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This is a basic courtesy. We will be on opposite sides of the argument then. If people of a particular religious group are carrying out atrocities against schoolchildren repeatedly and are citing religious or other doctrine as their motive, I would certainly ban members of that group from going near schools to assure the safety of children. You guys debate like you barely completed high school. Islamic State discriminates based on religion. Nice try. What, did you miss the whole month of news coverage on this?

How is it possible to miss this? Did you miss the whole month of news coverage on this? You say that as though Hilary is your only option. There are still delegates left. These liberals who tolerate fascism are worse than the fascists themselves. Thank you Mr MacArthur for repeating every single vapid and empty Berniebot accusation against Clinton in one place.

It is like a one-stop shop of stupidity and insinuations. No proof whatsoever of any of the other mindless accusations repeated ad nausium by berniebots on an everyday basis to justify their support of an old man screaming empty promises and an economic theory that is 50 years out of date. Please do not be a disgusting hypocrite. If you really prefer Trump to Clinton, then please vote for Mr Trump. Either way, if Trump wins you will only have yourself to blame for your Naderite rejection of all evidence and logic in your blind hatred.

Maybe you think you are privileged enough to be unaffected by a Trump Presidency, but surely the Wealthy Jews of Berlin thought the same thing about Hitler. And how does that apply to Hillary being a crook? Please explain. Besides which the morality card is the last refuge of hypocritical puritans who can find no evidence for real corruption, an allegation you have still not proved in your self-righteous reply but rather gone off on a sanctimonious tangent.

What it does is answer your false claim that the accusations against Bill were scurrilous. They were not. He was impeached. Sorry, but you are the one that has been caught out with misrepresentations, you suggestion that I remove myself is nothing more than the inarticulate whining of the intellectually challenged ignoramus that resents fact because it violates his bigotry. Truth has a habit of making ideologists spew their ignorance even harder.

It is far less effort to simply tell the truth. Look in the mirror you tw t! Clinton was impeached by the House on two charges. The first being perjury, and the second being obstruction of justice. Following this he was acquitted by the senate. And since you are making scurrilous accusations in the first place it is somewhat out of order to accuse me of playing the man and not the ball. That you have to resort to profanity rather proves the feebleness of your argument and your observation about me, which is worth as much as the rest of your false opinion. They give their vote to an elector, who then has the mission to pick a candidate, which usually is the person who got the most votes by the people.

The problem is, this system is not imperative, at least not in all cases. In effect the electors could pick e. Romney instead of Trump although he got the most votes. The bigger danger is that the GOP picks a different candidate behind the doors, which quite likely will destroy the party. The biggest problem tough is the non-imperial elector problem above.

Because that would break the whole US apart. I seriously doubt, that a president picked like that would be accepted. It would turn the US into something China. Abraham Lincoln was given the nomination at a convention. I think anyone given the nomination outside of trump or Cruz however will be viewed as illegitimate by GOP voters no matter who they support.

Secession of several states because he really liked centralism and the concentration of power. First he promised the southern states that they can keep slavery if they just come back and then he illegally! Ha are you seriously disparaging Lincoln? Also I was just saying there is historical precedent for a candidate being selected in a convention then going on to win. They picked him as candidate got the media in line and all went well. My view on elites and the media have gone through a rough and fundamental change due to recent events.

Sorry for that. I generally respect different opinions than my own but your world view is twisted. Especially when it has such consequences like Lincolns presidency. His entire term in office was one big war without legitimation, respectively a false one that has been attached afterwards. The war started soon after he got into office and soon after it was over he got murdered. An I guess you are aware about the medias influence on public opinion.

This is imo the summary of bad people wanting bad things on the expense of others no matter what. I meant, slavery was not the reason for the secession and slavery was not the reason for the war. Power and interest were. It is always said that the North wanted slavery to be abolished and the whole thing went down because of that.

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Lincoln even offered the south to keep slavery alive if they join the Union again peacefully. The entire narrative about the USA is a lie. It was never about anything else than the interests of a very small cast of very rich people who controlled — and still control — the entire government as well as enough other governments.

Therefore it would be a disaster of mass proportions if Trump made actually it into office. The until now unknown fact that Lincoln was cheated into office sheds another light on that. The Republican Party was founded as an abolitionist party. Their intent was clear from the start. Because he viewed both the dislocation of the US and civil war as being even worse?

