr is a remote nation, a …. At one time colonised and …. In the freeholds, the [[Nordurlander]] people here were a disorganised group of freemen and thralls living betwen the [[Ethengar Ethengarian …. Ochaleans are a quiet reserved people who place a great importance on manners and proper …. The norderlander culture, [[Asatru Religion]] and [[Nordurlander Language language]] are related to ….

The People of Jaibul are of Sindhi extraction and share their faith and culture. They are masters of their weapons and have spent their lives in the study of their chosen …. It does, however, reflect the way the non-gnomish …. Although …. They have a good mix of abilities from both classes, and form the elite of a religion's warriors. Most are native to one of those cultures, but some few are from PC races.

Representing one of the few links among different …. The Amazon civilization …. His people live at the very edge of or …. He is expected to defend his creed at all times, and may be called upon …. The character is usually a woman. The Mystic is a master of will over spirit and matter. As such, she is a consummate fortune-teller, charmer, and faith healer, with other abilities similar to those of a Withcdoctor The Mystic has a gaze attack called …. Adherents: Humans and some halflings. Alignment: Lawful. Holy Days: Three annual holidays described below.

Worshipers have each …. Adherents: Dwarves and some humans. Holy Days: First day of every week. Worshippers take the afternoon off. Holy Symbol: Medallion …. Halflings elsewhere also may follow the old religion but as often as not follow the prevailing religion of the land in which they …. The political rulers of the republic receive their power through money, which is what some may call "the real immortal of Darokin". There are twelve …. Sind is a good place for a novice Immortal to gain some starting worshippers, until he can establish himself better.

Note that most of these Immortals don't have …. Certain roles such as Relic keepers the best known amongst these …. These travellers "Los Viajeros" are both culturally distinct from and physically …. To its northeast is [[The Bayou]], to its east is [[Herath]], to its west is [[Jibaru]]. It is peopled by …. Its is the religion followed by the vast majority of Thyatian- …. It was born in AC, when Patriarch Sergyev received a vision in dreams, which told him that the Immortals had reincarnated King ….

While its belief date back to the …. This is not a …. The Ust-Urt river, starting somewhere in the mountains of …. While slight variations in script occur …. Elven is used as a court language in some [[Savage Coast]] nations A list of known dialects …. Due to their long lives, there is little variation between dialects of Dwarves. The exceptions are those dwarves isolated …. The current Emperor of the Empire of [[Thyatis]], was an Ex Gladiator who came to lead his people during the invasion called the "Alphatian spike". A city of over half a million inhabitants, and the beating heart of the [[Thyatis thyatian empire]].

The city is divided into well defined districts, governed by an extensive bureaucracy, guided by a state religion and represented by the noble classes and …. A microclimate around a magically warmed lake keeps the region habitable whilst bordered by frigid steppes and inhospitable foothills. The largest City is a town of 1,, and …. It was once an outpost of the Thyatian Empire, but for nearly four decades it has maintained ….

The capital Alpha is itself on a peninsula, is a small fief with its King …. Central to the region is the Wyrmsteeth mountains. To the north is the [[Great Bay]], the [[Alpha]] peninsula and the [[Kaarjala …. They became the …. Alpha is the key to …. The language is now only spoken by a few elders and scholars in the [[Five Shires]], but is commonly spoken in [[Leeha]]. Wendar is a seclude kingdom north of the Principalities of [[Glantri]]. Wendar is a place where [[Elf elves]] and [[Human humans]] have learned to live together.

Writing is not common but when it is used it is represented in runes. Writing is not …. Traces of elven design appear In their art and ornamentation. Even their writing inherited the graceful …. The caste system dominates the society's rules of conduct and locks each Sindhi into a specific occupation and social level. It influences nearly everything in Sind, from …. Travellers across the great waste toward the [[Midlands]] or the [[Savage Coast]] usually are familiar with this tongue.

The other language of Sind, [[ …. The other language of Sind, [[Sindhi Language Sindhi]] is spoken by …. Those who don't know this language are mutually …. The language and its script it is closest to is modern day [[Thothian Language Thothian]]. Old Eusdrian writings have syntax similar …. Foreign sages note similarities to the [[Urduk Language]].

