The Search for Jacques Picquet (A Neal Stanley Adventure)

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Language Ideologies and Media Discourse. London: Continuum. Kress, G. New York: Routledge. Yuniati, Y. MediaTor Jurnal Komunikasi , 10 1 , Wahid, U. User Username Password Remember me. Mediator Indexed by:. Notifications View Subscribe. Font Size. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. The newest drug on the antidepressant shelf sends 35 year-old Laurel into a twilight zone of biochemically altered thoughts. Handcuffed, detained, and drugged against her will, she is not aware of her illness.

She is fully aware of the inhumane View Product. The Adventures of Paddy Beaver.

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BurgessWhen Paddy the Beaver decides to finally build a BurgessWhen Paddy the Beaver decides to finally build a dam to create the lovely pond he longs for in the Green Forest, he attracts lots of attention from his woodland neighbors: no one has Created for Eden. In this Bible study, Neal Cameron takes a simple verse, one we might quickly pass In this Bible study, Neal Cameron takes a simple verse, one we might quickly pass over, and reveals its rich truths.

This verse is Genesis Kill The Kaiser. The Archduke Franz Ferdinand has been assassinated on June 28, , and Europe stumble towards the most destructive war in its history. Master of the Moondog.

Norman L. OUP, Match-Stick Magic. Will Blyth.

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Arthur Pearson, London, , reprinted , British Museum Catalogue of books to Catalogue, The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, or its catalogue. John Bonnycastle?? The first nine editions appeared "without any material alterations". In , he produced a 10th ed. I have a copy of the 7th ed. Johnson, London, and it is identical to the 2nd ed. However, the 9th ed. I also have the 13th ed. Nunn and 11 other publishers, London, This version has an Addenda: A New Method of resolving Numerical Equations, by his son Charles Bonnycastle , but is otherwise identical to the 10th ed.

I will cite these later problems as and will cite the earlier problems as Book of Puzzles. Illustrated with a great Variety of Engravings. NUC, under Frikell, says to see title. Cremer Jr, and one even cites an earlier French book though the given title may not exist! The Preface of The Sociable says that most of the Parlor Theatricals are by Frank Cahill and George Arnold -- this may indicate they had little to do with the parts that interest us. Toole Stott opines that this reference led Harry Price to ascribe these books to these authors.

A publisher's ad in the back says: "The above five books are compiled from the "Sociable" and "Magician's Own. See Magician's Own Book for more about the authorship. Book of Merry Riddles. The Book of Merry Riddles. London, Several reprints. Also known as Prettie Riddles. Reprint of the in: J. Halliwell; The literature of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; London, , pp. Halliwell; The Booke of Merry Riddles, together with proper questions, and witty proverbs, to make pleasant pastime.

Now first reprinted from the unique edition printed at London in the year For the author, London, This was a printing of 25 copies. Erhard Ratdolt, Venice, This is the second commercial arithmetic printed in Italy and was reprinted many times. The 3rd ed of had a title: Libro dabacho. From the 4th ed of , the title was Libro de Abacho, so this is sometimes used as the title for the first editions also.

Rara indicates that the printing was revised to numbered ff by the 4th ed. I have examined a ed. This has numbered ff, but the last three ff contain additional material, though Rara doesn't mention this until the 11th ed of The locations of interest in the ed. Van Egmond's Catalog lists 13 Venetian editions from to It has been conjectured that this was a pseudonym of Luca Pacioli, but there is no evidence for this [R.

Smith; The first great commercial arithmetic; Isis 8 Louis Pierre Marie Bourdon Undated preface in the 7th ed.

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Boy's Own Book. William Clarke, ed. The Boy's Own Book. The bibliography of this book is extremely complex -- by , it was described as having gone through scores of editions. Because of the multiplicity of versions, I have cited it by title rather than by the original editor's name, which is not in any of the books except the modern facsimile though this attribution seems to be generally accepted. I have examined the following versions, sometimes in partial photocopies or imperfect copies. Vizetelly, Branston and Co. It seems that all editions from the 2nd of through the 29th of , pp.

First American Edition. Francis, NY, , pp. Facsimile by Applewood Books, Bedford, Massachusetts, nd [? The American publishers have omitted a few articles, entirely useless on this side of the Atlantic, A number of the woodcuts have been omitted. The section title pages are omitted. Angling, Rabbits, Pigeons, Optics are reduced. Rosamond's Bower is omitted from Paradoxes and Puzzles.

Surprisingly, The Riddler is increased in size. The 2pp Contents is omitted and an 8pp Index is added. It is very different than the English and US editions, listing J. Williams as author. Even when the topic is the same, the text, and often the topic's name, are completely rewritten. I will cite it as Paris. The problem of finding the number of permutations of the letters of the alphabet assumes 24 letters, which makes me wonder if these books are based on some earlier French work.

