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I have successfully got info from an api using query. That gets the vehicle id and names and put then into sheet 1 of a workbook. I want to step through the vehicle ids of them and use the selected id in a new query, in the api and get the details of the vehicle into sheet 2. I have used power query and there are a few steps recorded to clean up the info. I can do this 1 vehicle at a time. I want to rather automate the process times. Ant way to do this in vba?

I added a new list today. I changed how I scrape to get more results. Read my post for more details. Thanks for this.

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We really appreciate your time and effort. This not only helps public but also provides a new perspective to the topic. How to connect my FTP folders and get data file from that? I need a clarification on Filtered rows. I have applied filtered row in one of the query. Does the powerquery pull all the data from the specified table and then filter it or it pulls only filtered rows when I refresh. Thanks in advance, request some expert to guide me. Following the guidance from your 3 part video guide for creating dashboards from pivot tables and charts, a few months ago I set up a dashboard for data extracted from a SharePoint file for transactions processed on the SharePoint from Jan-Jun With the use of slicers Management are able to obtain returns for unit and personal performance levels, turnaround times, input, demand and output.

They loved it! I would export the data from SharePoint and save it on a worksheet in my workbook. After exporting the SharePoint data to excel, with the use of various formulas in individual cells, I was able to create my source data based on the exported data. Once a week I would update the source worksheet by exporting the fresh data again. I copied the cell formulas on my source data worksheet to create a range sufficient enough to include the additional data from each update. All was working well until a new SharePoint file was created for Jul-Dec which meant that I now have 2 sources of data for my source data worksheet.

Following the process I had been using, I now have 2 worksheets in my workbook, one which is a copy of exported data for Jan-Jun and one for Jul —Dec, and my source data has been formulated to include both. Do you want to replace it. As I say, there must be an easier way to do this which is why I am seeking any positive guidance from yourself. Would Power Query be the answer? I work for a government agency and Power Query is not included in our MS Excel but if it would be the answer then I could submit a business case to have it downloaded. I love your tutorials and have learnt a lot more from them than I have from the advance Excel courses that I have attended through work so any advice would be appreciated, Jon.

Many thanks, Terry. I know something about power query this is very good tool to work on Excel and improve our productivity, but i have never work in power query yet. Request you to please advise how i can get start this tool form begging. I have installed power query for excel ,but most of the easy steps are not possible with that version.

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I have successfully got info from an api using query. CONS Still intimidating to the novice. If you need to see a localized description, you can go to the Formulas tab, click on the relevant Function Category, and hover over the function in question. Dennis Publishing. Which increases the file size and calculation time. Archived from the original on July 17,

How can upgraded to new power query version. I am using Power Query for almost a year now and the tool helps me a lot with processing data. I have one question: I have an Excel file with data regarding sales from different countries.

Microsoft Office 2010: How to Use Sparklines in Excel 2010

These need to be split into different sheets. Do you have a quick solution to get these in different worksheets in one Excel workbook? To use this, you need to put Country in the filter section of the pivot table. Is it possible?

Hindi Microsoft Excel 2007/2010/2013 pt 1

Because the Excel option is limited I decided to try the Power Query add-on but get the message. I am curious as to why this is. Can anyone please provide a suggestion of what I can do to avoid this error? Is there any documentation for connecting to the web besides those I have found that make it look so simple and assume no issues? I would try posting or searching it in the Microsoft Answers forums. There are Microsoft employees there that will help resolve your issue. Hello Jon, I like your website and I want to say that it has been very beneficial to me.

However I have a really strange scenario going on with Power Query. I added sample data. I bought 2 of 2 different items. I simply entered a standard math column asking it to multiply.

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This title is not currently available for purchase. Share. Kindle App Ad. Microsoft Excel easy (Italian Edition) by [Salvaggio, Alessandra]. Updated! Here's your chance to finally learn how to use Microsoft Excel! In a single sitting, this quick and easy user guide will help you learn MS Excel basics, .

Any Suggestion or direction? Thanks a bazillion… Kevin D in Las Vegas. Sounds strange. You might want to try posting it on the Microsoft Answers forum. This Addin sounds very interessting. Currently I am searching for an option to combine two Sharepoint-Lists, which I implemented as tables in Excel, into one to use it as a database for a Pivot. Can you tell me, if everyone who uses that file afterwards also needs this Addon installed like if using PowerPivot for example? Hi Georg, They will only need the add-in if they are going to refresh or modify the queries.

Hi Jon Thank for the info. Meanwhile I tested it and came to that conclusion, too. Now I am waiting for our IT-Department to handle my ticket requesting the installaton.