The clergy of Hule are quick to assert that the tongue was given to the people …. This is not recorded elsewhere as The Karimari disdain written history in favour of Karimari tales and oral "histories" which ignore dates and epochs, other …. The lupins of [[Renardy]] have two native languages. The language is only "spoken". It has a syllabary used by shazaks, some caymas, and a few gurrash …. The Language is related to both of these parent tongues. The Makai ….

This includes cloud, mountain, frost and fire giants but not hill or stone giants. This language is widespread and can …. It is spoken by the non-frogfolk of and the goblins, and hill giants of Llacenvale. It is sometimes referred to as Skeleton Bone Orcish. Similar languages include: [[Dunael]] [[Ranax]] [[Renatic]]. The northern trolls and kobolds speak [[Loarkian]] languages, and they unknowingly use a fair number of debased elvish words ….

There are vague similarities to the [[Thyatian Language Thyatian]] tongue. It is located on the border of [[Glantri]] east of the [[Vesubia River]]. They worship [[Bartziluth]] and have typical humanoid sounding names. The language they speak …. Not viewed as a nation …. The South Gnollistani have kept some of the customs of the [[Ylaruam Ylari]], and …. They are on good terms with [[Bugburbia]] , but …. It is essentially a military jargon used by all troops serving under Thar's direction. Its citizens are mostly kobolds, orcs and gnolls. The citizens of Kol are fascinated with the culture of [[Thyatis]].

The tribe is located at the far western end of the [[Broken lands]]. The tribe speaks [[Ogremoorian]], worships the immortal [[Jammudaru]]. Their leader is King Thar …. Despised by the other …. The [[Yellow Orkian]] language is similar to other orkian languages. Yellow orkians worship [[Yagrai]] but view him as …. These islands are cold, barren rocks separated by deep channels of treacherous waters. There are no communities of any great size in all the Yannivey …. The climate is chilly …. Further inland, the terrain becomes hilly; these …. The people of [[Ostland]] are viewed as a nation of opportunistic pirates ….

Fishing is good, so times of starvation are rare- but so are times of plenty. The coast is quite close to [[Belissaria]] but independent of [[Alphatia]]. Languages spoken here are [[Minaean Language Minaean …. The flaems are elitist, racist and xenophobic, proud of their place as the original inhabitants of [[Glantri]]. Most still speak the [[Flaemish …. Anglaise is a crisp precise language, suited to its Fenswick speakers.

Sylaire also known as Averoignan is a …. To this day there is no one sister language with a high level of mutual …. Expertly crafted with internal hinges that allow the mouth to open and close and the tail to wag …. The earblade is an incredibly keen blade mounted on a spring hinge and resting unobtrusively behind the ear. Do you get tired of backtracking repeatedly through endless miles …. The blade may be forged from the finest steel for flexibility and sharpness.

The swordsmith may have carefully folded, hammered, and tempered the steel to a …. While steel an alloy of iron, carbon, and other trace metals is the ideal material for waponsmithing, others …. Most of the weapons have special details in addition to the statistics listed in this table. Refer to the …. Every society maintains an army of fighters to protect itself from attack or to wage wars of plunder and annihilation against its neighbors ….

They actively roam the land, spreading justice and honor everywhere they go. To Immortals of such concepts, Paladins are the ultimate champions of their cause. They are the …. He relies on muscle and wits, overcoming hardships with brute force and sheer determination. His weapons are …. Each Sphere is a sort of loose pantheon of like-minded individuals with common goals and an established, though changeable, hierarchy. The five …. As such, clerics worship a greater goal first, then a particular Immortal second, if …. Armour Allowed …. More than just a follower, he intercedes and acts on behalf of others, seeking to use his powers to advance the beliefs of his mythos.

On discussion with the DM instead a 1st edition might be playable Description: This priest belongs to an order devoted in large part to the study of …. Generally a tribe will have shamans or witch doctors, not both. The [[Spirit Caller]] is the intermediary between the people of his tribe and the spirits. He is a religious functionary offering sacrifice to the spirits , an oracle determining the spirits' wills , a lore master and an advisor to the tribe. He is …. They are not as formal or regimented as other priests, and have a far more practical, down- ….