Because he thought that if they stayed, abolition would be inevitable anyway, and without the bloodshed? Economically the result would have been the same for them like a lost war. And in such a situation you try, which means war. A better and acceptable offer would have been to end the intake of new slaves and giving the existing ones the chance of buying themselves out of their misery in exchange to payments by the north e.

That would have led to a bearable distribution of the cost burdens for the abolishment to about decades or 1 or 2 generations. This was how they did it in Prussia when they ended the serfdom system. It took longer, but it worked well at the end. Since this happened 50 years before Lincolns time in office and Prussia was well known back then he must have known about the solution.

But he obviously preferred the — unnecessary — blood and steel fix. The candidates were chosen by the party. Going to a convention was entirely different in that time. Trump is like Obama in an odd way. He has become the focus of a neglected section of the electorate who believe he speaks for them and hope he will change America into the kind of country they have a future in. If he actually does win there will be serious disappointment just as there was with Obama. Although it is rather fashionable at present to express a dislike of Trump, I myself absolutely adore the man and agree with every damn thing he says.

And why not. Good for you. You have free speech , we in the UK do not. Use it while you can. They were banned under law after 2 bloody massacres. Semi automatic weapons after Hungerford, where a loon with an AK 47 went nuts, and handguns after another maniac went on a shooting spree in a school in Dunblane. At the time it made sense to the public. Now , not so much. Here in the US, the terrible, transparent corruption we have in Washington has put most conscious people on notice about the direction of our basic rights. Gun and ammo sales are at record levels. Well, if he can pass the Piers test.

Say no more ; —. It has to in the wider world. But in any case, Trump has quite a few black voters and followers and Muslim friends. Also check out his celebrity followers. Over here Nigel Farrage could only rustle up the support of Mike Read. And look what they did to him. Your apathy only serves to further cause them suffering.

Many white people are racist, it is true, but black and Asian people are even more racist. Asians are the most racist of all, of course. This is why blacks and Asians do not have relationships with one another—or if they do, it is so rare as to be almost non-existent. This is also why such relationships are never portrayed in popular culture, in advertising, etc. As for myself, I do not define myself by race. My race means nothing to me, and I am opposed to identity politics of any kind. Nor do I do not care about racism. If such an attitude is dangerous, then so be it.

Everyone is tired of politicians pitting people against each other. I am a racist. I decided to become a racist in September It is voluntarily assumed. I shall cease being a racist in September Ten years a racist. Outsourcing manufacturing to China is to the benefit of the overall economy. Also, not everyone can be retrained at any time.

Part of the job of government these days is to slow down change a little. Not stop it, but slow it down to a level that people can adapt to. Take heart, you doubters and faint hearts. I am in England and old enough to remember when Ronald Reagan was campaigning for President. The subversive Left, up to their odious tricks were, as usual, proved completely wrong. It is the Left which is the dangerous force in the world. The Regressives kept it up for years after Reagan was elected, too.

She also fought on that board for better working conditions for their workers, very hard. Some of the things in this article are patently false. You may be misremembering and putting two different thoughts together: Hillary was on their board and later WalMart made tiny and almost costly improvements for some workers. Walmart employees remain the largest single group of public benefit, because they are paid poorly and their benefits are worse. Well, for one thing, you are probably not familiar with the benefits of being on the board of directors of such a thing, maybe more familiar with church boards and such.

Hillary flunked the DC bar after law school. She finally passed the bar in Arkansas, but no firm would hire her until her husband became attorney general. Her law professor recommended her to Jeffrey Zeifman who was working on the Watergate investigation. Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat said this about your girl Hillary after he fired her:. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality. There has been a piece just now on following his comments about Europe being unsafe and weak, and he is of course correct, the muslims are determined to kill as many of us as they can, wherever they can.

And their terrorists have the active and passive support of the muslim population. They then show Kerry saying pretty much the same thing, but try to suggest his is saying the opposite. For those of you in the US who may think that the UK is place of freedom and free views need a reality check.

