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This is a once-only chance to score this relic of the early years of Theosophy! An explanation of mystic symbols that are drawn probably by Dr. Gnani Yoga by Yogi Ramacharaka. A series of lessons in Gnani Yoga - the Yoga of wisdom. Black cloth, beautiful condition for age. Few spots of discoloration on leaves - very small, very few. Bhakti yoga by Bhikshu. Be sure to see my other rare books and magazines. Very rare booklet. See photos for condition details. Those who are not Rosicrucians this is a way to drink and have the vitality or vital life force from the sun bathing in cobalt blue and other beneficial colored glass to refresh and regenerate the cells along with your other daily health habits.

IX, No.

Vintage paperback. Has moderate wear appropriate for its age. Cover is stained and discolored. A name is written on first page but all other pages are clean and free of writing.

Invisibles : The True History of the Rosicrucians

See photos for more details. Free USPS media mail shipping. Check out our other listings for more hard to find books and other media. September Fall Number- Vol 14 no 3. December Winter Number- Vol 14 no 4. A Brotherhood of Christian Esoterists. The subject of Rosicrucionism is Man. Hardcover with orignal jacket, small pen mark number on cover, else light shelfwear only. This essay is a very interesting writing on St Martin and what developed into what we now know as Martinism.

A very good review as well. The is their code always in the corner here March He goes on. It is 18 long pages of fascinating references to giving out the greatest Hindu secret to the Western World. Corinne Heline. Second Edition. No dust jacket. Moderate soiling to the boards. The text appears unmarked. The binding is solid. Fold out frontispiece. Ornamental head and tail pieces. Limited edition, one of only copies. First English translation.

We are the first and ONLY supplier of these, world-wide! Unlike other suppliers, your Amulet will be ritually linked directly to you, for maximum effectiveness. Free shipping. A rare collection of five bound Rosicrucian books. The Art and Meaning of Magic. The History and Practice of Magic. Citadel Press. Magic: White and Black. The Science of Finite and Infinite Life. Containing Practical Hints for Students of Occultism. The History of Magic. Waite, Trans. Transcendental Magic: Its Doctrine and Ritual. London: George Redway. Chicago: The de Laurence Company. Magic and Mysticism: Studies in Bygone Beliefs.

Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Willis Whitehead Ed. Invocating By Magic Crystal and Mirrors. Ars Obscura: Seattle. Pictorial Key to the Tarot. New Hyde Park: University Books. An Introduction to the Study of the Tarot. Morton, trans. Los Angeles: Builders of the Adytum. The Qabalistic Tarot. New York: Samuel Weiser. The Migration of Symbols. The Pythagorean Triangle or the Science of Numbers. San Diego: The Wizards Bookshelf. Washington D. The Different Types of Freemasons.

Wildblood Jr. Vermont Lodge of Research The Path of the Esotericists Among Us. April 15, National Heritage Museum. Morgan and anti-Masonry. Richmond, Va. The Unlawful Societies Act of New York: M. W Hazen. Call no. H8 The Trial of the Templars. New York: Cambridge University Press. The Guardian , "Knights get an apology from the Vatican years too late", 11 October Freemasonry: A Peculiar System of Morality?

The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche. Jung, Volume 8. Gerhard Adker trans. The Zohar: Pritzker Edition. Stanford University Press. Oxford University Press. Thomas Nelson.

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An Esoteric Reading of Biblical Symbolism. Bruno Gazzo Ed. Tweet Follow PietreStones. Endnotes [I] Pratt, Mason. Alpha Lodge No. Wilmhurst wrote [XII] : " Our teaching is purposefully veiled in allegory and symbol and its deeper import does not appear upon the surface of the ritual itself. Reading List Index.

Text Index No. Theurgy Magick. List Number. Hanegraaff, Wouter J. Macoy, Robert. Mackey, Albert G. Philadelphia: McClure Publishing Company. Waite, Arthur Edward. Kaplan, Stuart R. Knight, Gareth. Skinner, Stephen Richardson, Alan. Wilmhurst, W. The Three Initiates. Tillyard, E. Pike, Albert.

Hugo, T. Clausen, Henry. Jung, Carl G. Churchton, Tobias. Bromwell, Henry P. Blatavsky, H.

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Fortune, Dion. London: Aquarian Press. Hall, Manly P. Regardie, Israel. Frazer, James George. Lomas, Robert. MacNulty, W. Skinner, Stephen. Yarker, John. Atwood, Mary Ann. Blavatsky, H. Boehme, Jacob. Facsimile Edition Sure Fire Press, Leadbeater, C. Mead, G. Plummer, George Winslow. Thorndike, Lynn. Topic: Kabala.

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MacGregor Mathers. Wescott, William Wynn. Achad, Frater Charles Stansfeld Jones. Dedopulos, Tim. Waite, A. Topic: Astrology. Crowley, Aleister and Smith Adams, Evangeline.

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Adams, Evangeline. New York: Dodd Mead. Eshelman, James A. Gaston, Wilbur. It is written about personality and character which develop on this plane. Very nice "green hardcover" edition of this epic classic of Rosicrucian teachings, by the most Christocentric of the major R. Esoteric Training. Occult Analysis of Genesis. This essay is a very interesting writing on St Martin and what developed into what we now know as Martinism. A very good review as well.

Identifying the "I" with this or that is the root of ignorance. When we consider the knower independently of the known, he reveals himself to be pure witness. It is well long gone and out of print as well as the other RAD series sets and discourses. The great William Law added artwork which most know and catches the eye of the Soul. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Hot this week in Rosicrucian. Make an Offer. The Philosophy of Immortality R. Swinburne Clymer - Rosicrucian. Lot of 3: Mercury Publishing Co. Shop by Category. Printing Year see all.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise of the Author. "I used to own a metaphysical bookstore, Rosicrucian and Masonic Spirituality & Secrets - The Handbook Kindle Edition. by. This little manuscript contains the ancient secrets of the Rosicrucians and Masonic Society of Rose Cross Orders. This is the history and lessons and insights of.

Softcover, Wraps. Subject see all. Fraternal, Social Organizations. Special Attributes see all. Dust Jacket. Limited Edition. Vintage Paperback. Topic see all. Christianity, Bibles. Region see all. Language see all. Guaranteed Delivery see all. No Preference.