Satellite Communication for Air Traffic Management (Iris)
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These echoes are reflected back and processed by the equipment. The time between these two echoes represents the wall thickness of the tube. Knowing the sound velocity in the material under test enables accompanying wall thickness to be calculated.

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Water is then used to rotate the probe mirror and is also needed as a couplant between the transducer and the tube wall. A calibration standard of the same material and dimensions as the tubes to be examined is used to check the IRIS system response in preparation for the inspection and the tubes should be cleaned to an acceptable standard.

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In humans and most mammals and birds, the iris (plural: irides or irises) is a thin, circular structure in the eye, responsible for controlling the diameter and size of. Iris. likes ยท 53 talking about this. NEW ALBUM "RADIANT" OUT NOW.

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Pipeline Services. Asset Integrity. Although the use of different technologies will improve the required robustness and availability for safety of life services, the Iris solution in itself represents a bridge towards longer-term SESAR objectives.

Its high performance guarantees continuity in ATM service provision, even as the terrestrial component undergoes the required re-design to mitigate its current, well-known limitations. Exchanges between the involved parties aim to provide full visibility on all Iris related activities carried out or planned by ESA. The achieved performances will be analysed with the support of pre-eminent ANSPs, while the airlines will analyse the commercial and operational benefits of Iris.

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Anticipating these planned steps, major ATM Stakeholders already recognise that Iris is the only candidate available for complementing VDL2 in the short term, while having strong potential for supporting global ATM automation in the long term. Nevertheless, further actions are required to enable and boost a shared implementation plan for the Iris system at a European level.

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This should formalize the use of a performance-based rather than technology-based approach for DLS provision further details of which are provided in this paper. Explicit recognition by EASA of the Iris technology as an acceptable means of compliance to such new legislation, will be the key to unlocking funding for airlines and other stakeholders and thereby enabling a critical mass of airplanes to be equipped with Iris. The coming period will be vital for defining and implementing new DLS worldwide.

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A united European front will give European industry a competitive advantage compared to other world players, whilst also contributing greatly to common global goals. This requires an amended ATM policy in Europe to be consolidated and approved as soon as possible. Skip to main content.