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Ci sono un certo numero di altri programmi che possono essere utilizzati e sono stati pubblicati in precedenza Il principio sacrosanto di no representation without taxation si applicherebbe. La doppia cittadinanza, oltre che diritti, presuppone anche doveri. Il diritto di voto attivo va mantenuto ed esteso a tutti i livelli europeo, nazionale,referenda, regionale, provinciale e municipale. Occorrerebbe superare un esame generale di cultura e di conoscenza della lingua italiana per chi riacquista la cittadinanza italiana per ius sanguinis diritto di sangue.

La loro funzione va quindi sic et simpliciter abolita. E non mi si dica che queste proposte esprimono una posizione anti-italiana.

A response to the Italian Canadian Congress Q. I am now in a firm position to state that the Italian nationals permanently residing in Quebec, while favouring the right to vote, are opposed to the right to run for office from abroad for the Italian legislative houses. Almost all respondents have dual citizenship, Italian and Canadian, and have been living in Canada for about 40 years. The common line of reasoning in their responses is: My editorial was NOT against the right for Italian nationals to vote from abroad.

Because of the importance of the issue at stake the editorial in this issue see p. My stand was and remains against the right for Italian nationals permanently residing abroad to have the right to be candidates and wage a political campaign on foreign soil to be elected to the Italian Parliament or Senate. This is a position I have taken for the last 15 years both as a journalist and more recently as a member of Comites.

As you know the Canadian liberal federal government agreed under very special circumstances, an imminent national election,and repeated pressures to go along, on a trial basis and una tantum, with the Tremaglia electoral law. By so doing they wisely avoided creating a binding legal precedent, applicable to all other ethnic minorities living in Canada. Canada has every right, national and international, to assert the principles of territoriality and sovereignty. It was the Italian legislators who erred on this issue asserting Italian extra-territorial rights.

Frankly the Tremaglia law is anything but an act of generosity. It was an act of political expediency that went sour for the center-right Italian political coalition. Bucchino from Toronto is deeply aware of the specific concerns of Italian nationals living in the different areas of the USA, in Mexico or in Santo Domingo? Canada has every right to set parameters and conditions, involving both rights and duties, to its own citizens who hold dual citizenship.

And,let us keep this in mind, almost all of the , Italian nationals involved are both Italian and Canadian citizens. It is a complete misrepresentation of my position. Italian Canadians should keep the right to vote, but they should cast their ballot for Italian candidates running for office on Italian soil. This, I firmly believe, is the logical stand and legal position the Canadian federal authorities ought to take.

If they do so, I for one, will NOT feel oppressed or deprived of any of my rights and I dare say the vast majority of the readership of Panoramitalia agrees with my position. I fail to understand therefore why the Italian Canadian Congress,Q.

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Let me specify that this exchange of opinions with Me Sciascia ought to be interpreted not as an acrimonious confrontation but as a genuine form of public, democratic debate. It was approved by the National Assembly after an extenuating day, hour acrimonious debate by a vote of 54 to Bill declared French Quebec only official language, obliged companies to use French in the work-place, imposed the use of French in public signs, obliged Francophones and immigrant children to attend French public schools. This constituted a fundamental conceptual revolution because it redefined the political role and the economic rapport between the French majority and the English minority.

Montreal Italian Community, then and now Ciccone It numbered by over , members and tended to join and swell the ranks of the English speaking minority. At first the Italians were pawns in the French-English battle. They became the focal point of a conflict which was not of their own making. Federazione Lavoratori Emigrati e Famiglie and especially Consiglio Educativo Italo-Canadese with respect to the new Quebec nationalism and defended a particular position: We need also to remember how it affected numerous families and the necessary accommodations it forced them to make.