In some ways they are the epitome of roguishness. The profession of thief is not honorable, yet it is not entirely …. They do not gain spells in the manner of other wizards. Instead, they acquire their magics and …. This protection can take a number of forms, including warding off specific types of weapons or creatures and …. Conjuration spells produce various forms of non- ….

Greater divination spells reveal the existence of …. Both types imbue their subjects with magical energy to create specific …. These spells do not cause real ….

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These spells drain vitality from living creatures and restore life functions to unliving creatures. Bones, …. Alterations can affect a …. The dimensionalist is familiar with all kinds of extradimensional pockets, …. Force is energy that simulates solid matter; it …. The mentalist is such a character. Although the mentalist is closely …. While shadow mages are not necessarily evil, most tend to be grim characters who are at home in the darkness.

The school of …. In other words, the …. In effect, the artificer is a wizard who creates temporary magical items for …. Geometers seek to control magical forces by creating symbols and diagrams of mystical significance. The tools of …. Elves and bards have tapped into this source of magic for centuries …. Wild Mage: The concept of wild magic was introduced in the Tome of Magic. Wild magic is a new …. Boldfaced spells can be found in ….

As children, Nobles receive tutoring and training to give them skills and opportunities beyond those of more common folk. They are used to the finer things …. Refers to the original [[Makai Language language]] and people of the islands of [[Ierendi]] The Makai are an easygoing, dark skinned people. They need to meet the following minimum scores: 12 …. Holy Men are …. His practice of religion was so repulsive that other dwarves expelled him. He will often worship gods of an evil alignment, but …. He officiates at religious meetings and insures that worship is properly conducted.

He presides over marriages, deaths, and name-giving ceremonies for children. The Priests and priestesses of the mysteries present an almost naturalistic rural religion for the populace of …. They either go in search of converts to their race's faith, or, if they have rejected their race's deities, they seek to bring the …. They are relatively common among nations that maintain armed forces.

War Priests are devoted to war and often to Immortals who encourage it. They carry the faith to soldiers, fighting beside them …. They roam the Emirates, spreading the word of the Eternal Truth, helping the local governments through their skills, and searching adventure. Requirements: As Priest of the Eternal …. Fighters, Clerics and Wizards can join the Orders, taking a variant of the military kit for the …. An Adviser tries to make himself indispensable to his lord.

The class's well-known neutrality makes a …. Maybe he feels he was too gentle, too weak. It doesn't matter. He won't let it …. A typical Beastfriend character feels quite protective of animals and fiercely punishes those who inflict unnecessary …. Often the druid watches over a sacred grove with magical …. Webmasters always come from Herath. That nation's forests have numerous insects and spiders, both normal ….

The Lost Druids come from lands that have been maliciously destroyed--forests burned to the ground, swamps drained, mountains …. Whereas the Healer's emphasis is on spells that affect his or her people directly, the …. This ability takes a special gift perhaps a taint of lycanthropic or silver dragon blood in the druid's family tree and intense ….

As he gains experience, his influence can extend to cover a shire, barony, or entire region. However, his focus remains rural. A Village …. They typically have a better idea of the "big picture" in the world than other druids and usually remain …. Despite the fact that his or her home and …. Although they frequently will have a temple in a stronghold, they usually preside over a shrine or chapel in the ….

The elf Herbalist can soothe fevers and mend wounds with the utmost ability and speed. Role: Each …. Bandits generally group together for effectiveness, setting up a camp in the wilderness, away from law enforcers. They are not uncommon on the [[Savage Coast]]. Some are …. He serves as a minor physician and surgeon, and has a knowledge of herbal remedies as well.

The Barber spends his time …. Requirements:Dexterity 16, good or neutral alignment. Charlatans pretend to be able to foretell the future, …. It is considered an act of bravery to sneak into an enemy's camp and steal something from them without being …. One might say that Scouts are to regular thieves as rangers are to fighters, but Scouts usually avoid the strict ethics of the ranger class. They work as …. The cause of their rejection may or may not have been just, but in any case …. Every government officer has …. Charlatans live off the fat of the land, bending all the rules and hopping through loopholes in the law.

