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Diamonds Are Forever is plagued with problems. After a promising start, the story devolves into idiocy.

The parts about diamond smuggling and a rich eccentric hiding out in a hotel penthouse are fine, but as soon as the script introduces Blofeld's double and a laser-shooting satellite, things become laughably absurd, even for a Bond movie. The space-based science fiction elements, which are on the same level as those in You Only Live Twice , aren't handled nearly as well as in a pair of later entries, Moonraker and Goldeneye.

Sean Connery returns to play James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever. It is not 007's finest outing.

The ending is anticlimactic, with all of Blofeld's megalomaniacal plans foiled by the simple expediency of stealing a cassette tape. Connery's presence elevates the movie to a remarkably high level, but that's no surprise. His Bond is definitive -- a pleasure to watch even in a sub-par film. It's easy to like Diamonds Are Forever exclusively because of the lead actor. Unfortunately, the supporting cast doesn't give him much help.

Charles Gray isn't sinister enough as Blofeld who, like his cat, seems to have nine lives. If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. Read the full text.

Diamonds Are Forever

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Shady Tree Lois Maxwell Circus, Circus. The story centres on Bond's investigation of a diamond-smuggling operation that originates in the mines of Sierra Leone and runs to Las Vegas. Apparently this reflects the chameleon like nature of Blofeld in the books, but it fails to create a sense of rhythm and consistency to the franchise. Kidd arriving and seeing Plenty trying on the wigs, they assume that she's Tiffany whom they are ordered to kill. Edward Call as Maxie. The effect of the trauma has led to Tiffany working for the villain, which allows Bond to complete his mission, and align her to a more honest lifestyle.

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My favourite Bond film: Diamonds Are Forever

We see different movies for different reasons, and Diamonds Are Forever is great at doing the things we see a James Bond movie for. Austin Chronicle - Staff Not Credited. Between Plenty O'Toole and Tiffany Case, the diamond smuggler, this film is as over-the-top as they come. The action scenes here are just lame, and given the choice between good action and lame story as we had in You Only Live Twice and good story and lame action, I'll take the action every time. Variety - Peter Debruge.

Whatever connection Bond had to the real world has now been severed in favor of delivering the most satisfying possible experience for audiences, such as a throwaway scene of Q using an electromagnetic device to beat the slot machines or allowing homosexual henchmen Wint and Kidd to devise elaborate and yet easily escapable traps. Apart from a clumsy climax, a wry and exhilarating bit of entertainment. The New Yorker - Pauline Kael. Unimaginative Bond picture that is often noisy when it means to be exciting.

Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Official Trailer - Sean Connery James Bond Movie HD

User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. Overall, this isnt a bad one but it is VERY heavy on the camp and over-the-top nature of the mid half of the Bond Franchise. That being said it is a perfect lead in for the next decade of Bond films led by the former Saint, Roger Moore. Connery and Hamilton are back for the crowd. Diamonds Are Forever Hamilton, after a while, is back in the game. A break that propelled into one big fumble in this installment. With very Connery and Hamilton are back for the crowd. With very little skin in the game and passion to spiral out a thrilling thriller, Guy Hamilton, the director, who gave us one of the best chapters of James Bond, makes it look like it was a fluke.

For, as far as execution is concerned the game of cat and mouse never grasps the momentum that it script demands. Our heartthrob and overly sung hero is definitely panting, but the effects are usually the aftermath, the journey that led him to this lack of energy isn't projected thoroughly to us. Resulting in, this bizarre train of event, which makes us feel like, that the makers are overselling the product and the actors, well, overacting.

Also, in doing so, the hype that they build up- mind you there is also the pressure of the big banner- is something that exceeds their potential and is also probably why, in these last few chapters, the final act has turned out to be the most disappointing one. Sean Connery revisiting his character seems much more confident this time. No rocks in the drink and no bullets in the gun, he believes in old testament and the result is adorable; people are digging it.

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The bond girl syndrome is elevated to a more respected level- well, they are still working on that, it is a slow rickety skate- in a sense that it isn't there for glamorous event, they have got few cards hidden under those, umm, pockets; on terms of the whole gender equality notion, the franchise collapses from the first chapter itself, it is good that we can laugh about it now!

There is no doubt about it, this film is a horrible mess.

It is saved somewhat by some of the glitz and glamour, but horribly hurt by its complete lack of dedication. It's the worst type of female and male degradation and there is so little positivity and spirit in the film.