The Savage Tide

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Dungeon & Dragon Magazines Savage Tide Adv Path and Campaign

This painting is the first time you see Vanthus's face. The second time is when he locks you in a dungeon full of zombie pirates.

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October 06, Undead pirates and a powerful thieves guild feature heavily. Kopru sorcerers and priests labored in dark subterranean lairs unfolding their vile plot; the creation of the largest black pearl the world had ever seen. Search Search SuccuWiki. Again, I would recommend redesigning that area to open things up a bit.

Unleashed from the cruel heart of a shadow pearl, the tide swept over an ancient civilization, transforming the citizens into feral, cannibalistic fiends. The hateful architects of the savage tide watched, taking pride in the ruin they had wrought. For other uses of the word Succubus , see Succubus disambiguation.

The Savage Tide Adventure Path or simply Savage Tide was the third and final Adventure Path for the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game, published over twelve installments from October through September in Dungeon magazine. It began in the city of Sasserine, just north of the city of Cauldron, which serves as the setting for the first Adventure Path, Shackled City.

During one of these adventures, Wells of Darkness , players encounter Shami-Amourae the succubus -goddess and former consort of Demogorgon.

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The campaign begins in the city of Sasserine and nearby environs, where the party discovers the first clues about an impending disaster called the Savage Tide. The action then moves to the Isle of Dread for the middle portion of the series, and the party must deal with the dangers of the island and unearth more information about the Savage Tide.

Savage Tide Adventure Path

After a short stop in the depraved pirate city of Scuttlecove, the final third of the campaign takes place in the Abyss, where the party must find a way to stop the Savage Tide and confront its architect. Jump to: navigation , search. Categories : Film and Media D and D. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience.

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Savage Tide. The Lords of Dread are iconic legends, their stories retold so many times that many of the events and characters would be unrecognisable to someone that was actually alive at the time. Their title makes them sound like some sinister force for evil, but as we all know they were a great force for good. They earned their their title as many of their earliest exploits were around the Isle of Dread , a region they helped, if not tame, at least make inhabitable.

In truth we cannot even be sure that the Lords of Dread were real people, they were more likely amalgamations of several different characters from history.

Still with any great legend their is a seed of truth behind the stories. Let us introduce each hero in turn.

Intro to Savage Tides Level 20 Prince of Demons

Valdis Aldranna , the noble wizard. Skilled in the arcane arts, some claim his families wealth allowed him to learn his skills of warfare in the colleges of Sassarine, others that he was born a sorcerer and was cast out from his family, cut off from their wealth. The Aldranna family name is recorded in the heraldic records of Sassarine, although in the Aldranna family Valdis was traditionally a female name so it is unclear if the character has a historical counter part.

Tamzana Alteresine , the noble warrior. The opposite to Valdis, the yin to his yang. A dark and brooding character haunted by the sins of her forefathers.

Savage Tide Adventure Path

Like Valdis she too is skilled in magic, but she was also skilled with the blade. In some tales she is part demon, in other wholly human. Trantil , the angry giant. A strong warrior that stood nearly 8ft tall.