Cowboy Under Siege (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Kelley Legacy, Book 3)

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The sexy What happened to you? Suddenly Alexandra Mendez had gone from one of the guys, kid sister and tomboy to all woman. Alex was under his command on a dangerous undercover mission, but Jim had to keep re He only remembers that he was held captive for five grueling years. Surely he wouldn't forget someone as easy on Since H. Then he's appointed Eve Dupont's handler. Tan, leggy and blo His assignment to interview astrophysicist Lily James about her latest r Colt McQuade is a soldier with a secret, and Layla Freeman is the one person who can unravel it.

But someone else wants the information, too, sending the couple on the run. They'll do everything they can to protect Colt's precious knowledge -- and gu The danger they can handle. It's the passion that terrifies them both Casey Chandler is a Special Forces operative working under cover. Not a harem girl swept off her feet by some prince.

But the way her body reacts to Hakim El Aran, it clearly d Finn Colton thought he'd left his past behind. But once he sets foot in Honey Creek, Montana, after years away, he sees that some things never change. The Colton family unit is still fragile. The woman who'd destroyed hi He was the original cool operator. Watching his target from her apartment, the military sniper isn't prepared for the emotions Shannon awakes in him, tempting him wi When payback turns to passion Reporter Paige Ellis and billionaire Tom Rowe are bound to cross paths at the economic summit on the island of Beau Mer.

But the sparks flying between them are off the charts.

Cowboy Under Siege (The Kelley Legacy, Book 3) (Mills & Boon Intrigue)

And then there's the body that washes ashor Not even a sweet brown-eyed siren alone on New Year's Eve could be trusted, especially when he had to bring down her employer. Somehow Emily Grainger broke t Because of her uncanny ability to find lost objects, Tessa Marconi has been given the dangerous task of time-jumping back to the Persian Empire and ancient Greece to locate a precious medallion fragment.

Trouble finds her in Xerxes' court -- and so d Athena Carswell is on the brink of making time travel possible--until the Department of Defense sends Colonel Peter Grafton to oversee her work. The hot young officer is a serious distraction, especially when his psychic abilities reveal their mu The ultimate fighting machine has finally met her match Captain "Kat" Kim, leader of the all-female Medusa squad, lives by the warrior's code. Trained in an ancient warrior tradition, she can scale a wall in complete silence. But when she's paired w But her Las Vegas comeback could turn into a huge flop, courtesy of an illegitimate baby on the way and a vengeful stalker waiting in the wings.

Now the pampered A woman desperate to live. A man desperate to die. One last mission: deliver Melina Montez to a drug lord in the Peruvian rain forest. Immediately after: deliver himself unto eternity. Commando John Hollister's last op had gone bad. His men were dea And it had brought her close--far too close--to the most compelling, most sensual man she had ever enc Don't mess with a man on a mission Kinsey Hollingsworth's tropical-getaway plans didn't include dodging gunshots.

Or a speedboat chase with Mitch Perovski, the tall and tempting spy who'd commandeered her boat. But the socialite would handle anyth And just like that, Sophie Giovanni was tapped for a top-secret mission with innocent lives at stake. Brian Riley believed she possessed the knowledge to smoke out a d A mission they can't survive on good looks alone After an accident allowed surgeons to reconstruct her face with Barbie in mind, Misty Cordell focused on proving to herself she's much more than a pretty face, even joining the Medusas, the first When they're sent on an arctic training mission with a Norwegian team, it's K Her Royal Prisoner Aide worker Katy McMann was tending to the wounded in a war-torn country when she stumbled upon the cause of the conflict--the king of Baraq.

The Kelley Legacy

The enigmatic Nikolas Ramsey hid among imprisoned men until he could find a way to res She's been ordered -- by the president of France -- to solve a murder that hasn't happened yet and recover a stolen item that the owner refuses to name. Charlie Squad: Rules of engagement for special forces soldier Joe "Doc" Rodriguez's newest mission: Rule 1: Remember that Carina Ferrare is the daughter of Charlie Squad's most dreaded enemy -- Eduardo Ferrare -- and he will stop at nothing to She's a doctor.

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Don't mess with a man on a mission Kinsey Hollingsworth's tropical-getaway plans didn't include dodging gunshots. Sam's Surrender. Shotgun Sheriff. Zoe Dawson. Justine Davis. Victoria rated it it was amazing Jun 11,

A healer. Can she kill in the name of good?

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Aleesha Gautier had asked herself that question many times since joining the Medusa Project, the United States' first all-woman Special Ops team. Could she take lives -- even to prote It didn't help t And soldier Jim "Dutch" Dutcher would never forgive Julia Ferrare for her part in the betrayal that killed his brother -- or for the vulnerability she'd made Dutch feel. But now Ju But there was one bit of classified information the military hadn't shared with her -- their trainer, tough-a Q: What's beautiful, hard to trace A: Black-market diamonds.

And Amanda McClintock, the covert operative assigned to dismantle a diamond smuggling ring. Thanks to Amanda's double-agent father, killer instinct was in her blood. Ten years ago Mac Conlon broke her heart But with the lethal assassin who'd tried to kill her back on her trail, Susan Monroe had nowhere else to turn.

She entrusted herself The tall, dark and deadly Special Forces officer was everything Kimberly Stanton hated. But when she was abducted and dragged deep into the South American jungle, she came to understand the comfort a woman could take in having a man like him at her s Helicopter pilot Annie O'Donnell had made a split-second decision deep behind enemy lines -- a decision that nearly cost a man his life.

Now it was up to her, and her alone, to make sure he got home in one piece. But Major Thomas Folly wasn't exac We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: 65 titles. Special Forces: The Spy. Special Forces: The Recruit. Mission Medusa - 1 Silhouette Intimate Moments - Colton Under Fire.

Her Secret Spy. Undercover with a Seal. Fever Zone. High-Stakes Playboy. High-Stakes Bachelor. Hot Intent. Doctors Unlimited - 2. High-Stakes Bodyguard. The Prescott Bachelors - 0. Close Pursuit. Doctors Unlimited - 1. Light This Candle. Femme Fatale. A Billionaire's Redemption.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Finalist, Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice; Winner, Write Touch Cowboy Under Siege (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Kelley Legacy, Book 3) - Kindle edition by Gail Barrett. Romance Kindle eBooks. Sabotage at the ranch An unknown enemy of the Kelley family is seeking Cowboy Under Siege (Mills & Boon Intrigue) (The Kelley Legacy, Book 3).

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