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It was one of only three battalions to be present from the initial landings in Portugal through to the invasion of France, and victory six years later. Divided between the brigades of Wellington's army to provide specialist rifle and skirmishing capability, the riflemen often formed advance or rear guards, patrols and outposts. Frequently praised by Wellington and his divisional commanders, the battalion won 16 battle honours. Drawing on official records, memoirs, court martial transcripts, inspection reports, and unpublished letters, Riflemen recounts not only the campaigns in which the battalion fought, but also many personal stories of the soldiers who served with it.

Riflemen includes tales of murder, promotion from the ranks, desertion, prisoners of war, and small actions that are often overlooked. As the first history of the battalion written in almost years, it sheds new light on a vital component of Wellington's army and its important place in the history of the British Army. Maps of Fredericksburg Hardback Bradley Gottfried. Gottfried's efforts to study and illustrate the major campaigns of the Civil War's Eastern Theater.

After Robert E. The opening stages of what would come to be the Fredericksburg Campaign began in early October when the armies moved south.

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After several skirmishes, it became clear Burnside would force a crossing at Fredericksburg and drive south. Delays in doing so provided General Lee with time to get his troops into position behind the city. The initial fighting occurred on December 11 when a single Mississippi Confederate brigade gallantly delayed the Union bridge-building efforts. Once across, Burnside's army prepared for action. The main battle took place on December 13, a two-pronged attack against Marye's Heights on the Union right and Prospect Hill at the opposite end of the line.

Neither was successful. Burnside contemplated another attempt to flank Lee, but the January weather conspired against him and he was removed from command. Unlike other treatments of this epic fight, The Maps of Fredericksburg plows new ground by breaking down the entire campaign into twenty-two map sets or "action sections," enriched with detailed full-page color maps. These cartographic originals bore down to the regimental and battery level, and include the march to and from the battlefield and virtually every significant event in between.

At least two-and as many as ten-maps accompany each map set. Keyed to each piece of cartography is a full facing page of detailed text describing the units, personalities, movements, and combat including quotes from eyewitnesses depicted on the accompanying map, all of which make the Fredericksburg story come alive. This presentation allows readers to easily and quickly fine a map and text on virtually any portion of the campaign, from the march south to Fredericksburg to the Mud March in early Serious students of the battle will appreciate the extensive and authoritative endnotes and complete order of battle.

Everyone will want to take the book along on trips to the battlefield.

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A final bonus is that the maps in this work unlock every other book or article written on this fascinating campaign. Perfect for the easy chair or for stomping the hallowed ground of Fredericksburg, The Maps of Fredericksburg is a seminal work that belongs on the bookshelf of every serious and casual student of the battle.

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Nelson's Victory Hardback Brian Lavery. May sees the th anniversary of the launch of HMS Victory, the ship that is so closely associated with Nelson and his great victory at Trafalgar and which, still extant, has today become the embodiment of the great Age of Sail. Many books have been written about Victory but none like this, which tells the full story of the ship since she first took to the waters in May It contains many surprises - that she was almost wrecked on her launch; that diplomacy conducted onboard her played a crucial role in provoking Napoleon's invasion of Russia in ; and that in Kaiser Wilhelm set the First World War in motion at a desk made from her timbers.

The book also tells the story of Horatio Nelson, who was born a few weeks before his most famous ship was ordered, and whose career paralleled hers in many ways. It does not ignore the battle of Trafalgar, and indeed it offers new insights into the campaign which led up to it. But it says much more about the other lives of the ship, which at different times was a flagship, a fighting ship, a prison hospital ship, a training ship for officers and boys, a floating courtroom, a signal school in the early days of radio, tourist attraction and national icon.

It looks at her through many eyes, including Queen Victoria, admirals, midshipmen and ordinary seamen, and Beatrix Potter who visited as a girl. It is simply a 'must-have' work for historians and enthusiasts, and a compelling new narrative for the general reader.

Napoleon Hardback Adam Zamoyski. A landmark new biography that presents the man behind the many myths. The first writer in English to go back to the original European sources, Adam Zamoyski's portrait of Napoleon is historical biography at its finest. Napoleon inspires passionately held and often conflicting visions.

Was he a god-like genius, Romantic avatar, megalomaniac monster, compulsive warmonger or just a nasty little dictator? Whilst he displayed elements of these traits at certain times, Napoleon was none of these things. He was a man, and as Adam Zamoyski presents him in this landmark biography, a rather ordinary one at that. He exhibited some extraordinary qualities during some phases of his life but it is hard to credit genius to a general who presided over the worst and self-inflicted disaster in military history and who single-handedly destroyed the great enterprise he and others had toiled so hard to construct.

A brilliant tactician, he was no strategist. But nor was Napoleon an evil monster. He could be selfish and violent but there is no evidence of him wishing to inflict suffering gratuitously. His motives were mostly praiseworthy and his ambition no greater than that of contemporaries such as Alexander I of Russia, Wellington, Nelson, Metternich, Blucher, Bernadotte and many more. What made his ambition exceptional was the scope it was accorded by circumstance. Adam Zamoyski strips away the lacquer of prejudice and places Napoleon the man within the context of his times.

