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As logical human beings, we are in need to search for the realistic reasons as to why Prophets are an important aspect within our happiness and advancement. There are key factors which highlight our dire need for prophets:. From this we understand that the purpose behind such a great creation is to shower his creations with never ending blessings and mercy, in order for us to achieve perfection. God is like the sun. It shines upon the planets and contributes in the system life but remains independent and not in need of them; and there is nothing that could be done in order to give back to the sun for all the good it provides.

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The Secret Religion Withheld from the Primal Peoples / Le Pouvoir caché des power of the Europeans would be most closely guarded or known only to the few did not tell how to repair radio much less all the mysteries of Western science .. Biography 37 39 SuTTLES The Plateau Prophet Dance among the . Because of the unique duties of their call, prophets have a sacred responsibility to prepare us for the future. Backed by scripture, Dale Spears reminds us of what .

There are questions that require answers, and only Prophets are able to answer us. For example, nobody knows when we will die and depart from this world. If we knew when our time on this world would come to an end, we would prioritize our lives in a more organized manner, and we would achieve more than we thought we ever could.

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From the social and economical aspects of life, every philosopher holds a unique opinion or theory. There are those who promote capitalism while others promote socialism, communism, and there are those who reject all three. Differences like this exist in almost all aspects of life, including education; and in many of these cases society remains confused. Therefore it becomes normal and natural for a human being to need a divine guide from God. Here, we must confess to the serious need for a guide to enlighten us in all aspects of life, in order that we may reach perfection… the ultimate goal behind our creation.

This can only be achieved with divine interference which descends down upon Prophets. God created and placed us on this path, therefore he is in need to provide a guide for us to be able to successfully complete this journey. Thus, we are in need of ethical nurturing by a divinely-selected nurturer we can completely trust and follow their footsteps. Because a role model like this would naturally be of high, perfect and divine upbringing in all aspects, and is able to take by our hands, guide and protect us from failure, corruption and demoralization; and to plant the seed of pure ethics within our beings by his teachings and actions, along with nurturing us in the right direction — the direction of loving other human beings, faithfulness, loyalty, peace, trustworthiness and purity of the soul.

The question which remains now is, who is worthy of guiding humanity other than a divine Prophet? And the merciful lord would not deprive humanity from such divinely guiding nurturers. Human beings are an eccentric creation, complicated in structure, nature and mind.

In fact, humans have sophisticated characters and personas; on one hand the human lives with the ability to cause ethical corruption and with the ability to spread goodness and righteousness. As human beings, our desires drag us towards the loving of materialistic things, as well as love for leadership. The reason as to why God has undertaken such a methodology in clarifying the reality of things to his creations is due to the fact that the human mind is already set to understanding the ending pleasures of this world and the never-ending paradise which awaits in the hereafter.

Our minds were created to guide us to doing good and refraining from bad, and our conscience works closely with the mind to prevent any wrongdoings or oppression. Yes, humans do oppress other humans, but they too would admit that oppressing is a negative thing. The struggle between the mind of the human being — that strives to guide the human being towards the satisfactions of God — and between the negativity of self-desires is a struggle that has always existed. At times, our self-desires deceive us into believing what is good is bad, and what is actually bad as good; which eventually prevents the mind from progressing into allowing us to becoming better human beings and excellent role models for society.

The reason why self-desires become in control is due to the lack of knowledge within the mind that aids us in falling for the tricks of the heart. As a result of the fact that human knowledge is limited from knowing the realities of all things and the secrets of what encompasses man, we remain unable to identify all what benefits us and harms us.

We are also unable to identify everything that results in our happiness and anger. The more we increase in knowledge regarding the universe that encompasses us, the more we realize how ignorant we were. Therefore, human beings are in dire need of an infallible guide that will free them from self-desires and materialism and who will direct them towards the right path, and pave the way of success for them in the hereafter. Intellectuals and great philosophers have realized this matter from the very start, that the human being — alone — may never be able to reach all fields of happiness and goodness; and know the realities of every surrounding thing.

Regardless of how many allies among each other we may have as humans, we will never be able to comprehend what benefits and what harms us, our societies and world. The solution is non other than that God is to send a guide that will take us by our hands and exit us from the darkness of this world and into the light of guidance. This is the philosophy behind the message of all Prophets, including Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The analysis of this matter would require certain matters to be taken into consideration:.

The matters of life can be divided into three categories:. What is the reality of what surrounds us as human beings?.. The English noun "prophecy", in the sense of "function of a prophet" appeared from about , from Old French profecie 12th century , and from prophetia , Greek propheteia "gift of interpreting the will of God", from Greek prophetes see prophet.

