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Seaton's allies on the planet Kondal are suffering devastating attacks by the forces of the Third Planet.

Even worse, the menacing and contemptuous Fenachrones are threatening to conquer the galaxy and wipe out all who oppose them. And don't forget the dastardly machinations of Seaton's arch-nemesis, DuQuesne, who embarks on a nefarious mission of his own.

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Against such vile foes and impossible odds, how is victory possible? Featuring even more technological wizardry, alien worlds, and all-out action than its predecessor, Skylark Three is hailed by many as the imaginative high point of the Skylark series.

Skylark Three by E. E. Smith

A pioneer of the space opera, E. Smith's books include the classic Lensman series. Having used the 'zone of force' at first to conceal himself, and then to destroy the Fenachrone battleship, Seaton captures a leading crew-member, who reveals upon interrogation that the Fenachrone intend conquest of the entire Milky Way Galaxy , and eventually of the Universe , and that a message is already in progress toward the Fenachrone capital to summon aid.

Discovering that Dunark and Sitar survived the destruction of their spaceship, the Skylark II tows the remnants of both vehicles to Osnome, where Seaton forces a peace treaty between Osnome and Urvan. Meanwhile, DuQuesne and his aide have also interrogated a Fenachrone and plan to capture an entire Fenachrone battleship for personal use. Hoping to master the "zone of force", Seaton, Crane, and their wives travel from planet to planet of the 'Green System', in search of those already skilled in its use.

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Initially they encounter the Dasorians, an amphibious species of humanoid, who direct them to the Norlaminians, who possess full control of both matter and energy. A much larger successor ship, the Skylark Three , is built and equipped on planet Norlamin, where Seaton at first explores the Fenachrone's world, then orders the Fenachrone to abandon their conquest.

Upon their refusal, Seaton remotely destroys their reconnaissance spaceships, and then goes on to a full-fledged genocide , destroying their home planet and killing all the Fenachrone except an escaped colony ship led by one of their leading scientists. Equipped with a Fenachrone spaceship, DuQuesne also survives, but leads Seaton and the Fenachrone to presume his death. Increasing his technology still further by powering his new ship with uranium instead of copper, Seaton pursues and destroys the Fenachrone colony ship; but does not discover DuQuesne. Schuyler Miller reviewed the novel favorably, saying in Smith's hands space operatics "took on new freedom and stature".

Skylark Three (Skylark Series, Book 2)

Arthur C. Clarke was a fan; the only space battle scene he wrote, in Earthlight , was a specific homage to the attack on the Mardonalian fortress in chapter seven of Skylark Three. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Skylark Three - E. E. Smith - Science Fiction - Speaking Book - English - 2/6

Skylark Three Dust-jacket from the first edition. Smith bibliography. Subspace Explorers Subspace Encounter. Spacehounds of IPC. Galactic Patrol Lensman Lensman.

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Skylark of Valeron Dust-jacket from the first edition. Reynolds "Martin" or "Mart" Crane was tall, slender, imperturbable; his black-haired, ivory-skinned wife Margaret was tall and whistle stacked--she and Dorothy were just about of a size and a shape. Therefore Point One would be: how are they going to get in touch with us? Then, leaning back in his form-fitting seat, he immersed himself in thought--and, being corporeal, no longer a pattern of pure force, went sound asleep. Back in the living room, Seaton was saying: "If One gave DuQuesne all of the sixth-order force patterns, he can be anywhere and can do practically anything. Therefore, leaving all of his attacking beams exactly as they were, Klazmon assembled another gigantic beam--the entire output of one Llurdiaxian fortress--and hurled it against the tail-section of the flagship.