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This Addon could also end my longyear search for a stable functionality to link a standard pivot with two Excel-tables as sources. Error]: The Web. Page function requires Active Scripting to be enabled in the Internet Explorer options. Please see ……. Your best bet will be to post the issue on the Microsoft Answers forum. I am encountering a problem where data that I have grouped by and summed does not exactly correspond to the value I get when using a Pivot table with the exact same grouping and summing parameters.

Why is this and what can I do to remedy the problem? Hi Marius, It would be hard for me to tell without seeing the data. You might want to try posting to the Microsoft Answers forum if you think it is a bug. Is there any way that we can apply this filter before fetching the data , i mean add this filter variable in actual query? Hi Vishnu, I believe you are looking for a parameter table. Checkout this article from my friend Ken on parameter tables.

I have a table in Excel can be in a data model if need be. This table called ACE can have 30, unique rows. I want to compare this data to what is in our ODBC table, where that table has millions of rows. The Merge window allows you to choose which join type you want to use. I hope that helps get you started. Hi Jon, Thanks for the article. I am still trying to work out he differences and when it is best to use one over another.

Perhaps there is a post in that for you. My question is that I often get a similar error. I try to link two tables and instead of getting the relevant data to come through to each line I get a sum on every line. For example, say I have a table with rows of sales data for two products, Product A and Product B, showing quantity sold. I want to pick up the price on each line, multiply it by the quantity and get sales value. Any suggestions? Hi Terry, Thanks for the suggestion. You will want to use the Merge feature to bring the tables together. Then expand out the columns. You can then add a custom column to do the math.

What steps are you taking in Power Query right now to get the total price? This is a terrific post that I forward to my colleagues as an intro when they start working with Power Query. I started having some problems since the update Excel All the queries I use are connected to SF Objects and generally merge 2 objects. Error: invalid query locator. Do you think changing the location of the file or duplicating them might be a source for the errors?

You might want to try posting this in the Microsoft Answers forum. I have series of workbooks I import data from via PowerQuery. The source files only have the Date field completed every 4 rows. There are 3 site specific entries for each date. I have an image of the current output if required. I want to be able to replace each null row in the date column with the value of the row above so that dates appear in every row.

Great question!

“The essential add-in for Excel users”

There is a Fill Down function in Power Query that will fill the null rows with the value above. To use it: 1. Right-click the Date field column in the Power Query Editor.


I just wrote a separate article that explains the Power Query Fill Down function in more detail. I also included an animated screencast there so you can see it in action. I hope that helps. Please I need your help. I would like one book to learn hot to use Power Query. For my job will be so important. Using Excel, for example, the students are able to create personal budgets and can graph their savings goals. This activity is ideal suited for using sparklines to help demonstrate in simple, easy ways whether they're succeeding in their budget plans.

At the same time, teaching young people how to create simple graphs like this in Excel is giving them a relevant employment skill. Additionally, sparklines can help demonstrate simply and clearly whether your nonprofit is on budget with grants received, overspending on a specific program area, or meeting a measurable program goal.

They can be used to visually demonstrate growth in attendance at your library or nonprofit events or goals in month-over-month fundraising. Now that you know what sparklines are and how they can be useful for nonprofits and libraries, let's walk through how to create them in Excel In these examples, we use hypothetical fundraising data. Select the cells where you want the sparklines to appear. Usually these are cells immediately adjacent to the underlying data. The sparklines section of the toolbar is under the Insert tab.

For now, let's try the Line format. A "Create Sparklines" dialog box opens. The Location Range describes the cells where the sparklines will appear, while the Data Range corresponds to the cells that contain the underlying datapoints for the sparklines. Because we have already selected the cells for the sparklines to appear in, the location range is already filled in. To fill in the data range, either type in the desired range or click and drag the mouse over the required cells to automatically fill this in. Now you can further customize the appearance of the mini-charts using the sparklines design tab.

It automatically shows once you click OK for your sparklines. If you need to get back to it later, click on one of the cells with a sparkline in it and choose the design tab underneath Sparklines Tools. What do you think about Microsoft Excel? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more.

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With spreadsheet sharing, Microsoft Excel is the View full description. CONS Remains challenging for beginners. Softonic review Microsoft no longer offers a trial version of Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word Microsoft's latest and greatest, with huge compatibility improvements.

Microsoft Office The quintessential productivity suite. Microsoft Excel Smarter and easier workbooks. Download Microsoft Excel Download for Windows. User reviews about Microsoft Excel. More reviewed onMay 2, Best Regards More reviewed onMay 28, Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.