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The related meaning, "thing spoken or written by a prophet", dates from c. Modern Western esoteric research in prophecy is a pseudoscience. In general, a diviner's foretelling or a prophetic prediction of the future does not adhere to the scientific method , therefore it is no object of science. From a skeptical point of view, a Latin maxim exists: "prophecy written after the fact" vaticinium ex eventu.

However, officials in his court opposed him. In the fourteenth year of his reign, Beopheung's "Grand Secretary", Ichadon , devised a strategy to overcome court opposition.

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Ichadon schemed with the king, convincing him to make a proclamation granting Buddhism official state sanction using the royal seal. Ichadon told the king to deny having made such a proclamation when the opposing officials received it and demanded an explanation. Instead, Ichadon would confess and accept the punishment of execution, for what would quickly be seen as a forgery. Ichadon prophesied to the king that at his execution a wonderful miracle would convince the opposing court faction of Buddhism's power. Ichadon's scheme went as planned, and the opposing officials took the bait.

When Ichadon was executed on the 15th day of the 9th month in , his prophecy was fulfilled; the earth shook, the sun was darkened, beautiful flowers rained from the sky, his severed head flew to the sacred Geumgang mountains, and milk instead of blood sprayed feet in the air from his beheaded corpse.

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The omen was accepted by the opposing court officials as a manifestation of heaven's approval, and Buddhism was made the state religion in The New Testament refers to prophecy as one of the spiritual gifts given by the indwelling Holy Spirit [Rom ].

From this, many Christians believe that the gift of prophecy is the supernatural ability to receive and convey a message from their God. The purpose of the message may be to "edify, exhort and comfort" the members of the Church. In this context, not all prophecies contain predictions about the future.

The Apostle Paul teaches in First Corinthians that prophecy is for the benefit of the whole Church and not just of the individual exercising the gift. According to Walter Brueggemann , the task of prophetic Christian ministry is to nurture, nourish and evoke a consciousness and perception alternative to the consciousness and perception of the dominant culture. Irenaeus confirms the existence of such spiritual gifts in his Against Heresies. Although some modern commentators claim that Montanus was rejected because he claimed to be a prophet, a careful examination of history shows that the gift of prophecy was still acknowledged during the time of Montanus, and that he was controversial because of the manner in which he prophesied and the doctrines he propagated.

Prophecy and other spiritual gifts were somewhat rarely acknowledged throughout church history and there are few examples of the prophetic and certain other gifts until the Scottish Covenanters like Prophet Peden and John Wishart. From to , the Azusa Street Revival occurred in Los Angeles, California and is sometimes considered the birthplace of Pentecostalism. This revival is well known for the " speaking in tongues " that occurred there. Some participants of the Azusa Street Revival are claimed to have prophesied. Pentecostals believe prophecy and certain other gifts are once again being given to Christians.

The Charismatic Movement also accepts spiritual gifts like speaking in tongues and prophecy. The church claims this gift is manifested by one person the prophesier laying their hands on another person, who receives an individual message said by the prophesier. Prophesiers are believed to be used by the Holy Ghost as instruments through whom their God expresses his promises, advice and commandments. The church claims people receive messages about their future, in the form of promises given by their God and expected to be fulfilled by divine action.

In , the Apostolic-Prophetic Movement came on the scene, largely due to the influence of the Toronto, Brownsville and Kansas City revivals. Along with the Charismatic Movement's speaking in tongues and prophecy, the Prophetic Movement distinguished itself from past movements with physical twitching, moaning, sightings of gold dust, "glory clouds" and gems that allegedly fell from heaven. The Latter Day Saints further claims that God communicated directly with Joseph Smith on many subsequent occasions, and that following the death of Joseph Smith God has continued to speak through subsequent prophets.

Joseph Smith claims to have been led by an angel to a large hill in upstate New York, where he was shown an ancient manuscript engraved on plates of gold metal. Joseph Smith claimed to have translated this manuscript into modern English under divine inspiration by the gift and power of God, and the publication of this translation are known as the Book of Mormon.

Following Smith's murder, there was a succession crisis that resulted in a great schism.


Some cite aspects of cognitive psychology such as pattern forming and attention to the formation of prophecy in modern-day society as well as the declining influence of religion in daily life. A research institute was built in Alexandria, Egypt in the third century BCE, in which Ctesibius and Philo completed the first known scientific works in experimental pneumatics. Corroborating Writings Next Fales sets up the straw man that critics claim "there are no ancient writings about Jesus outside the New Testament". Queer Voices. So, this foolishness about the Roman Emperor Constantine dropping books from the Bible is simply uneducated rumor.

To this day, there are an unknown number of organizations within the Latter Day Saint Movement, each with their own proposed prophet. The church has, since Joseph Smith's death on June 27, , held a belief that the president of their church is also a literal prophet of God, and the only true prophet on the earth. The church also maintains that further revelations claimed to have been given through Joseph Smith are published in the Doctrine and Covenants , one of the Standard Works.

