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Party Member Hit [ edit edit source ] I see it! Conspiracy unfolding! The long arm of shadow moves its pawn against me! You have thrown in with them as well! Enemy Missed Party Member [ edit edit source ] Did you catch the signal? Your schemes to slay me are plain as day! Even the fiends conspire with you, yellow craven! Blocks move [ edit edit source ] I would rather wait and keep watch of the shadows. I would stay, your orders are cast in doubt. Hold fast! They could be anywhere! Refuses to use Item [ edit edit source ] You aim to awaken it!

No, I get a bad feeling when you're near. Where did you come from? You weren't here just a moment ago. Refuses to get Healed [ edit edit source ] How did you know I needed that? It reeks of conspiracy, coward. I am not the easy victual you take me for. Refuses to get Buffed [ edit edit source ] That looks intended to weaken not invigorate.

That might awaken it! I have read of such soul traps in forbidden scrolls.

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Refuses to Perform Camping Skills [ edit edit source ] I will not drop my guard, not even for you. Is this a trick then? A weak ruse, I should kill you Refuses to be Target of Camping Skills [ edit edit source ] What a clever poison, perhaps I can kill you with it later. You threaten to awaken it! Wouldn't it be easier to kill me in my sleep?


Refuses to Eat when Camping [ edit edit source ] Eventually it will devour one of you traitors. I'd rather starve than die painfully from your clumsy toxins. I am fine with what I packed for myself. Becoming Masochistic [ edit edit source ] Now I will know the dark delight of bloodletting, as it does! Each scar is a blissful lesson to be meditated upon.

Blood will transmute me! Transmute us all! Perhaps this violence will soothe it, keep it sleeping Finally the pain promised by what whispers dark inside me! Stressing Party [ edit edit source ] Death could hardly be sweeter than this agony! The more I bleed, the less I feel it, sadly. Pain was the true key to my cell door. Switching Position to the Front [ edit edit source ] Perhaps now we can both die! Anyone with this burden would pursue death! Each drop of blood is treasured, sacred!

Random Action [ edit edit source ] Multiply the bloodshed! Especially mine! Anything for more blood! Grim fortune make my flesh smile with blessed wounds! Camping Stress [ edit edit source ] Pass me the salt, my wounds have dulled. A rested mind perceives a sharper agony. Ah to awaken and tear off fresh scabs. Marking Self [ edit edit source ] Here! Strike me here! I beg you Refresh this pain! Dig your talons and weapons into my flesh! Damaging Self [ edit edit source ] It's never quite as satisfying as when inflicted by another.

Observe, fiends. This where it hurts the best. Please tell me you can do worse than this! Refuses to Retreat [ edit edit source ] This is my kind of bloodbath! This slaughter suits us both! And what? Return to the dull hamlet? Getting hit by Enemy [ edit edit source ] There are no tomes that describe the ecstacy I have just experienced. The relief of pain distracting me from its foul will Enemy Missed Self [ edit edit source ] A free man never begs for what he can take, and I can take it!

Next time make it count! Oaf, I'm right here! Party Member Hit [ edit edit source ] That was delicious. Positively invigorating. All that blood Can I be next? Blocks Move [ edit edit source ] This is where they like to swing! Too busy licking my own wounds. Do not disturb this sweet agony! Refuses to use Item [ edit edit source ] What logic is there in soothing wounds? That stitching needle looks too thin. Refuses to get Healed [ edit edit source ] The pain helps steel me against its will. I will pull the stitches, then you may sew me again.

I am nowhere near the bright agonies I crave. Refusing to get Buffed [ edit edit source ] The greatest alchemy is borne in sweet agony. Pain is what I owe for freedom. Hah, even the wheel couldn't break me! Refuses to Perform Camping Skills [ edit edit source ] Do not interrupt agony's sweet song! Too busy re-salting my wounds! Only if you'll flog me. I found my self through torture and the blessed pain.

Refuses to Eat when Camping [ edit edit source ] Starvation is a fine pain to savour slowly. Food would distract from the slow burn of my wounds. Is that lye?


NO thank you. Becoming Abusive [ edit edit source ] Bung it up again and I'll awaken it! You vex me worse than my mortal affliction! You look like rejects from an opium den's lavatory bucket. All I see around me is dangerous incompetence. What a cruel twist of fate to be stick with you mummers. Stressing Party [ edit edit source ] Thugs! I doubt any of you can even read letters! What tomfoolery are you on about them?! I spit at your mental indiscipline! Random Action [ edit edit source ] Of course you can't fathom why, you're all imbeciles! What does it look like I'm doing?