Heyl is probably the same book, with slight variations in the title, by Dean and Munday, London, c David Bogue, London, , pp.

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Kent late D. Bogue , London, , pp??. For almost all material of interest, this is identical to the ed, so I will rarely if ever? Identical to the ed. Identical to with 20pp of Appendices, so page numbers for material of interest are the same as in , so I will not cite it. Identical to , but having the Appendices and 20 more pages incorporated into a new section.

For almost all material of interest, this is identical to the US ed. I will cite pages with edition dates and edition numbers or locations if needed e. Babcock, New Haven, Connecticut, Other material is charades, etc. Shortz states that this is the first American book with puzzles -- but there were at least five American versions of Boy's Own Book before this and all the material in The Riddler, except some woodcuts, is taken from Boy's Own Book, so this pamphlet seems to be a pirate version.

NUC also lists a version. Boy's Own Conjuring Book. Illustrated with nearly two hundred engravings. Intended as a source of amusement for one thousand and one evenings. Dick and Fitzgerald, NY, Toole Stott cites a letter from Harris B. BMC has pp, c NUC has a pp version, nd. Christopher are five versions from and , though none has the blue cover of my copy.

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Christopher cites Smith's article. Toole Stott is a pp version, I have now compared this with The Magician's Own Book of and it is essentially a minor reworking of that book. The Magician's Own Book has 17 chapters and an answers chapter and a miscellaneous chapter of items which are almost all also listed in the Contents under earlier sections. All together, there are some items. The Boy's Own Conjuring Book copies about of these items essentially directly, completely omitting the chapters on Electricity, Galvanism, Magnetism, Geometry, Art, Secret Writing and Strength, and almost completely omitting the chapter on Acoustics.

Of the items in the other chapters, are copied into the Boy's Own Conjuring Book, and this has in addition two of the acoustic problems, new miscellaneous problems and 38pp of charades, riddles, etc. Boy's Treasury. With four hundred engravings. By Samuel Williams. Bogue, London, Despite the similarity of title, this is quite different from Illustrated Boy's Own Treasury and the similar books of c Toole Stott is another ed. Christopher is a US version of ?

NUC lists 9 versions, all included in Toole Stott. A section of this, with some additional material, was reissued as Games of Skill and Conjuring Williams, including many of the illustrations - indeed they have the same Frontispiece, with S. Williams' name on it. Greek MS, c, Codex Par. I will cite problem numbers and pages from this -- Vogel gives analysis of the methods on pp.

Brahmagupta, c He only states rules, which are sometimes obscure. It appears from Colebrooke, p. Brahmagupta's rules are sometimes so general that one would not recognise their relevance to these examples and I have often not cited Brahmagupta. Some of these comments are taken from Bhaskara I in Hubert Phillips. Brush Up Your Wits. Dent, London, British Society for the History of Mathematics. The produce a useful Newsletter. Gulielmus Rovillius, Lyons, Most of the material is in books IV and V.

Century, e. Philippo Calandri. Frontispiece is labelled "Pictagoras arithmetrice introductor". Van Egmond's Catalog There was a reprint by Bernardo Zucchetta, Florence, --?? There are about 50 of these illustrations, which appear to be woodcuts, but they are quite small, about 25mm 1" square, and the same picture is sometimes repeated for a related but inappropriate problem. Rara reproduces some of these, slightly reduced.

Riccardi [I, col. Filippo Calandri. Copies of the facsimile were exhausted about and repeated requests to the Cassa di Risparmio have not produced a reprint, though they usually send a copy of the text volume every time I write! I have now acquired a example of the 2 vol.

I cite folios from the facsimile volume and pages from the text volume. These are in direct correspondence with the original except for those pages with full page illustrations. The original begins with a blank side with a Frontispiece verso, then 9 sheets 18 pp. The numbered folios then begin and go through The first 80 folio numbers are in elaborate Roman numerals centred at the head of the page. These are sometimes unusually written -- e. The later folios were not originally numbered and were later numbered in the top right corner using Hindu-Arabic numerals.

In Sep , I examined the original MS, though it is on restricted access. The original colours are rather more luminous than in the facsimile, but the facsimile is a first class job. The history of this codex is obscure. It is said to have belonged to Piero di Lorenzo dei Medici and it may be the book catalogued in the library of Francesco Pandolfini, c, as 'uno libretto The Riccardi family collected continuously from their rise in the mid 15C until the library was acquired by the city in A number of items from the Pandolfini catalogue can be identified as being in the Riccardiana.

Van Egmond's dating may be early as some claim this was produced for Giuliano de' Medici, who was born in Una Raccolta di Ragioni. In: Cod. Van Egmond's Catalog identifies this as ff. Ars Magna. Petreium, Nuremberg, ,?? Practica Arithmetice. Bernardini Calusci, Milan, Included in Vol. IV of the Opera Omnia, , see above. Some of the section numbers are omitted in the Opera Omnia and have to be intuited. I will give the folios from the ed. De Rerum Varietate. Henricus Petrus, Basel, ; 2nd ed. III of the Opera Omnia, , see above.