We are dominated by an anti-American and wholly Left wing media, particularly the BBC but followed by Sky News which is campaigning as hard as possible to smear the name, abilities and reputation of Mr Trump. By anti-American I mean anti-Republican America. They revere Obama and his views and are desperate for Clinton or even Saunders to be elected- it is embarrassing to watch sometimes.

Freedom of speech here is severely curtailed, the muslim cause is supported officially and the police crack down on those who say anything anti-muslim when they can catch them. Why grotesque? Yeah what an awful man. Trump is not grotesque. He is a new and permanent factor in US politics and it would seem increasingly in European politics including the UK.

He represents the voter who is fed up to the teeth being ignored but used by the various political elites who all pursue their own agendas backed by enormous wealth. While strictly speaking none of our business here in UK I think we can say that the present and last few presidents of the USA have been at best a waste of space and at worst disasters. The word hypocracy has been mentioned and that certainly applies, particularly to the present cardboard cut-out current candidates — apart from Trump that is.

The new phenomenon in the US politics manifested by the advent of Trump is the apparent turning of the public opinion to isolationism and protectionism. This is a healthy trend after decades of crazy neocon globalism. They have a rational reason for that. The rest of her admirers are simply crazy. The government debt percentage in the U. What a mess! Bush with his silly wars in Asia.. At least it improved in the Clinton years.

The warmongers never liked the Clinton years. It is funny to read all this stuff from the ISIS-fraction in the newspapers with you in front, all so unhappy with the idea that a woman is president of the U. I guess you voted for Obama because he was black just like you will vote for Hillary because that thing is regarded as female. What you are doing is bad for the blood circulation.

If you ever have something constructive to say you can tell me. Hillary Rodham Clinton is not that person. I would vote for Elizabeth Warren in half a heartbeat. This was the election that most Americans have been waiting for, the chance to stick it to the bleeding heart progs on the left. The left has earned disdain that most of the country feels towards them. Actually, a vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson would be a far more rational answer. I agree. They would both be losses. And almost no person is an ideologue.

Brian, I already have a strongly preferred candidate. Was just trying to make a civilized comment regarding Libertarianism which, I am sure you know better than I do, has more flavors than toothpaste. Just saying, what the heck is core meaning of that term in our society? Not at all clear. No, as for me, I see only one candidate to believe in: Bernie Sanders. I am a strong supporter of his, having captained a precinct on his behalf in the Iowa caucus, recruited others to the cause, and made monthly donations since October. I apologize if my comment did not come off as civilized.

But my social views are not with the Republican Party. My cousin who lives in Iowa volunteered for Bernie, too, as did one of my best friends who lives in Jacksonville, FL. I respect democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders even though we have a very fundamental disagreement about the role of government in our society. I want less; he wants more. We both have good intentions, I just believe the free market a true free market, not the crony capitalist garbage we have right now does a better job at allocating resources and reaching better outcomes for society than democratic socialists.

Economic liberty is too important to me. A competitive free market does the best of any system at allocating resources in a society and the outcome is usually the most economically efficient for society. Maybe a focus on universal issues works best. Whether it works best or not, it sure seems like most societies desire universal provision of such services. In any case, a debate about HOW best to achieve our shared goals is a thousand times better than whatever a Trump vs.

Clinton debate would look like. Economic libertarians and democratic socialists will never agree on everything, but I believe we can come together on one core shared value: Liberty. Gary Johnson is a joke. In , when he was supposedly a Republican, the Dem Sec. And wonder of wonders, they were all marked for Gore.

Even more amazingly, they decided the election in that state. This all happened two weeks after Election Day. And Johnson, the coward, certified a phony vote. My dilemma exactly. The hate that conservatives have heaped on Hillary Clinton is a sad affair. I will vote for her because she has withstood it all and never cowared.

Clinton Never cowered? She has no soul. She will say anything you want to hear to win the prize. And if you think the GOP civil war is bad now……….. I know a guy who knows a guy who paid a guy to ID someone from a avatar pic and a screen name. LOL never gonna happen kid! But you keep wishing and posting for her and Soros. Golly, it must suck to be a lib loser like yourself, posting for pennies and supporting a candidate who cannot win.