I will not be restrained by idiots! Camping Stress [ edit edit source ] I sleep now praying it awakens and rends you louts to ribbons. Snoring has been known to awaken the beast. Are you incompetent in your dreams as well? Attacking Party Member [ edit edit source ] A solid clout for a bothersome lout! If you won't heed my words then heed this! A fitting reward for your stupid behaviour! Party Member Attack Hits [ edit edit source ] Yes, aren't you just the slayer of beast and demons?

I thought that one looked sickly. It appears to have tripped onto on your weapon. Party Member Attack Misses [ edit edit source ] How you pretended to be mighty! Untrained and dangerous to us all! Party Member Hit [ edit edit source ] Going to bleed profusely on them, then? We will never hear the end of this. I am sure that arm was vestigial. Blocks Move [ edit edit source ] Your orders have always been tainted with incompetence! More like a herd of cats! Your will is incomprehensible and irrational. Refuses to Perform Camping Skills [ edit edit source ] I should probably save my time for one worthy of it.

I have no patience for the ignorant. Do you think there's actually a cure for stupidity? Refuses to be Target of Camping Skills [ edit edit source ] Help from a fool is twice the trouble. I am not entire convinced of your ability. You don't actually know what you are doing, do you?


Views Read Edit View history. During the " Dark Reign " storyline, Abomination is among the dead characters present at Zeus ' trial. She became Abominatrix due to a failed medical experiment done by Jasper Keaton's medical facility and fought She-Hulk. Season 3. Abomination Cover art of Hulk vol.

Becoming Selfish [ edit edit source ] I claim this victory for the brothel! I am literally twice the threat of any of you. None of you exhibit the discipline needed. Don't be surprised to find me gone on the morrow.

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Just remember: the more gold I get, the lesser of IT you'll see. Stressing Party [ edit edit source ] Twice the manpower, twice the pay! I would be better to simply forsake you all here! This all reminds me of how I am destined for greater things! Switching Position to the Front [ edit edit source ] Those eyes will make excellent reagents.

Finished making a fool of yourself? I am doing you a favour, trust me. Switching Position to the Back [ edit edit source ] Our tactics are all wrong! Any idiot can see that!

I am far more efficient acting from here. I was here first! Passing Turn [ edit edit source ] Perhaps when I feel like it. At your convenience? I think not. My chances are best here, damn the rest of you. Random Action [ edit edit source ] My will reigns here! Maybe you should not what I do. I do what I need to do. You are all done for anyway. Camping Stress [ edit edit source ] Give me that! I eat for two. Keep silent, I must focus to soothe the other.

How can it be my fault? I have no control over it! Getting hit by Enemy [ edit edit source ] If I can do this, then I certainly deserve more respect! Well don't just gawk, get me a bandage post-haste! My contract states I now qualify for an additional share! Party Member Attack Hits [ edit edit source ] I was just going to do that! Attacking out of turn again? I had distracted it for MY attack!

Party Member Attack Misses [ edit edit source ] If it survives to wound me, I shall return your favour. I cannot fight them all myself!

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Refuses to Perform Camping Skills [ edit edit source ] Make it worth my time first. I'd rather save my strength for the next battle.


Amusing proposition, but no. Becoming Hopeless [ edit edit source ] I fear it is inevitable that it will consumes me from within. Was this all worth it? For knowledge This burden dims my very soul. It feeds off of my essence, event now I falter The hours tumble by, dull and empty since that terrible day. Blonsky and his team of highly trained soldiers attempted to catch Banner off-guard. However, Banner was alerted to their presence and was able to evade Blonsky's soldiers, but was spotted by Blonsky as he tried to flee.

Blonsky subsequently chased Banner through the streets, forcing Banner to take refuge in the bottling plant where he had been working. Thinking he had cornered Banner, Blonsky and his soldiers entered the factory but instead were faced with the transformed Hulk. Blonsky confronts the Hulk for the first time. Hulk tore through the dark factory, throwing some street thugs across the room and taking out Blonsky's men from the shadows whose guns were useless against Hulk's near unbreakable skin.

Despite getting to high ground and attempting to stop the monster single-handedly by firing at him with his assault rifle, Blonsky was only able to get a glimpse of Hulk and quickly realized he was no match for such a powerful beast. Hulk then attempted to kill Blonsky by picking up a forklift truck and throwing it at him before escaping while Blonsky looked on in horror.

