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Still do not understand the direction Paul Fenton has this team going in, but Mats Zuccarello is a definite upgrade in the short-term. Nashville Predators. Matt Duchene is a nice addition and gives them another impact forward that might help a dreadful power play. Because they had to trade an impact defender for almost nothing to be able to sign him. How much better you think the Predators are depends on whether or not you think they needed Duchene more than Subban. Or, probably more accurately, if you think Duchene is that much more valuable than Subban. Louis Blues. It has been a quiet offseason for the champs, adding nothing of significance and losing nothing of significance.

Nothing wrong with that when you are parading the Stanley Cup around. Boston Bruins. The Bruins look to be returning mostly the same roster next season, and it will still be a Stanley Cup contender. Carolina Hurricanes. Some musical chairs in net, but there should not be much of a drop off. Washington Capitals. Radko Gudas is probably a better player than Matt Niskanen at this stage of his career.

Andre Burakovsky never panned out, but they made a couple of solid depth signings to fill his spot. Calgary Flames. Still a potential Stanley Cup team with one pretty massive flaw in net. Buffalo Sabres. Colin Miller , Marcus Johansson , and Jimmy Vesey are all solid additions for what amounts to very little in cost. That is the good news. The bad news this team still has a long way to go before it is a serious threat in the Atlantic Division or Eastern Conference Wild Card races.

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Vancouver Canucks. The Jim Benning era, folks. Pittsburgh Penguins. You should have serious doubts about that. At least the speculation on trading Evgeni Malkin or Kris Letang turned out to be just that and nothing ever came from it.

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San Jose Sharks. Keeping Erik Karlsson is significant, but losing Joe Pavelski, Joonas Donskoi and returning the same starting goalie is also significant … for the wrong reasons. Tampa Bay Lightning. The salary cap crunch and the RFA status of Brayden Point has resulted in some subtractions to the roster and no significant additions. That makes them a little worse simply by default, but they are still going to be one of the top teams in the league. Instead of 60 games, they might win … 50? Winnipeg Jets. Vegas Golden Knights.

They are going to miss Colin Miller, and might really miss out on Nikita Gusev if they move him before they even realize what they had. New York Islanders. They kept all of their key unrestricted free agent forwards, but going from Robin Lehner to Semyon Varlamov in net could be a huge downgrade.

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"Blunder and Lightning" is a score, composed by Michael Giacchino, that was used in Cars 2. It starts a few moments after "Mater's the Bomb", just after Professor. Check out Blunder and Lightning by Michael Giacchino on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on

Columbus Blue Jackets. The free agent exodus that everyone expected to happen took place with the departures of Panarin, Bobrovsky, and Duchene and probably Ryan Dzingel. Gustav Nyquist is a fine pickup on a pretty fair deal, but they still lost a ton. And they still do not have a clear replacement for Bobrovsky.

Montreal Canadiens.

You get the action language just right, and the way the pace of the fight ebbs and flows to match the emotional content of the conversation is handled with equal parts subtlety and passion, and I loved it. I also appreciated the ending scene for how you handle the other Ponies' reactions to Gilda; Twi, AJ, and Rarity keep it neutral, but Pinkie and Fluttershy, the two who've interacted with Gilda before, clearly bring those experiences to the table with them. Admittedly, I'm On the one hand, I always appreciate digging deeper into a show's story than the show itself did, and flipping the perspective of "Griffon the Brush Off" to show that maybe Dash was a little harsh on Gilda at the end is definitely an intriguing proposition.

However, I admit you're going to have to work really hard to make me sympathize with Gilda, a character for whom I have a personal distaste, and the way in which her misbehavior gets brushed over here didn't sit well with me. That said, I admit that's a personal thing, and I'm more than eager to see how you explore the matter further. There's also one moment that stuck out to me, minor but noticeable for me; when Pinkie says "Ignoring that" to Applejack. Not to sound like a picker of nits, but that line felt I know how hard Pinkie is to write for, of course, so it's easy enough to forgive, but it still felt like hitting a sour note in an otherwise-beautiful song for me.

All that said, I still enjoy this story a great deal. You're doing a very good job setting up this conflict, exploring Dash's history and character, and that ending confrontation between Fluttershy and Gilda has me extremely excited to see the conclusion. I'll likely do a long Journal post regarding my aim with this entire story in fact, if I don't, remind me!

But I will say this: while I completely understand why one might be inclined to, expecting me to try to get people to outright "sympathize" with Gilda is probably the worst mistake any reader can make. I honestly find Gilda far too interesting a character to rob her of her "edge," so to speak.

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Thank you very much on the feedback of the air battle. It went through several revisions all the while with me wondering if it should even have been included! Also, yes I'm aware of and working on Pinkie. I'm trying to nail down a voice for her that It's going to take a few tries. And yes, she's still the toughest one. As for the rest of your post, reading over it reassures me that it's having pretty much the desired effect.

So far, so good, I suppose! I sincerely apologize for the nervousness, especially since it's mostly intentional. Now if only this story's details would stop constantly changing on its own. I started with this story all scripted out, but now I am very much writing by the seat of my bottoms here! Gojira Featured By Owner Jun 1, You mentioned that journal idea before; I'm looking forward to it, so you bet your flank I'll remind you if you forget.