Notwithstanding the restrictions of Bill , the vast majority of Italians chose to stay in Quebec, adapted to the new language and economic reality, constitute an example of harmonious integration and have become a bridge between the two traditional solitudes. Many members of the English community, roughly , people, were not willing or able to adapt and left the Belle Province in the throes of a situation they could not control. Most of them resettled in Toronto or Calgary.

The growth of Montreal Italian Community from to By ethnic groups which were neither British nor French made up Given these figures, it is logical that Italians were directly involved in the linguistic debate in Quebec. After the end of the second world war the majority of immigrants in Quebec were Italians.

It is situated in a picturesque and peaceful position

It is situated in a picturesque and peaceful position covering more than 35, m deep in a green park, which makes it especially suitable for families with children. Christian Salome of the Auberge des Migrants association which distributes meals said tensions were high because of tough winter living conditions and slow lorry traffic that diminished chances to get to Britain. Vanity often produces unreasonable alarm; but the marchioness had in this instance just grounds for apprehension; the beauty of her lord's daughters has seldom been exceeded. But he was certainly swearing at us from the other side because of the number of times we broke through the budelli. He actually worked there for six months before having to explain to the authorities that there had been a misunderstanding and that he was in fact an auto mechanic.

Soon the newcomers outnumbered the already established Italians and their offspring. The new immigrants choose English as their language of instruction. The large number of newcomers found the French Canadian school authorities in Montreal unprepared and access to French language school became more difficult, or was even denied. Having opted for institutional isolationism, the French Canadian leadership made no effort to integrate or assimilate immigrants or oblige them to learn French.

Montreal Catholic school system which had been set up in the 19th century for Irish immigrants. The former Irish schools became for all intents and purposes English-language Italian schools.

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The choice of English as their language of instruction did not imply that Italian Montrealers became assimilated into the British community. Because of the social working class to which they belonged and the neighbourhood of settlement where the majority was French speaking, their most frequent contacts were by far with French-Canadians. Italians still maintained an inward-looking cultural identity of their own.

Soon what they demanded was a drastic transformation of society. Intellectuals and a number of politicians favoured the option of making immigrants already settled in Quebec and especially their children French speaking. The language debate had begun and Italians in particular, who at first seemed to be outsiders, were drawn into it. The Italians and the querelle linguistique: They were already, as mentioned, the largest allophone community.

Their visibility made them the symbol of all other allophone groups. The issue at stake was this: This meant sending their children to English-language schools. No easy answers could be found and in the Fall of passionate debates took place which escalated into turbulent meetings.

It was as Canadians whose basic rights were being broken or denied that they reacted. Several people were arrested, others were wounded and almost all the windows of stores owned by Italians along Jean Talon Street were broken. Continued on page The conflict in Saint Leonard was just the tip of the iceberg; it reflected the explosive nature of the debate in the wider context of Quebec society. Bill 63, Bill 22 and Bill Quebec legislates on language. The reaction of the Italian community. Before the language of instruction was based on free choice.

In the Union Nationale Government passed Bill 63 which began restricting access to school in English. As a result of the report of the Gendron Commission on the status of French language in Quebec, the Liberal Government of Robert Bourassa adopted Bill 22 in which accentuated the primacy of French in Quebec society. As to the language of instruction Bill 22 allowed parents whose mother tongue was English to maintain the right of free choice.

Immigrant children were to attend French schools.

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Only those who could pass a competence test in English, were allowed to enter English language schools. How did the Italian community react? The majority tendency was that Italians and other allophones were being discriminated against, simply on the grounds of their ethnic origin. Their demand was to receive equal treatment. Bill 22 was openly challenged by very many Italian parents who were directly affected. The most controversial clause was that only children with at least one parent who had attended an English-language elementary school in Quebec kept the right of free choice.

It was the division of families that was being criticized as well as the retroactive application of the law. A French Quebec, yes. A separate Quebec, no. The position that has emerged is that increase in the use of French in Quebec is just an undeniable fact. Italians remain, nonetheless, opposed to unilingualism and favour the idea of a bilingual Quebec, the anti-nationalist position defended at the time by former federal Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

This also implies, for the majority of the Italian com-. They have remained staunchly federalists. It is important to remember as well that their language choices were not intended as a move towards assimilation within the two larger components of the Quebec population.