In the s, a young Napoleon entered a world at war, a bitter struggle for supremacy and survival with leaders motivated by a quest for power and by self-interest. He did not start this war but dominated his life and continued, with one brief interruption, until his final defeat in It does not justify or condemn but seeks instead to understand Napoleon's extraordinary trajectory.

The Long Shadow of Waterloo explores how Waterloo was remembered by the various nations involved, including the French, British, Germans, the influence it had on these nations and others, including the USA and how this changed over the years following the battle. The Battle of Waterloo ended a century of war between France and Great Britain and became a key part of their national identity, serving their political needs as the battle was refought throughout the 19th century in politics, books and art to create the myth of Waterloo. For Great Britain, Waterloo became a symbol of British hegemony while the multinational contribution to the battle was downplayed and for France it was remembered as a military disaster.

Through looking at the history of the battle over the battle's significance in history, an insight is gained into how cultural myths and legends about a battle are made. Wellington and Napoleon both tried to shape the memory of the battle to their advantage. Wellington propogated the myth that the British won despite being outnumbered by a huge French army, while Napoleon chose to blame his subordinates for the loss, in particular Emmanuel de Grouchy.

Grouchy spent the next 60 years struggling to defend his honour, claiming that Napoleon's account of the battle written during his exile at Saint Helena was imaginary and intended to cover Napoleon's own mistakes during the campaign. This book covers the battle's influence on figures such as Jomini and Clausewitz, military theorists who wanted to find the objective truth of Waterloo and use it as a guide for future wars, as well as Victor Hugo and Les Miserables who challenged the myths of battle to transform it into a win for France from which the Republic would emerge.

The way Waterloo was used for entertainment is also explored, as battlefield tourists came from all over the world to vicariously experience the legendary battle through visualisations such as the travelling panoramas in England and poetry of Sir Walter Scott. Imperial Bayonets Hardback George Nafziger. Imperial Bayonets examines the maneuvering systems of the French, Prussians, Russians, Austrians and British from to It studies infantry maneuvers and firepower, cavalry maneuvers, and artillery.

It is THE definitive work on Napoleonic tactics and a must read for anyone wanting to understand the fundamentals of period tactics. It provides not only a discussion of every major maneuver of the five major powers, i. It covers infantry and cavalry maneuvers on this level. It performs an analysis of both musketry effectiveness and artillery effectiveness, providing curves that demonstrate the effectiveness of both. It also covers brigade maneuvers and army marches. The Battle of Waterloo was one of the most horrific actions fought during the Napoleonic Wars.

There have been several studies of battlefield injuries and the field care that casualties received during the campaign of June However, what happened to the many thousands of injured men left behind as the armies marched away is rarely discussed. In June , around 62, Allied and French wounded flooded into Brussels, Antwerp, and other towns and cities of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and swamped the medical services.

New data concerning the fate of the thousands of Allied and some French casualties has emerged from the library of the University of Edinburgh. This has revealed a collection of over wound sketches, detailed case reports, and the surgical results from five Brussels Hospitals. Hardback without dustjacket; stain to edge of pages, in stained, scuffed and dented boards.

A good reference copy. Hardback; boards marked otherwise good in torn, creased and tape-repaired dustjacket. An interesting association copy - includes signed letter from Jac Weller to Donald Featherstone, Don's ownership inscription and signature to endpaper and pencil highlighting to margins.

French 'Ligny' leaflet included with Don's initials. Hardback; very good in price-clipped dustjacket. Publisher: Greenhill: Paperback; very good in lightly creased card covers. With new Foreword by the Author. By: Redway, G. Publisher: T. Jack: Hardback without dustjacket; foxing to edge of pages otherwise good in original decorated boards. Publisher: George Philip: Hardback; very good in faded dustjacket. By: Uffindell, A. Battleground Europe Series.

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Paperback; very good in card covers. Publisher: Spellmount: Hardback; corners of boards dented otherwise very good in creased dustjacket. Publisher: Wordsworth Editions: Wordsworth Military Library. Paperback; good in creased card covers. By: Libert, F. Lebeau, L. Publisher: N. Booklet; ink notes, some creasing to pages otherwise good in creased card covers. No published date; possibly s? By: Horsburgh, E. Publisher: Methuen: Hardback without dustjacket; very good in faded and stained boards.

By: Lipscombe, N. Publisher: Osprey: By: Bernard, G. English text. Colour photographs of original artifacts from the Battle of Waterloo. Includes uniforms, buttons, musical instuments, weapons, horse furniture, and personal items. By: Hamilton-Williams, D. Paperback; very good in dented card covers. Publisher: Imprimerie Dereume: Paperback; very good in yellowed card covers.

Published on the th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. A brief pictorial guide. By: Becke, A. Summerfield, S. Publisher: Ken Trotman Publishing: London: Peter Davies. In the publishers Soldier's Tales series. WorldCat London: Greenhill. Edited by G. Cole, M and Gwynn, S. Facsimile of the edition. The Spanish campaign of , by Adam Neale. Reminiscences of a campaign in the Pyrenees and south of France, by John Malcolm. Memoirs of the war of the French in Spain, by M.