XD I understand not wanting to post it now, though, so I'll wait. Well well Very happy to hear, too; Gilda and Trixie too, for that matter is a character I find far too many authors try to soft-pedal for the sake of putting them in the limelight, and it always rings false. It comforts me a lot to know you won't try that here, and makes me that much more excited to see where all the details which do put Gilda's situation in a more sympathetic light will ultimately add up to.

I can imagine making the air battle just right would be tricky to do; action in prose is always tricky to pull off, and setting it in the air would only make it harder, I imagine. And for what it's worth regarding li'l Miss Pinkamina, I'd say you're definitely getting there; the "Ignoring that" line is the only off-note you hit with her in this story so far. No apologies necessary; that sort of emotional tension is what I love to experience with my fiction, and the fact that this story's giving it to me is the highest compliment I can pay. Or would that be Mares 'n' Makers in this case?

Prev Next. More from BookishDelight Blunder and Lightning - 3 of 4 With an accompanying sound stronger than any thunderclap, a brilliant halo of colors rippled across the horizon. The Sonic Rainboom could be seen for miles around--possibly even worldwide. It touched the lives of ponykind everywhere, in ways that could be immediately seen, and in ways that wouldn't be known to anypony for years. Truly, it was one of Equestria's greatest miracles. But since she was at its point of origin, young Rainbow Dash wasn't aware of any of this. All she knew is that she'd finally showed those bullies what for, and Fluttershy was now safe!

She flew back to the starting point of the race where she'd challenged them, and saw them already there, sulking and licking the bruises they'd gotten from the Rainboom's shockwave. Rainbow Dash, that's who! And my first order as ruler is that you and your pals never mess with Blunder and Lightning - 1 of 3 Dawn was fast approaching in Ponyville, with everypony still asleep In a clearing not far from Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie stood next to a large contraption while leafing through a hard-bound book.

Eventually, she found what she was looking for, and closed it, reading the title on its cover once more: "Winged Species of Equestria. Then again, most the books she borrowed from Twilight usually did. After placing the book inside the contraption's side basket, she hopped on its seat, placed her hind hooves on its pedals, and used them for their intended purpose. The contraption's wheels turned, allowing her to roll, as she steered straight ahead with her front hooves, first along a smooth meadow, and then down a speed-yielding hill.

Once she was satisfied with her acceleration, she made sure the path before her was clear, and then moved one front hoof from the vehicle's secondary controls. With a pull of levers, the adjustments she had recently. Once they were back on the ground, the Crusaders ran home towards Ponyville, and when they were out of earshot Some of them still made her shudder from their intensity, but she steeled her nerves and willed herself to go on with her dialogue.

So I went closer, and looked through the window Fluttershy had actually seen that? Talk ab. Barely able to contain her giddiness, she levitated her communicator out of her saddle bag and spoke into it. Twilight, is that you? What's a 'Sparkle One?

Bishop plays well, but big blunder costs Lightning

Sometimes I swear you have no sense of atmosphere. But we'll chat about that later. The spell was a success!

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Mission accomplished! I'm here! For Now "Congratulations, everypony. You are here because you want to be the best of the best of the best! Short of landing a spot in the Wonderbolts, simply standing on this cloudspace right now is the greatest honor you can receive as a flyer This school was created specifically to train up and coming pegasus ponies for the most demanding of flight tasks--but for those with a one-track mind, yes, the Wonderbolts will be watching closely for exceptional students, who will be placed in a special elite group to serve as their direct backups.

Can I talk to you? That was strange--the house appeared to be occupied. She could see a light coming from the rear window. Twilight Sparkle decided to knock again. Are you home? Rarity just told me you passed by her going toward your house! I was hoping to ask you something Twilight Sparkle walked forward, expecting to be let in. Well, that hadn't been so hard- "Um Twilight sighed and shook her head.

Your lights are on. You turned them on yourself just now. Then you just opened your mouth to tell me you weren't there. I did t.

Blunder and Lightning

A microphone was already prepared for her, allowing her voice to travel a great distance while carrying some of the most important words she was to say in quite some time: "Thank you all for arriving today. Welcome, one and all ponies, to the all-day, all-night festival we affectionately call the Grand Galloping Gala! For those of you attending for the first time: this is the day where those who reside in our fair capital city of Canterlot, as well as a multitude of honored guests, are allowed to take a well-deserved break from the rigors of daily life--and as always, make new friends in the process!

Drawing the Days of Blunder & Lightning: The Muldoon/Lange Years Through the Eyes of a Cartoonist

Her muzzle turned towards the ceiling. Here's our back page. And we should probably also think of our own plan, in case whatever Pinkie's is fails! BarDown by way of Reddit Hockey. You think you know a pony! Watch now. Just then, overhead, she heard a confident screech from another flyer, soaring over her, moving faster than her, doing loop—de—loops every so often

Originally created by my sister Celestia, the Grand Galloping Gala is a decades-old tradition The sun shone, the clouds were light and fluffy, the breeze was just right, and everypony was in the best spirits ever since that night would be the Summer Sun Celebration! Truly, this would be one of those days that absolutely nothing could spoil.