Bless your heart! All her girlfriends Huma, Cheryl, et al just love her balls, even if they are hard rubber! Make them stopppppp, waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Another conservative keyboard warrior. What other perceived insults you have lined up. Imbecile is good. I like that one. Rarely used from the GOP high school educated keyboard warrior crowd.

Well done. He endorsed Hillary! You are voting in thousands of people who will staff the seemingly infinite number of bureaucracies that comprise the federal leviathan. A vote for Clinton in this election means that the most of the people in place will remain. If you are happy with the performance of government in the past seven years, vote for them. You will get more Fast and Furious, IRS and VA scandals, open borders, billions of dollars down the rat hole of alternative energy scams, a ridiculously inept foreign policy that damages American prestige, etc. If you want something that improves on that, however marginally, vote Republican.

All set off by the bursting of the real estate bubble that was created by Clinton era policies that forced banks and lending institutions to loan money to credit risks, just to make it fair, doncha know. Combined with a contraction of the economy, which was to be expected in the ebb and flow of economic activity after the dotcom boom years, it was a disaster.

And Obama has presided over the weakest recovery in the post war years, while doubling the national debt. A lot of people who know a lot more than you are running with it, cupcake. The last budget Bush signed left the debt at 12 trillion, and since the debt is not 24 trillion, that makes you a liar.

And republicans controlled all of congress and the whitehouse from to , and rode that housing bubble for all it was worth. All the planning of the attacks took place under the syphilitic Bubba. The attack was originally supposed to take place March 11, but was postponed because one of the pilots was caught in customs. I detest Hillary Clinton and everything she stands for — her policies, her narcissistic behavior, her attacking the women who dared raise the truth about her husband, her perpetual lying, her endangering her ambassador due to incompetence as SoS, her detestation of the military, and other reasons too numerous to mention.

Such as, say, President of the United States. Mukasey specifically points to one federal law, Title Section But then there is the larger problem of the voters who understand the concept of a nation of laws, not men. Better let mommy soak your stinking panties. Maybe you can wear some of hers while yours soak in the sink. And yet Hillary will be the next President. Imagine that while Mukasey goes back to the mail room where he belongs. Sleep warm on that park bench tonight. Our Constitution is being shredded.

We know about the secret wiretaps, the secret military tribunals, the secret White House email accounts. It is everything our founders were afraid of, everything our Constitution was designed to prevent. Oh, how that changes everything! Can she find a few worthless causes to go after like Barry has? Maybe forgive Iran when they drop a big one on Israel? How about dropping all economic sanctions on Cuba since Barry capitulated to them and was openly dissed by the Castros? And Donald J Trump………yup…………. Not me, the country needs to be saved from her.

Poor thing. No more welfare! Each separate document is a felony. Colin Powell served back in the email dark ages. Even a brain dead moron like you has to have come to the conclusion that nothing will come of this email stuff. You lunkheads might be better served spending some time trying to figure out how the electoral college works. Hillary as president makes you happy Joe?

You are clearly a product of our public education system. That was your first mistake! They both serve the same establishment globalist masters. The GOP may be dying, but the traditionalists, rednecks, and libertarians are breeding like rabbits. Uh huh, Liberals have been saying that for 70 years… and yet they keep losing election to Republicans. Please, Tomoba, change your crap encrusted panties, you really stink!

You can wear your other pair while you spew your pathetic rage into the ether. As you watch the Republican Party implode just remember this…………. Beware of what you ask for. Obama 1 What?? However, Sanders will still surprise us. After wins in WI and NY, should he pull those off, and a win in CA which if polls are any indication should actually be easier than him winning New York , the delegate math will be substantially different when coupled with his impending successes in other states.

Have fun with that. Although I agree the state by state contests will narrow the gap between Clinton and Sanders, possibly pretty dramatically narrowed, Clinton still has the superdelegates in her pockets. Right now, a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump is an inadvertent vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Vote for Trump. Uh, no. I would never vote for either of these clowns the two parties are trotting out as their front-runners, nor their second-favorite choices. He would have gotten votes for sure, but he declined to run and nominated his dog instead.

Easy to say when you are the grandson of a billionaire. That cracked me up! His job is to allow her to run farther to the left without looking like a total lunatic, because there is already someone filling that role. Why bother even investigating and having a trial? Fine with me if they complete the investigation, have a trial, and then move to the penalty phase. And will it be fine with you if the investigation leads them to the conclusion that no prosecution is warranted?