Narrative of the battles of Quatre Bras, Ligny, and Waterloo. Death of Napoleon Bonaparte. Editions Edinburgh: Constable. Cooke, J. Memoirs of the late War : comprising the personal narrative of Captain Cooke of the 43rd Regiment Light Infantry; the history of the campaign of in Portugal, by the Earl of Munster; and a narrative of the campaign of in Holland, by Lieut.

Moodie Cooke's narrative covers Editions London: H. Colburn and R.

Napoleonic Wars

Cooke, Lt. John A True Soldier Gentleman. The Memoirs of Lt. Edited by Eileen Hathaway. Published as: Rough notes of seven campaigns in portugal, Spain, France, and America during the years WorldCat Carlisle: G. WorldCat Spellmount. Costello, Edward, b.

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Results 1 - 48 of The Waterloo Campaign — A Study [Illustrated Edition] (Special Campaigns Series Book 5) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. The Waterloo Campaign — A Study [Illustrated Edition] (Special Campaigns Series Book 5) eBook: Lt.-Colonel Sisson C. Pratt (Late R.E.): Kindle .

WorldCat London: Colburn and Co.. London: Longmans. WorldCat [Hamden, Conn. Adventures of a soldier.

Edited by Viscountess Combermere and Capt. Edited by I. Series: The Napoleonic Library. Published as: The Peninsular journal, WorldCat Greenhill. Series: Napoleonic Library. Dallas, Alexander Autobiography of the Rev. Dalrymple, Hew Whitefoord, Sir, Memoir written by Sir H. Translated by Maria Graham. Philadelphia: J. Series Editions Woolwich: Edited by Major John Leslie, R.

Published as: The Dickson manuscripts : being diaries, letters, maps, account books, with various other papers of the late Major-General Sir Alexander Dickson. Harvey, Merchants' Quay. Introduction by Ian Fletcher. Glasgow: W. Second edition.. Edinburgh: Robert Martin. Editions Glasgow: W. First publication. Editions Magg Brothers. Edited by Rev. Fernyhough, R. Military Memoirs of Four Brothers, by the survivor, Lieut. London: J. Spellmount library of military history.

Perhaps abridged?. Fitchett, W. Fitzclarence, A. Written for private circulation. Fletcher, Ian [editor] Voices from the Peninsula. Amazon Barnsley: Frontline Books. Editions Frontline Books. Gomm, Sir W. Edited by Colonel H C Wylly. Grattan, William, Esq. Adventures of the Connaught Rangers. Second Series. More general history than the first series, with copious extracts from Napier. A great deal of documentary content on the Curwood - Mackie Cuidad Rodrigo controvery i. Not as compelling reading as Grattan's first volume.

Not reprinted and very rare.

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Editions London: Colburn and Co.. Adventures with the Connaught Rangers Grattan served as a lieutenant with the Connaught Rangers through most of the peninsular campaign. Extremely well written, vivid, realistic and detailed descriptions of everyday life with the 88th regiment. Excellent descriptions of battles, sieges, storming the breach etc.

Highly recommended. Published as: Adventures of the Connaught rangers, from to WorldCat London: Edward Arnold. Edited by Oman, Charles. Green, John, b. Wakefield: E. Published under the title: A Soldier's Life. Amazon Cambridge: Ken Trotman. Author identification from Maggs Catalog Editions London: Henry Coburn. London: Hutchinson. Author identified as Barbaroux, C. Originally published anonymously in The author served in the ranks, enlisting at the age of 16 in a fit of pique, he having rebelled against his doting parents by attempting a career as an actor.

Failure on the stage and a chance encounter with a recruiting party led to his enlistment, and 9 years very active service. Educated and intelligent, a bit of an outsider, this provides a fascinating glimpse of the life of the common solder in the Peninsular. Highly recommended Editions Edinburgh: London: Leo Cooper. Edited by Christopher Hibbert. Editions Troy, NY: Series: Spellmount Library of Military History. Series: Eyewitness to War. Published as: On campaign with Moore and Wellington : the experiences of a soldier of the 43rd regiment during the Peninsular War.

Harley, J. With notes and commentary by Gareth Glover. Edited by Captain Curling. London: Military Book Society. Edited by Henry Curling. Hawker, Peter, Lieut. Head, F. Hennegan, Sir Richard D. Published as: Campaigns with the field train : experiences of a british officier during the Peninsula and Waterloo campaigns of the napoleonic wars. Edited by Michael Glover, Alternate title:Trifles From My Portfolio. Henry was a surgeon.

Editions Quebec: William Neilson. WorldCat London: Second edition, revised and enlarged. London: Chatto and Windus. Cited in Oman: Wellington's Army. Editions London: Henry Colburn. Amazon Leonaur Ltd.. Edited by E. London: WorldCat Naval and Military Press. Goethe wrote an introduction to the original Leipzig edition. Editions London: H. Edited by Preface by Goethe. WorldCat Philadelphia: Carey and Lea. Published as: A conscript for Empire : the experiences of a young german conscript during the napoleonic wars. Jones, John T.