Language tensions have made stronger their sense of identity and allowed the survival of the Italian language, or one of its dialects, both for family communication and, increasingly so, as a language of culture much more in Montreal than in Toronto or in other Canadian provinces. The main associations of Montreal Italian community in Here is a tentative portrait of the main associations that define the Italian presence in Quebec: In the span of two-three generations the bulk of the community has moved from working — class to middle class or even, increasingly, upper middle class status.

The medium-term solution to the language debate in Quebec has been a process which has slowly eroded isolation a form of self-protection for the newly arrived immigrants and favoured integration without assimilation. Rolando Fausto Del Maestro has one thing in mind; the human brain. That is not to say that he is preoccupied solely with one subject. Like his idol, the great renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci, he is passionate about art and science as well.

He received his M. His postgraduate education brought him to the University of Uppsala in Sweden, one of the oldest Universities in the world. There, he received his Ph. The title of his thesis: A fire whose flames would continue to burn inexorably to this very day. He enrolled in a course concerned with the psychology of creativity. The course was taught by Professor Jaroslav Havelka. According to Del Maestro, Havelka had a significant bias, that being, that Mozart was the most creative individual who had ever lived.

In order to successfully complete the course students had to pick another individual and defend him against Mozart. The world-famous neurosurgeon has written over one hundred papers and book chapters related to his research in the area of brain tumours. Throughout all the time that has elapsed since that fateful day at the used book store, his love for Leonardo can only be rivaled with his love for Pamela J. Del Maestro, his wife and mother of three children; Lana, Adrian and Christian. Del Maestro is presently the Clinical Director of the Brain Tumour Research Center at the Montreal Neurological Institute, still the only neurological institution in the world to have a research center and a hospital in the same building, making it a model for the rest of the world.

His most prized items are meticulously displayed in illuminated museum-like glass display cases. He has been the curator for several exhibitions related to his private collection. Del Maestro believes that the human brain is capable of doing much more than we give it credit for.

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Leonardo da Vinci is proof of this and has provided the world with numerous and timeless examples of such marvels. Elle aime beaucoup la musique de Lucio.

The Diaspora of Neapolitan Musicians in New York

While enrolled in the cinema program during college, he knew he had discovered his true calling to be a filmmaker. Being born handicapped, Sean grew up with social pressures and was all too familiar with fighting against adversity. Sean grew up very close to his grandfather Rafel Benvenuto, who was born in Calabria. In , Sean founded Dreamsgate Pictures, his own entertainment and communications company with the collaboration of his partner Jean-Robert Cloutier.

Due to unexpected events as a school janitor, he enters a world of supernatural encounters leading him to face the other side where secrets are concealed. The film has been selected to be shown in 11 international film festivals across the world including Hawaii, United States, Italy and South Africa. As I saw Sean visualizing this day yet to come through his sparkling eyes, it was clear that little boy in him finally was fulfilling his dream. His movie was selected from among those of such influential producers as Gray Fredrickson from the trilogy series of The Godfather.

The Other Side represented only one out of four international films chosen for the festival. Sean feels proud and closely connected to his Italian roots. He feels this burning urge to tell stories to a wider audience. Ingenious in his approach, Sean chose to write a film with a taboo topic. He invested his hopes for four months in writing the script followed by 45 shooting days and two years of post-production. Therefore, his company has opened his doors to recent film graduates who want to gain experience through an internship.

The foundation would form an audio-visual therapy to help treat and provide a medium for children to be the artist of their films. As for Time World Association, it is a non-profit organization that is presently organizing an event to build awareness and raise funds for the prevalent crisis in Darfur.