No, its job is to follow the law and prosecute faithfully and without political prejudice. Based on what has already been made public, prosecution would be warranted. Based on what, you ask? Based on the prosecution of General Petreus for a similar, but much less damaging, less blatant, and less long-lasting set of actions. Based on having HAD a security clearance and an understanding the legal ramifications of violating federal law related to the storage and transmission of classified information using un-secure media.

Lying to Congress is a crime. Who are still poor and oppressed while they went from being so broke after he left office that she had to steal the silver to being worth million dollars today. Let her loose in the commodities market with some taxpayer seed money and she could erase the national debt. If she did that when in the Senate… I wonder how many people know that members of Congress are immunized against prosecution for use of the insider knowledge they gain.

They must declare their investments based on their service in Congress…but they still get the 1 day to six month advantage over the rest of us excluding the other insiders. Check census stats. Republicans and conservatives have painted themselves into a corner. Years ago they assumed the election would be Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton, two practical, sensible, and well-qualified candidates with differing ideologies. But they knew Clinton has a stronger resume and would probably win that matchup, do they started smearing her to help Bush.

This was supposed to help Bush get elected. Trump is a vulgar buffoon with no knowledge of public policy whatsoever, while Cruz is a far right ideologue who only wants to be at the head of government so he can destroy that government. Compared to either, the smart conservatives know Clinton is by far the best choice.

She has all the qualities to be a good president, their only problem with her is that they disagree with her on some ideological questions. They would be tacitly admitting that they lied when they smeared her. Dumping a few federal agencies and turning their business over to the states to run would be fine with me. Oh Henry… The States?!?!?! Talk about a jungle of bungles. Nearly all of them are incredibly mismanaged…and largely due to an even greater mismatch between government and global corporations.

Yes, the states.

Three Revenge Tragedies: The Revengers Tragedy,The White Devil,The Ch (Penguin Classics)

There are some that are failing, but there are many others that have seen the light and are taking steps to reverse course. I know of very few republicans who would vote for Hillary Clinton. She has very large negative ratings outside the Democratic Party. She is NOT the strongest general election candidate for this reason exactly. Precious few Republicans and only a minority of Independents would vote for Hillary.

Give Trump the presidency, have him violate the country for 4 years, this will cause more people to shift left and hook the persecuted Hispanics to the democrats for generations, just like the blacks. In , Elizabeth Warren can run for president. I do not like to criticize the Democratic Party too much, especially to Republicans or others, but when it comes to human life or overwhelming evidence of too many unsavory decisions backed with data, I am very critical. The secretary of state was persuasive.

See a Problem?

But the ouster of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi left Libya a failed state and a terrorist haven. Either of these two clowns will be a disaster for this country! The offices down the ticket have a lot of impact on our lives and those candidates are more easily subject to replacement by recall or re-election.

You guys are going to look pretty damn stupid when Bernie endorses Hillary and starts campaigning for her. Bernie has said from the start that he will support any Democrat that wins the nomination. That is not the same thing as an endorsement. A kiss is not a marriage. THAT would be interesting! Brains require both. On the other hand, lots and lots of people will end up looking pretty damn stupid if either Trump or Clinton win the US Presidency.

You read it here first. Just wait a couple of years. The only difference between the Republican party and the Democratic party is that one of them wears a condom. Liberals and conservatives both have blind followers. I too refuse to vote for Hillary or Trump. Get off your high horse bro. Ok then stay home or vote for Gary Johnson.

Your intentions are duly noted. Only ,, people left to get Hillary elected left. The Donald could save the US a lot of money. Take the wall he plans to build, for example, it would be a great tourist attraction and the world would forget about the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of Trump could make our country solvent again by charging admission, just to look at it.

Most likely it would be his greatest accomplishment. Only the Donald could make racism a big business. After that he could bankrupt the country and make a profit from it, the same way he used bankruptcies to make a profit for his own companies. I counted 5, the last being a golf course in Puerto Rico. The White House has announced the federal government would not contribute any money to help Puerto Rico. Janet Yellen, head of the Federal Reserve Bank, chimed in that it would also do nothing.