It is completely against the personality of the Charlatan to be lawful. Charlatans are …. Qualifications: Standard ability scores. Demihumans can become Heralds of up to 6th level. Description: Heralds make their living by uncovering hidden truths. If a royal family …. Most Heralds belong to guilds all headquartered in Bellayne , while a few are "freelancers" who work ….

Gnomes can advance to the 9th level as Jongleurs. Halflings can attain 12th level. This kit is also available to Thieves or Ninja that dual-class or multi-class as a mage. Weapon Proficiencies …. Their other ability scores are standard. Gnomes can rise to become 8th-level Riddlemasters. Halflings can advance up to 9th level. Skalds also accompany war parties from their clans, inspiring their compatriots and memorising each feat of the battle. The characters create poems and ballads from …. Hope to see you this weekend. And if you whisper a word of my secret to anyone, you'd best beware of everyone you meet, for one of them will be me in disguise and I will ….

Quick and nimble, they are able to use escape routes that larger and clumsier pursuers find quite unmanageable. Tumblers are …. Halfling Whistlers have lower Intelligence requirements than normal Bards. They follow all of the rules which apply to normal bards, though they have some special differences that separate ….

Qualifications: The standard qualifications for Intelligence and Charisma are switched for gnome Professors i. Qualifications: Only elves and half-elves can become Minstrels. Elves can advance up to 15th level as Minstrels, while half-elves are limited to 12th level.

Elves can become Meistersingers and reach 15th level. They are expert hunters and searchers, able to locate salvageable items in all types of …. They have made their way in the world by killing others for profit. While many have private codes, others hire themselves out to the highest bidder. Shadows …. These humanoids are beggars and thieves, asking for donations with …. These craftsmen are well respected in [[Dwarf]] society.

In many ways the true thief's worst enemy, locksmiths make it hard for a thief to exercise …. Striving to be as quiet as mice, they infiltrate lairs, mansions …. He is fascinated by magic in all its forms and enjoys nothing more than poring over arcane texts and …. Primarily concerned with survival, the Anagakok uses his magical skills to help his fellow tribesmen locate food, plan …. This has given them spellcasting ….

The classes are predominantly human and there are more males than females …. Generally, the culture is either a warmonger society or one constantly besieged by others. A Militant considers a trained body as important as a trained …. The character sees magic and adventuring as roads to knowledge. Generally peaceful and contemplative.

Character Class: Mages …. By combining a humanoid's natural thieving …. Although these tribes commonly maintain functional civilizations for thousands …. Her many powers include love spells, warding off evil, cursing enemies, …. These characters are very concerned with nature; they will not live in cities, and they disdain "unnatural" equipment.

In many ways, a Wokan is like a druid, serving as a protector of …. He is a sorcerer of mysterious power and uncertain fealty. Unlike the oriental samurai, the Wu Jen seldom answers to a lord or master. His …. Beast Riders are common enough on the Savage Coast but are still intimidating and a little exotic to most people.

A Beast Rider …. Because of this, Inheritors seek to control the …. Never forgetting their roots, they are advocates of commoners and equality. Many Local Heroes espouse the "rob the rich and give to the …. They may be young, old, poor or wealthy enough to own the ship they sail. They live for trading, exploring, and discovering new lands.

They are used to the finer things in life. As is expected of someone of his social status, he has decided …. A Spy might work directly for a government …. Though possibly capable of wearing armour and wielding heavy weapons, a Swashbuckler is more comfortable when lightly …. He keeps his overlord's land free of monsters, guards against spies and …. Enter the Justifier, a master …. Having tasted the pleasure of life in its purest, most primitive state, these hardy souls reject the trappings of civilization and wholeheartedly embrace the challenges …. Whether sailing the ocean in a mighty galleon or riding a river's currents in a handmade raft, the Sea Ranger finds the world's waters an ….

The Seeker seeks fulfillment by following the tenets of his faith and striving to …. Elves are uniquely connected with the rhythms of the forests, some more deeply than others. Only those who have chosen to become rangers may elect to become more fully …. Though he technically owes fealty to a government or church, he has few, if …. To further his goals, the Ghosthunter's immortal has provided him with special powers to vanquish …. Much of her training has been devoted to medical arts, and she follows a religion whose deities promote healing and compassion.