Sean believes in helping those in need. As he speaks of Italian family celebrations and traditions, a sense of familial pride is heard in his voice. Despite technical and financial setbacks, Sean made it clear that it has only made him stronger. Given the success of the film, he is planning to create a sequel to The Other Side.

As a screenwriter, director and producer, Sean has outshone the expectations of his family and friends. Sean truly embodies a person who has turned his dream into a reality. With a constant positive outlook on life, the sky is the limit for this young over-achiever. We pride ourselves in offering our customers the very best pasta in town, at incredible prices. If you share our passion for success and are interested in owning a Pasta Tutti Giorni Franchise.

Please contact our Director of Franchise Development. He earned two lira per hour. Later on in his life it would be a different horse that would propel his dreams, a prancing horse. Two of the boys were tailors, the other two were mechanics. Luigi was a mechanic. Perhaps this is where he acquired his perfectionism. At the tender age of 11, Luigi began to learn his trade in a tiny mechanic shop in Cassino. He spent two months aboard a merchant ship on a voyage which took him from Sicily, to Africa and finally to New York.

Upon their arrival in New York City, Luigi identified himself as a mechanic. In all, ten Italians were sent to learn mechanics at a school in Atlanta, Georgia. When the war was over and Luigi was a free man, he returned to a war stricken Italy, it was barren and in ruins. Cassino had been destroyed. A local priest was looking for mechanics, and Luigi was ready to travel to the farthest reaches of the earth to pursue his passion.

He found his way to Cordoba, Argentina on a two year contract at an aviation plant earning pesos per month. There was only one problem, Luigi was an auto mechanic not an airplane mechanic, he knew little to nothing about airplanes. He actually worked there for six months before having to explain to the authorities that there had been a misunderstanding and that he was in fact an auto mechanic. The company agreed to void his contract. After one year of looking for work in Argentina, Luigi met Juan-Manuel Fangio, a man who many consider to be the greatest race car driver of all time.

Fangio would write formula one history by winning five world championships with Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes and Ferrari. Luigi would write his own history in Montreal, Canada. After several tough years of working as a mechanic in Montreal, Luigi returned to his wife Mabel, whom he had met in Argentina and his two daughters, Maria and Sonia who were now in Italy. Hamilton offered Luigi a five year. Luigi and members of the Ferrari Club.

Luigi accepted the offer and packed his bags once again. He was soon flooded with work and his business began to thrive. He wanted to bring Ferraris to Canada. One day Della Grotta packed his bags and booked a flight to Modena. Luigi explained to Mr. Dobbiamo costruire un sistema organizzato e strutturato. Guarda il video promozionale nuova edizione del network d elle CCIE, una business community in 54 Paesi nel mondo con uffici, 2. Per il quinto anno consecutivo, la rivista Exporter.

Guarda il video della serata di premiazione realizzato da Exporter.

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Luigi Boldrin e il dott. Sabato 14 ottobre il World Trade Center di Sofia ha aperto le porte a ca. Clicca qui per ascoltare la versione integrale della partecipazione televisiva. Gli uffici della Camera di Commercio Italiana in Bulgaria set di registrazione per un giorno. Clicca qui per scaricare il programma. Stefano Baldi nella prefazione al catalogo del Festival. Alla conferenza stampa di lancio del progetto di promozione della Regione Puglia sono seguite partecipazioni televisive, la visita agli Nu Boyana Film Studios per culminare alle ore Simonetta Dellomonaco di AFC.

Balkanski evidenzia come tali manifestazioni promozionali permettano agli spettatori di conoscere i territori dei nostri Paesi. Come AFC facciamo un grande lavoro di costruzione delle reti internazionali attraverso accordi di intenti e progetti europei su programmi di cooperazione. Dellomonaco nel corso del Convegno. Album fotografici per ciascun evento di promozione sono disponibili sui social media, Facebook , twitter e instagram.