This is the same Federal Reserve that pumped billions into the financial institutions such as Citicorp, and then lent them trillions more, in the wake of the financial collapse. The squeeze on Puerto Rico by US finance capital comes in the context of a depression in the archipelago that dates back to The poverty level is nearly double that of the poorest US state. Here is one sick example of how the US-powers-that-be maintain the Puerto Rican citizenry in a state of little power and few resources.

One of many ways, our rich are keeping Puerto Ricans down…just as they keep us all down. If there is a Hispanic conservative out there who is qualified and has the means to run as an independent candidate this is the year for him or her to win the White House. There were two conservative Hispanics running for President… one still is… what are you talking about? No, the goal is to keep a single candidate from winning electoral votes so the House of Representatives picks a president — and they will pick a Republican, not Donald Trump.

If he is not nominated by the Dems, I will write him in…even though he, being often overly civilized, will encourage us to vote for Hillary. I cannot do that in good conscience. But wait……….

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Moreso than the the one we currently have as president. My six year old fesses up when she is in the wrong more than that pathetic piece of crap Obama. Anyone who blindly supports Gov. No dams buit in this state for 30 years, but we can spend billions on a project that will NEVER be completed. Typical Dems. A simple google search would tell you that. Let me guess: over 80 and barely able to type? Typical — all we really need to do is wait another 4 years for some … needed attrition.

If that choo-choo had to rely on another vote to keep moving it would be dead in the water. There are already cost overrides of billions of dollars beyond what was voted for.

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson - Review

And who has a major interest in the company that is already creating cost overruns? Nothing — you might as well stay home, as if you could venture out from your hospice anyway …. Though I would actually like there to be a GOP triumvirate house, senate, prez just once in order to REVOKE the SS and Medicare you morons use and use and use, but vote for a party who wants nothing more than to get rid of both programs. Intelligence … a trait lacked by many in the GOP. It will be completed. Whether it will be used enough to be self-sustaining is doubtful.

Just another fairy tale from the looney tunes left. He has common sense which is sorely lacking across the entire spectrum of politics. It is a shame this is the best the country can come up with. That is better than voting Hillary or staying home. I however know many will vote for Hillary over Trump especially Dixies and Women. What a pity. Has our country really come to this? Perhaps YOU should move. CA is doing quite fine — by the way.

Thanks for asking. Enjoy whatever wasteland you live in. Princess Chelsea will be running for some office soon. Yeah, Hillary cares about women. All those women Bill abused were run thru the grinder, no presumption of truth made likes she claims she beleives now…. Yawn … cry me a river. You mean the ones that took the money?

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Juanita Broderick never took the money… And BTW, it was State Troopers facilitating his abuse, those cops are who you suggest they turn to? Investigating a candidate is one thing. Blindly following and believing what a candidate says is something else. Nothing else for Tomboy. He posts the same exact thing wherever he goes. Benghazi would have been over with one way or another long ago if the most transparent administration in history had been more forthcoming with subpoenaed docunents. Let me get this straight…if Trump wins the presidency, then your teenage daughter is going to end up pregnant and stupid?

Sounds like a classic case of liberal government nanny state dependency. If you are worried about that I suggest you start good training at home. Only in the mindless minion world. They would much rather abort their baby then use free birth control. I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton. One never forgets being shot at, she fully expected a compliant press to just go along with her lie. Either way, unfit for the office…. Trump would be the absolute worst president ever.

Worse than W even. His policies would destroy the world economy, probably then destroy our relatively peaceful world. Boy — that sounds like a real supporter and defender of the constitution to me! Bernie is in a similar situation to Obama this time 8 years ago.

Try to be even less stupid, Moron. Stop Lying. At this time in Obama was leading Hillary by pledged delegates. Sanders is behind Hillary by now by pledged delegates. So stop trying to detract Republicans from your nominee. Hillary will be the DemocRAT nominee. Untrue GOPClown. Pledged delegates…he was not even ahead when all was said and done. Enough Super Delegates switched from Hillary to Obama to cement the deal. She was in the race until June 3. Sanders is now behind—taking all the Wisconsin delegates into account by some weird mechanism most of the earned delegates are not announced until two weeks after the event by fewer than Almost half of the delegates remain to be selected.

