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Poetry is written to convey the essence of a greater meaning, and it can bundle a great deal of passion in a small package.

Lesson Plan Guide: Finding Your Passions

In this lesson, students begin by discussing the impact of social context on one's goals and choices. Students analyze examples of contemporary youth poetry and the poetry of Langston Hughes to determine how a writer's environment influences his or her writing. Students then work in groups to conduct research on how events in the world shaped Hughes's work. In a group presentation to the class, students cite specific examples that link their interpretation of the poem to the sociohistorical context in which it was written.

The lesson culminates with each student creating an original poem that communicates a personal view on a current world issue.

Library Graffiti interactive tool: Students can use this interactive tool to combine visual interpretations or representations of a text with their written interpretations. Myers, M.


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We continued our weekly station rotations until the digital backgrounds were complete. Students then started individual recordings to share what they had learned about their passion.

The power of passion - Richard St. John

Students who were not busy recording kept working to edit their stories and worked on other tasks. Students showcased their work with an authentic audience of classmates, teachers, parents, and administrators at a Passion Project Share Fair. As guests walked from laptop to laptop, listening to the student presentations, they validated the time and effort students had put into their work and were able to clearly see how each student had come to realize the joy of learning through the exploration of their passions.

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To extend the project beyond the concrete walls of our classrooms, we also created a Passion Project website and shared the links on Twitter and Facebook. We are deliberately planning school time for students to embrace their passions and find ways to utilize their skills and learning to benefit others, giving the sharing portion even more purpose.

Passion Projects capture the joy of learning while integrating content areas of reading, writing, and oral communication and can change the climate of the classroom.

Using technology to create, instead of merely consuming, gives students opportunities to showcase their creativity and celebrate their hard work. Tamara Letter is a technology integrator with 19 years' experience in education, specializing in differentiation, creativity, and growth-mindset through personalized professional development. She presented at ISTE in inspiring others in an Ignite session with her passions for blogging and performing random acts of kindness.

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At ISTE in , she shared her experiences with Passion Projects through poster sessions, webinars, and various digital publications. Connect with Tamara on Twitter tamaraletter or visit her website to learn about her new book "A Passion for Kindness".

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