Nella riunione, tra i vari temi affrontati, sono state definite le sedi di svolgimento della Borsa Internazionale del Turismo Culturale dei Siti Unesco, tra gli eventi di punta di MIRABILIA divenuto un vero e proprio evento di riferimento per gli addetti ai lavori e che registra numeri importanti. Circa buyers provenienti da tutto il mondo che incontrano circa sellers provenienti da tutta Italia e Francia.

Working languages:. Native in : Italian. Send email. More actions. Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again No feedback collected. It features a total of 18 analog inputs, 8 mic preamps, up to 19 simultaneous studio-grade effects and a full suite of plug-in algorithms and professional internal effects, including a high-quality stereo reverb and classic emulations of guitar and bass amplifiers.

The input EQs Standard, Vintage and Smooth enable a wide range of sounds and a flexible sound-sculpting environment.

The Diaspora of Neapolitan Musicians in New York

Mattinate in Messico (Le storie) (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by David Herbert Lawrence, S. Daneluzzi, Sergio Daneluzzi. Download it once and read it on. Mattinate in Messico (Le storie) (Italian Edition) eBook: David Herbert Lawrence, S. Daneluzzi, Sergio Daneluzzi: Kindle Store.

A master processor on the main outputs allows a final fine-tuning of the overall sound. Its present family inhabited only a small part of it; and even this part appeared forlorn and almost desolate from the spaciousness of the apartments, and the length of the galleries which led to them. A melancholy stillness reigned through the halls, and the silence of the courts, which were shaded by high turrets, was for many hours together undisturbed by the sound of any foot-step.

Julia, who discovered an early taste for books loved to retire in an evening to a small closet in which she had collected her favorite authors.

This room formed the western angle of the castle: one of its windows looked upon the sea, beyond which was faintly seen, skirting the horizon, the dark rocky coast of Calabria; the other opened towards a part of the castle, and afforded a prospect of the neighbouring woods. Her musical instruments were here deposited, with whatever assisted her favorite amusements. This spot, which was at once elegant, pleasant, and retired, was embellished with many little ornaments of her own invention, and with some drawings executed by her sister.

The cioset was adjoining her chamber, and was separated from the apartments of madame only by a short gallery. This gallery opened into another, long and winding, which led to the grand staircase, terminating in the north hall, with which the chief apartments of the north side of the edifice communicated. Madame de Menon's apartment opened into both galleries. It was in one of these rooms that she usually spent the mornings, occupied in the improvement of her young charge.

The windows looked towards the sea, and the room was light and pleasant. It was their custom to dine in one of the lower apartments, and at table they were always joined by a dependant of the marquis's, who had resided many years in the castle, and who instructed the young ladies in the Latin tongue, and in geography. During the fine evenings of summer, this little party frequently supped in a pavilion, which was built on an eminence in the woods belonging to the castle. From this spot the eye had an almost boundless range of sea and land.

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It commanded the straits of Messina, with the opposite shores of Calabria, and a great extent of the wild and picturesque scenery of Sicily. Mount Etna crowned with eternal snows, and shooting from among the clouds, formed a grand and sublime picture in the background of the scene.

The city of Palermo was also distinguishable; and Julia, as she gazed on its glittering spires, would endeavour in imagination to depicture its beauties, while she secretly sighed for a view of that world, from which she had hitherto been secluded by the mean jealousy of the marchioness, upon whose mind the dread of rival beauty operated strongly to the prejudice of Emilia and Julia.

She employed all her influence over the marquis to detain them in retirement; and, though Emilia was now twenty, and her sister eighteen, they had never passed the boundaries of their father's domains. Vanity often produces unreasonable alarm; but the marchioness had in this instance just grounds for apprehension; the beauty of her lord's daughters has seldom been exceeded. The person of Emilia was finely proportioned. Her complexion was fair, her hair flaxen, and her dark blue eyes were full of sweet expression.