Early in the afternoon, Applejack trotted along the town's main clearing, taking a break from her extended family's preparatory baking session. She looked around, taking note of her friends as she did so. So far, situation normal. She could see Fluttershy conducting music with the local animals in the distance. She could see sparkles coming from Rarity's house every few seconds--clearly her unicorn magic was working overtime as she tended to the decorations.

Even Rainbow Dash was behaving as expected: napping. All eyes were on a currently empty stage, waiting patiently for the festivities to begin. Another Grand Galloping Gala? Perish the thought; tonight's event would far outshine it in terms of size, spectacle, and--depending on who you talked to--sheer importance. Finally, it was time. A regal voice sounded over the speaker system: "Greetings, one and everypony! You may know me as Luna, Princess of Equestria, but in mere moments I shall stand here as yet another one of you--that is to say, yet another satisfied client!

Said gown was frilled from top to bottom, with the patterns of those frills giving off the faintest of alabaster radiance. The audience, now in understanding, pointed, gasped and chattered in awe. Never had their Moon Princess looked so mysterious, yet so inv. View Gallery. She began to develop a routine. By the time she awoke Fluttershy was making breakfast, typically oatmeal, a warm and filing meal that started the day right.

Trixie would take her mornings easy, still recuperating. She had gotten her books back from Twilight, and would review them, often in the garden if the weather held. She would then usually accompany Fluttershy into town in the afternoon, having lunch with her or just taking the chance to stretch her legs. She began to fill out little by little, her coat gleamed once more, and she regained her former energy.

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Only one thing stood between her and true health. That was why, nearly a week since her first visit, Trixie found herself in the Ponyville library again, Twilight Sparkle staring at her. Twilight frowned. Trixie would rather leave it at tha. It was a gentle tune, violins and bass bringing forth a powerful, yet emotional crescendo. For some reason, ponies liked playing Posh Ball's 'Canon in D Major' at weddings, possibly to reflect what they hoped the future would bring. Meanwhile, Derpy Hooves busied herself with fixing her dinner: she was not nearly conceited enough to play this sort of thing while reading.

The amber-eyed pony hummed along with the tune as she chopped up some celery to put in her salad, looking out her window and into the night sky. Although it grew warmer in her house by the minute, she didn't dare open the windows or else succumb to the horrid stench that came when hundreds of ponies expelled the contents of their stomachs. Derpy shook her head at the thought, dumping the chopped vegetable into her salad. It all started out innocently enough. The town. Kindness's Reward Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Trixie made her way down the stairs unsteadily the next morning, feeling rested but hungry.

She realized as she walked down that she was being watched. Looking around, she found a white rabbit standing on a small end table, glaring at her. It made her feel unwelcome, but Trixie just glared back at it. A noise distracted her, and Trixie looked up to realize the birdhouses hanging from the ceiling were occupied, small sparrows talking to one another from their houses.

Another bird emerged from a larger house. It was a robin that began to whistle a tune. To Trixie's surprise, a silky voice sang back, wordlessly, in perfect key. Trixie realized she had a light blush on her face and immediately scolded herself. Why was she blushing? Oh dear!

You promised you'd come and make a rainstorm for me! Oh, now what will happen to the poor little tadpoles? Oh, what was she going to do without Rainbow's help? She didn't know anything about changing the weather! Maybe she'd just wait here a little while and if Rainbow didn't come back she'd go and start collecting all the tadpoles to move them somewhere safe. Oh, that would take all day! Looking from atop the cloud where she was perched, she noted the empty sky around her. Cheering section? After a few silent seconds, she looked over the edge of her cloud at the ground below.

Fluttershy, sitting peacefully on the grass far below the blue pegasus' cloud, shot up to attention. She knew the pegasus below her had the heart, but her voice usually hid it behind meek expressions. Nevertheless, her cheering section was ready. Distract Twilight from her studies. Get Applejack caught up in a ground race and a game of horseshoes. Finish the weather patrol. Practice some more. Then get a wicked power nap. It was around the beginning of her second nap that Soarin' showed up out of the blue and pomf'd down next to her while she was half-awake.

Applejack said I'd find you here. Then she snapped to attention and sat up almost rigid. Hey, what are you doing here? Applejack trotted down the road away from Ponyville. Always so stubborn. Twilight thought. She chuckled under her breath. Once she has an idea Twilight looked at the sunset, a deep orange-red. Old sayings that will help you in blitz or bullet:. In other words don't hesitate to take a good long look, but just don't blow it. Lose, but learn. Learn, but don't regret. Regret, but don't quit. Quit but don't shrivel up and die.

Shrivel up and die, but don't have an unpleasant afterlife experience. Optimism may not get you anywhere, but it can help stave off reality long enough that eventually things might get better. I like this one better. Karma Chameleon. May 16, 1. Old sayings that will help you in blitz or bullet: Look before you leap He who hesitates is lost.