Thursday Night Widows

Thursday Night Widows
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With her tongue firmly set in her cheek, the author creates a story filled with dark ironies, through which she reveals all the secrets which the residents are keeping from each other, including their spouses.

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By making their problems so close to those of any self-protecting, upscale suburban community, regardless of country, she succeeds in creating identification between the outrageous characters and her readers, regardless of their income level. Their casual dishonesty is a given. Because they are extreme stereotypes, they are laughable.

By the time the reader discovers how the men have died, that revelation comes as no surprise. I imagine the private cemetery where they bury the women from Cascade Heights sown with silicone globes, orphaned now from the breasts that had owned them, six feet below that immaculate lawn.

Bones, mud and silicone. And teeth.

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And pins. Miranda France Translator. Angela 's review Sep 15, At first this was going to be a whodunit type book but it was more of a why. From the outside everything looks ideal, as if the people inside are the luckiest people on on earth. However, it is quite the opposite, more like a long episode of Desperate Housewives, with the drugs, abuse, sex, classism, etc.

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It was filled with shallow people who lived beyond their means, who in the end could not handle the pressure due to the economic downturn. Though it is not the best story I have read, I think it is a story that would resonate with a lot of people, especially in this economy. Often times we judge people by what we may perceive as living the good life, when deep down they may be cracking under pressure. We all go through trials and tribulations, but what makes you a strong person is how you handle it in the end.

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The action is set in a gated community called Altos de la Cascada, Cascade Heights, located some 50 kilometers 30 miles from Buenos Aires. You can find more information about gated communities in Wikipedia. The four men get together on Thursday nights to play cards, wives are excluded; hence the title. After one Thursday night on September 27, the corpses of three of them, Tano Scaglia, Martin Urovich and Gustavo Masotta, are founded dead at the bottom of the swimming pool.

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Only one, Ronie Guevara who left earlier remains alive. Back at home his wife Virginia feels that there is something wrong with the strange behavior of her husband. After this strong opening the account of the facts that lead to the events narrated in the first chapter moves backwards.

The story is told from different female perspectives, most often from Virginia Guevara point of view. This is an excellent book that reflects the rise and fall of wealthy families at the verge of the social-economic crisis that hit Argentina in ; a moral tale that has universal implications and can be particularly appropriate in times of deep economic crisis.

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It is very well written what makes it an enjoyable reading and I strongly recommended. How fortunate for you that you can see the film in a couple of days! I did enjoy your review, which reminded me of how much I liked this excellent book.

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Thursday Night Widows [Claudia Piñeiro, Miranda France] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An agile novel written in a language perfectly. 'Claudia Piñeiro's Thursday Night Widows is an interesting novel. Published by the wonderfully named Bitter Lemon Press, which is now a favorite ( I'll be.