Blonsky reports to General Thaddeus Ross. In the aftermath of the battle, Blonsky reported back to General Thaddeus Ross , furious that he had not been giving all the information about Hulk and explained that Banner evaded them in Brazil due to the appearance of the large green monster, which he believed had been helping Banner all along. Ross explained that the monster was Banner, although he refused to give any more details at this time, ordering Blonsky and his surviving men to pack up and return to the United States as Banner would be long gone by this point.

Blonsky has a meeting with Thaddeus Ross. Blonsky later met with General Thaddeus Ross where Ross then explained that Hulk was created accidentally during an experiment in radiation-resistance that was inspired by World War II era military bio-force enhancement research or "Super-Soldiers", as Blonsky put it.

They went on to discuss how Blonsky's age was starting to slow him down in the field, and he had no desire to move up in the ranks; Ross suggested that he knew a way to help make him stronger. Blonsky is injected with Super Soldier Serum. Blonsky, seeking revenge and enticed by witnessing Hulk 's power, volunteered as an experimental test subject in order to capture Banner. General Ross explained that he would receive a small dose of a replicated variant of the Super Soldier Serum , originally created by Dr. Abraham Erskine for Project Rebirth and, if anything went wrong, he would be pulled from the mission.

Blonsky received the injections, including an extremely painful injection into his bone marrow, coming out with his strength, speed, and agility heightened to remarkable levels. Blonsky chases Banner to Culver University. When Banner became trapped, Blonsky watched as he transformed into the incredible Hulk and caused massive destruction to the army units.

Thaddeus Ross ordered Blonsky to attack Hulk. Due to Blonsky's increased strength, speed and agility, he was able go head-to-head with Hulk, acrobatically dodging his larger opponent's powerful attacks while taunting him at the same time. However Hulk still remained vastly more powerful and when Blonsky ran out of ammunition, he was forced to flee.

As Hulk continued to destroy more of the soldier's equipment, Ross called in a helicopter to kill him and called for Blonsky to cease fighting the monster. However, Blonsky started to dismiss Ross' orders and warnings, becoming obsessed with Hulk's power and, in an attempt to assess Hulk's full strength, walked up to him and taunted Hulk to give him his best shot.

Hulk responded by impacting Blonsky with his foot at a massive velocity, propelling him across the field and into the trunk of a tree, crushing most of the bones in his body. However, due to the effects of his variant of the Super Soldier Serum , he fully regenerated from all of his injuries in less than 24 hours. As the hospital staff examined his healing process, Blonsky was visited by Thaddeus Ross ; when Ross asked how he was feeling, Blonsky expressed his desire to go after Banner once again. Blonsky was given a second, larger dosage of the Super Soldier Serum , which fully enhanced his body and once again increased his strength and healing power, but gained strange physical effects such as having his spine mildly deformed.

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The Abomination (Emil Blonsky) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Tales. Abomination may refer to: Abomination (Bible), covering Biblical references; Abomination (comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain; Abomination (Dune), from.

Blonsky also began to lose his connection with reality and he became more power-hungry for Hulk 's god-like power. Blonsky did not inform General Ross of these changes and instead continued to go on his mission to find him. Blonsky attacks Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner was eventually located in New York City and Blonsky was again led the assault team to capture him. Blonsky threw General Ross' daughter across the room before attacking Banner, who had seemingly cured himself of Hulk; furious at this revelation, Blonsky struck Banner senseless. Blonsky threatens Samuel Sterns.

Craving power similar to Hulk, he demanded that Sterns, attacking Major Kathleen Sparr in the process, subject him to a transfusion of Banner's gamma-irradiated blood. Blonsky is injected with Bruce Banner 's blood. Sterns warned that the combination of the Super Soldier formula and Banner's blood would be an unpredictable combination that could turn him into an abomination. And from the fiery and rank pits of hell sprang the worst creation: the abomination and its opinions.

The most shittiest company front transforming into a four-lined company front J: What the fuck? What kind of company front is that?! It's an 'Abomination'! Gatorade mixed with Southern Comfort. Best for public places, like the fair , movies, etc. An ignorant hateful doctrine that turns parents against their own children and supports discrimination against a minority group of human beings. Preaching that homosexuality is not natural is an abomination that has caused an unholy plague of shame, depression, suicide, intolerance and violence to criss-cross my country.

The part of a mans body that a woman is intrested in touching during scapegoating. Do you wanna touch my abomination. Sheenis Nutsock Chinga tu madre! Stanned