On the …. Charioteers were usually teenagers or young men, normally slaves or foreigners. SociaI Restrictions: This class is not allowed if character rolled equestrian, senatorial, or …. Their role is to protect the temples, priests, and worshipers of an Immortal. Defenders often organize themselves along the line of knights, viewing themselves as the …. Gauchos herd cattle and other beasts, living off the land for weeks at a time, then entering a town for a little rowdy relaxation. They are …. Almost all gladiators were slaves, but trusted fighters were allowed to leave their quarters when not training.

Gladiators often took jobs as part-time …. Honourbound warriors generally belong to special Companies that have ancient traditions an Honourbound without a Company is considered a " …. They are the romantic heroes of a nomadic people, living their lives and fighting their battles from the saddle. She is the daring merchant-princess, he the cunning rogue; together they are …. Intelligent and social, they are the backbone of defense, protecting their families, homes, and eventually even their countries …. Every humanoid tribe, settlement, clan, and family group must be protected from the dangers of the world, and these ….

He may also be a former military tribune now in civilian life. A 1st-level fighter may be either an experinced legionary or a promising recruit. He is not senior enough to be a centurion most …. Some were ex-gladiators or legionaries, but most are simply tough, working-class "proles" who grew up in areas of notorious slums. Like modern gang members, …. The character can be an officer in an army or a mercenary.

In times of war, Myrmidons are heroes; in times of peace, they are viewed as parasites who provide no useful service. On the Savage Coast, a Myrmidon …. In Hule, it is also an opportunity for personal redemption for those fighting the war; if they fight the right fight, their souls will …. The slaves then underwent rigorous training, not only in combat and tactics, but also …. He looks after and controls them, making sure they are properly fed and exercised. He trains them to act as guards and to attack on …. Usually an all-round fighter, capable of engaging in hand to hand combat, he is able to use a crossbow and other missile weapons.

He is a fearless warrior, able to create an insane rage within himself which increases his fighting ability and distorts his physical features. Armed to the teeth and armored to the eyeballs, he or she hoists weapon, fully prepared to stand toe-to-toe with any attacker menacing home or ally.

They are the majority in [[Dwarf]] society, its craftsmen and militia. They are skilled in a craft and receive military training from adolescence …. Forest-walkers are very protective of their woods and tend to be loners, although …. Generally from poor families, they have had to look after themselves from an early age. The typical Ghetto Fighter has a hardbitten, self-centered attitude …. Frequently a weapon specialist, she fights as well as, if not better than, most males. Not all strongholds have Hearth Guards. Some see …. Often a young and unattached individual, either male or female, the Homesteader is a ….

They do not fight out of loyalty, or duty, or even to defend their tribe. They fight for money, pure and simple. And the more money involved, the harder they …. Some are respected by their tribes and work with them, but most are loners who abhor the selfish and destructive practices of …. The position is …. In every seedy part of every city, humans and some demihumans frequent hidden battle pits where humanoid pit fighters are …. His behavior is usually so at odds with others ….

They are tough, intimidating overseers who are fast to squelch fights, quick to give orders, and …. From a distance the …. The great lake known as The Cradle is considered to be within …. This is a crescentic sea encircled to the north by dravish ruins and the Grass coast, the Swamp of [[The Bayou]] to the east, to the south by the [[Wallara Wallaroo grasslands]] and to the …. The northern most aspect lies between Mud Water cove at the mouth of the Yalu river in the Yalu bay and the southernmost aspect of the ….

A green and pleasant but wet land, home to the Flaems. Heavily farmed, fairly safe, and lots of cheese and fire mages. Settled by a mixture of Alphatians and Thyatians. This land is fairly militaristic and holds excellent …. The people are of Alphatian descent, elitist and arrogant, the inhabitants of Blackhill. They get along poorly with the Flaems of …. Settled by the losers of an Ethengarian civil war long ago, the Krondaharians have adopted more civilized ways …. Settled by Thyatians, this is a land of untrustworthy backstabbers with a taste for gladiatorial games.