Additional revelations and prophecies outside the Standard Works, such as Joseph Smith's " White Horse Prophecy ", concerning a great and final war in the United States before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, can be found in other church published works. In the sense of predicting events, the Quran contains verses believed to have predicted many events years before they happened and that such prophecies are proof of the divine origin of the Qur'an.

The Qur'an itself states "For every announcement there is a term, and ye will come to know. The Hebrew term for prophet, Navi , literally means "spokesperson"; he speaks to the people as a mouthpiece of their God , and to their god on behalf of the people. According to Judaism, authentic Nevuah Heb. The Torah contains laws concerning the false prophet Deuteronomy , Prophets in Islam like Lot , for example, are false prophets according to Jewish standards. In the Torah, prophecy often consisted of a conditioned warning by their God of the consequences should the society, specific communities, or their leaders not adhere to Torah's instructions in the time contemporary with the prophet's life.

Prophecies sometimes included conditioned promises of blessing for obeying their god, and returning to behaviors and laws as written in the Torah. Conditioned warning prophecies feature in all Jewish works of the Tanakh. Notably Maimonides , philosophically suggested there once were many levels of prophecy, from the highest such as those experienced by Moses , to the lowest where the individuals were able to apprehend the Divine Will, but not respond or even describe this experience to others, citing in example, Shem, Eber and most notably, Noah , who, in biblical narrative, does not issue prophetic declarations.

Doctrine: Why Does God Send Prophets and Messengers?

Maimonides, in his philosophical work The Guide for the Perplexed , outlines twelve modes of prophecy [30] from lesser to greater degree of clarity:. The Tanakh contains prophecies from various Hebrew prophets 55 in total who communicated messages from God to the nation of Israel , and later the population of Judea and elsewhere. Experience of prophecy in the Torah and the rest of Tanakh was not restricted to Jews. Nor was the prophetic experience restricted to the Hebrew language. There exists a problem in verifying most Native American prophecy, in that they remain primarily an oral tradition , and thus there is no way to cite references of where writings have been committed to paper.

In their system, the best reference is an Elder, who acts as a repository of the accumulated wisdom of their tradition. In another type of example, it is recorded that there are three Dogrib prophets who had claimed to have been divinely inspired to bring the message of Christianity's God to their people. Esoteric prophecy has been claimed for, but not by, Michel de Nostredame, popularly referred to as Nostradamus , who claimed to be a converted Christian.

It is known that he suffered several tragedies in his life, and was persecuted to some degree for his cryptic esoteric writings about the future, reportedly derived through a use of a crystal ball. Nostradamus was a French apothecary and reputed seer who published collections of foreknowledge of future events. He is best known for his book Les Propheties "The Prophecies" , the first edition of which appeared in Since its publication, Nostradamus has attracted an esoteric following that, along with the popularistic press, credits him with foreseeing world events.

His esoteric cryptic foreseeings have in some cases been assimilated to the results of applying the alleged Bible code , as well as to other purported pseudo-prophetic works. Most reliable academic sources maintain that the associations made between world events and Nostradamus's quatrains are largely the result of misinterpretations or mistranslations sometimes deliberate or else are so tenuous as to render them useless as evidence of any genuine predictive power.

Moreover, none of the sources listed offers any evidence that anyone has ever interpreted any of Nostradamus's pseudo-prophetic works specifically enough to allow a clear identification of any event in advance. According to skeptics, many apparently fulfilled prophecies can be explained as coincidences possibly aided by the prophecy's own vagueness , or that some prophecies were actually invented after the fact to match the circumstances of a past event " postdiction ".

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One point to remember is that the probability of an event changes as soon as a prophecy or divination exists. The accuracy or outcome of any prophecy is altered by the desires and attachments of the seer and those who hear the prophecy. Many prophets make a large number of prophecies. This makes the chances of at least one prophecy being correct much higher by sheer weight of numbers.

The phenomenon of prophecy is not well understood in psychology research literature. Psychiatrist and neurologist Arthur Deikman describes the phenomenon as an "intuitive knowing, a type of perception that bypasses the usual sensory channels and rational intellect. Psychologist Julian Jaynes proposed that this is a temporary accessing of the bicameral mind; that is, a temporary separating of functions, such that the authoritarian part of the mind seems to literally be speaking to the person as if a separate and external voice.

Jaynes posits that the gods heard as voices in the head were and are organizations of the central nervous system. God speaking through man, according to Jaynes, is a more recent vestige of God speaking to man; the product of a more integrated higher self. When the bicameral mind speaks, there is no introspection. We simply experience the Lord telling us what to do.