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Time to sell? What to do when you want to sell your timeshare
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We are grateful to SMTN for their efforts on our behalf. We would certainly use their services again.

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With the promise of a luxurious vacation every year in a place that you love, along with excellent marketing and skilled sales people, it can be easy to decide to purchase a timeshare. The thought of owning a vacation home may sound appealing, but the year-round responsibility — and expense — that come with it may not. Easily the most common question we get here at TUG on a daily basis! Determine what type of access arrangement you have to the property. CNNMoney Sponsors. Two basic vacation ownership options are available: timeshares and vacation interval plans. Check individually with charities to determine their policy.

Trust was the biggest factor! I was afraid of getting ripped off as you hear about all these scams out there. I tried to sell it on my own on Ebay, but that certainly didn't work. After my first call with them, I felt comfortable and at ease that this was the right place to go. The process could not have been easier.

Why Timeshare Sellers Choose Us

They kept me informed the entire way. They were amazing and my timeshare sold in a reasonable amount of time. Trust was no longer a factor I really couldn't be happier with this decision! When you subscribe to our services, we work to get your timeshare seen and sold. And unlike general auction sites like Ebay, we focus on one thing: selling timeshares. Through advanced Internet marketing techniques, we target a global audience of consumers, driving thousands of qualified buyers and renters to our site daily through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

These visitors turn into offers to rent and buy timeshares from owners like you see the live feed of offers above for proof of how active our site really is. Our advertising and marketing efforts have resulted in offers and successful timeshare sales for our customers time and time again. We can also assist you from start to finish in selling your timeshare including affiliated closing and transfer services. In order to get your timeshare sold, buyers need to be able to find it.

As part of your subscription, we will create a full-page advertisement for your timeshare. Customize your images, text, ownership details, and more! Your owner dashboard enables you to receive, track and respond to offers as well as send messages directly to our customer care team for immediate assistance. Using advanced Internet marketing techniques, we target a global audience of consumers, driving thousands of qualified buyers to our site daily through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our live offer feed shows recent purchase offers delivered to timeshare owners just like you.

As part of your subscription, we will create a full-page advertisement within our active marketplace. Send us your ownership documents and your most recent maintenance fee bill to ensure your advertisement is as accurate as possible. Your owner dashboard is your command center when selling your timeshare. View offers received, interact with customer care, request changes to your advertisement, and receive offers and discounts as a valued subscriber.

While it may seem like a daunting task, we strive to make the resale process as simple as can be by storing all your documents and correspondence in one convenient location. Read through these frequently asked questions to see how easy reselling timeshare can be when you work with a smart and reliable timeshare resale advertising company like Sell My Timeshare NOW. The specific unit you use at the resort may not be the same each year.

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In addition to the price for the right to use an interval, you pay an annual maintenance fee that is likely to increase each year. In calculating the total cost of a timeshare or vacation plan, include mortgage payments and expenses, like travel costs, annual maintenance fees and taxes, closing costs, broker commissions, and finance charges.

Maintenance fees can rise at rates that equal or exceed inflation, so ask whether your plan has a fee cap. You must pay fees and taxes, regardless of whether you use the unit. To help evaluate the purchase, compare these costs with the cost of renting similar accommodations with similar amenities in the same location for the same time period. If you find that buying a timeshare or vacation plan makes sense, comparison shopping is your next step. Be wary of offers to buy timeshares or vacation plans in foreign countries.

If you sign a contract outside the U.

How to Sell a Vacation Timeshare

An exchange allows a timeshare or vacation plan owner to trade units with another owner who has an equivalent unit at an affiliated resort within the system. Owners become members of the exchange system when they buy their timeshare or vacation plan. When a member takes a week from the inventory, the exchange company charges a fee.

In a points-based exchange system, the interval is automatically put into the inventory system for a specified period when the member joins. Point values are assigned to units based on length of stay, location, unit size, and seasonality. Members who have enough points to secure the vacation accommodations they want can reserve them on a space-available basis.

Whether the exchange system works satisfactorily for owners is another issue to look into before buying. Some may even say that they have buyers ready to purchase your timeshare, or promise to sell your timeshare within a specific time. If you want to sell your deeded timeshare, and a company approaches you offering to resell your timeshare, go into skeptic mode:.

The appraiser should be licensed in the state where the service is located. There is a reason these remain unsold! For more help in establishing value, here is a youtube video created by TUG that shows you how to quickly and easily search for completed resale listings!

Step 2: Research Your Timeshare’s Value

How much is my Timeshare worth? When you have done all of that work, you might be even more confused as to what asking price you should set. First, keep in mind that most timeshare owners have no concept of what resale values are. They may incorrectly think of their timeshare as a traditional piece of real estate that should appreciate in value. Thus, they way overprice their timeshare, looking to recoup - at a minimum - most or all of what they paid for it.

Second, make sure you compare the details of your week week or season of the year, of bedrooms, view, etc. Lastly, keep in mind that if there are multiple listings for the same or similar timeshares, buyers will seek to buy only the one listed at the lowest price.

Thus, you should almost always list your week at or below the low end of the range of asking prices you see. Otherwise, you will own your timeshare for a long time! Ask your resort for ideas of how others sell their week. Advertise on a bulletin board or in a newsletter at your home resort, craigslist, at the various on-line free timeshare resale services see listing below and at timeshare related locations where you can advertise for a nominal cost e.

Another successful location is e-Bay! Setting a reserve as low as you are willing to sell for or, perhaps even better, no reserve at all.

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Check completed listings to see what others have successfully sold for to get an idea of what you can expect! Resale buyers are bargain shoppers, and highly unlikely to pay a premium especially when they can just wait for another week to come up for pennies on the dollar! Consider advertising in newspapers. Craigslist in the city where your timeshare is located is also a free place to get great exposure for your Timeshare rental or resale! Be prepared to pay off the loan or put money into the transaction paid to the closing company in order to sell it. Very few potential buyers will be interested in taking over your loan payments.

Consider refinancing your loan to get a lower interest rate and make the payments more palatable for you and, perhaps, partially deductible. The best way to do that may be to refinance your home mortgage for an additional amount or open a home equity loan so that you can pay off that high-interest timeshare loan. By doing that and paying off the timeshare loan, you will have made your timeshare much more marketable.

It's also possible, perhaps likely, that your timeshare loan is a personal consumer loan rather than a mortgage-type loan where the lender takes a security interest in your timeshare.

If so, you can probably sell your timeshare just as though you didn't owe any money. But keep in mind that you'll still have to repay that loan eventually! If the high unpaid balance on your timeshare loan prevents you from selling, consider trying to rent your week each year to minimize your losses until you can get the debt paid down somewhat.

Much of what is written in this article paying no up-front fees, setting a reasonable price, etc. See the How to Rent your Timeshare free advice article.

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Once you start listing your week for sale, expect calls and e-mail messages from entities promising a quick sale at your asking price or even higher. When that happens, go back to the Up-Front Fees section at the beginning of this article! If you are wondering if the company contacting you is legitimate, read this article here! Is this Timeshare Company Legitimate?