Sanders is a distraction now. We should not lose sight of that. Why are you so focused on this point? Hillary is not exactly an unknown commodity. Obama did do well in the Deep South in , as did Hillary this time, so there is definitely a similarity in that. Who said it was the opposite? Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq war Anti-science? You betcha. Its my constitutional right. Try Howard Dean rant or Hillary Clinton barking. Who was more stupid? Or Hillary for barking like a dog? I call it a tie.

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Why not to vote for Hillary…. If you can somehow convince Hispanic women to start giving birth to angry old white guys you may have a chance in a few years. Labor is a commodity and like all commodities responds to supply and demand! Anyone stating that the invading millions does not drive wages and our standard of living down and crime and welfare cost up is either a Idiot, liar or both!

Actually, my party won the popular vote in the last 5 of 6 Presidential elections. That matters. Yes, we all know how honest Trump is. Is it her voice? I liked Bill. I get a kick out of Trump. We have had two entertainers as presidents during my lifetime. Reagan actor was a superb president. Bubba Clinton was an entertainer de facto to all who loved him and at least prosperity reigned during his bemanuring of the White House. Trump will bring back prosperity to an American society so enfeebled by the Bush II — Obama 16 years that they can barely remember what prosperity was like.

Reagan is the most overrated president in history. Clinton was not an entertainer, but during his presidency, the economy grew at near record pace despite a raise in taxes! Bush II came in and we ended up with a quagmire of a war and economic disaster coupled with huge budget deficits. For all his faults, Obama has done far, far better than that. Trump will not bring back prosperity. And clearly racist. Hillary is x better than he. We have two political parties and either one is for middle class hard working Americans citizens. The Democrat party openly despise the men and women that work hard, obey the laws, pay the taxes, fight the wars and built this Nation and cannot wait to give away what they worked and built to every illegal alien and lazy worthless bum they can find,.

The repubs pretend they care while supporting the rich, open borders, globalization, big government, and are only slightly less worthless then the socialist American hating Democrat party. This Nation needs a American party we have two parties to represent the rich, globalization, illegals, Muslims, welfare bums and the rest of the world. Are you going to fight? Anyone in your family? Trump is the ONLY candidate with a non-interventionist foreign policy.


No war; and all NATO countries pay for their defense. So much of what Trump is accused of is just idiotic uninformed hearsay. The idea that a bunch of desperately poor, uneducated, unskilled, non-English speaking foreigners are an economic necessity is ludicrous. In fact, when you compare cost vs. Rather, they are a liability and a huge one at that. The people who wanted the work done would have to pay a wage that was attractive enough to get Americans to do the work. And it might even be enough to get Americans off the unemployment and welfare dole and back into the taxpaying workforce!

The only people who benefit from the cheap labor are the unscrupulous people who hire illegal immigrants. Taxpayers are left holding the bag. Ultimately, it is they who must pay to support all the Americans who have been put out of work by illegals and must also provide billions of dollars in services and benefits to the illegals themselves. The difference is that most of us understand that we DO NOT have a right to acquire by illegal means those things that we find difficult to acquire by legal means.

All we have to do is remove the incentives that brought them here in the first place. No jobs. No housing. No taxpayer financed services or benefits including education. Once we remove the incentives that brought them here, they will leave on their own. Immigration control is the world-wide status quo. There is nothing racist about it. Furthermore, the USA welcomes LEGAL immigrants of all races and ethnicities from all over the world who have gone through the legal immigration process.

This is not just a bad argument, it is an attempt to create racial hatred and division.

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The vast majority of Americans are native-born. I am not an immigrant. Nor were my parents. Nor were my grandparents. And we continue to do so. The issue at hand is illegal immigration, which has nothing to do with legal immigration. But lets not pretend like they are victims who were dragged here kicking and screaming against their will.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They came of their own free will and for their own benefit and they broke the law to do it. Unfortunately, families are often broken up by criminal activity. And if I break the law and commit crimes, I can expect to pay a penalty of some kind.

Anything from a small fine to the death penalty. I do not receive a reward. Get a job and stop spending hours responding to political articles. At the very least, try providing just one citation for any of your claims. So let the character assassination begin on you. You, you heartless… selfish….