De Subtilitate. Petreium, Nuremberg, ; Basel, ; 6th ed. French ed. I have seen a note that the ed. Richard Carlile. Printed by T. Brice for the author, Exeter, Wallis CAR,?? Includes a number of straightforward problems covered here, but I have only entered the more unusual examples. The Lewis Carroll Picture Book. Stuart Dodgson Collingwood, ed. Fisher Unwin, London, Reprint, in reduced format, Collins, c The pagination of the main text is the same in the original and in both Dover reprints, but is quite different than the Collins.

I will indicate the Collins pages separately. The later Dover has 42 additional photographs. Martin Gardner. The Universe in a Handkerchief. Copernicus Springer, NY , As with Carroll-Wakeling, Carroll material will be dated as ? Lewis Carroll's Games and Puzzles. Newly Compiled and Edited by Edward Wakeling. Dover and the Lewis Carroll Birthplace Trust, This is mostly assembled from various manuscript sheets of Carroll's containing problems which he intended to assemble into a puzzle book.

However, few of the papers are dated and they are simply loose sheets with no indication of being in order, so there is no way to date the undated sheets and I have given a fairly arbitrary date of c? Some items are taken from Carroll's youthful magazines or his correspondence and hence are more precisely dated.

The correspondence is more fully given in Carroll-Collingwood. In response to an inquiry, Wakeling wrote on 28 May and said that some of the Carroll-Price notes were typewritten 'probably using Dodgson's Hammond typewriter, purchased in Carroll-Wakeling II. Rediscovered Lewis Carroll Puzzles. Dover, See the notes to Carroll-Wakeling, above. From at least , Card Games and Parlour Magic were completely revised and later there were a few other small changes.

The title varies slightly. Manson qv is a revision and extension to pp of main text. Peter Friedrich Catel. Mathematisches und physikalisches Kunst-Cabinet, dem Unterrichte und der Belustigung der Jugend gewidmet. Catel in Berlin zu bekommen sind. There is a smaller Vol. Catel' is replaced by 'in der P. Catelschen Handlung', and the publisher is F.

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Lagarde, Berlin, My thanks to M. Folkerts for getting a copy of the example in the Deutsches Museum made for me. All citations are to vol. Many of Bestelmeier's items are taken from Catel. Texts are often copied verbatim, or slightly modified, but usually abbreviated.

helping young people soar.

Bestelmeier was the successor to Catel. History of Puzzles Series. I have not yet made detailed entries from this which gives precise dates for the various parts of these catalogues. Cubism for Fun. Chambers -- see: Fireside Amusements. Charades, Enigmas, and Riddles. Collected by A Cantab.


One such author of about the right time and nature was George Haslehurst. Hall and Son, Cambridge, , HB. The three plates are signed J. This is a substantial expansion of the 3rd ed. I also have photocopy of part of the 5th ed. I will cite them as in the following example. The Journal of Generalised Chess. Produced by G. Girl's Own Book. The Girl's Own Book. The bibliography of this book is confused. According to the Opies [The Singing Game, p. However the earliest edition in the BMC is a 6th ed. I have examined and taken some notes from the 3rd ed.

I have also examined the following. The facsimile is from a copy at Old Sturbridge Village. The back of the modern TP says the book was first published in and the Cataloguing-in-Publication data says it was originally published by Carter, Hendee and Babcock in I am confused but it seems likely that Carter, Hendee and Babcock was the original publisher in Boston in and that that this facsimile is likely to be from or an reprint of the same.

The pagination is different than in the London edition I have seen. The Tenth Edition, with Great Additions. By Mrs. Embellished with Wood Cuts.


Stanley Kissel is a retired Clinical Child Psychologist, who began writting novels following his retirment. He is the author of Recovery in Paris, the first in the Neal. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Stanley Kissel is a retired Clinical Child Psychologist, who.

Has Preface to the Second Edition but no other prefaces. This Preface is identical to that in the NY ed, except that it omits the final P. The NY essentially has the same text, but they have different settings and different illustrations with some consequent rearrangement of sections. However the main difference is that the NY ed omits 41pp of stories. There are a number of minor differences which lead to the NY ed having 9 extra pages of material. The Eleventh Edition, with Great Additions. The Preface is identical to that in the 10th ed, but omits 'to the Second Edition' after Preface.

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Beck'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, Munich, Cowan, Mr. McKeown, Mrs. Nominations are accepted throughout the year and are reviewed every June by the Board's Awards Committee. David Boyter , Dorcas Mrs.

New Edition. Considerably enlarged and modernized by Mrs. Valentine, and others. William Tegg, London, This differs considerably from the previous editions. Valentine, [BMC];. I think there were at least 33 editions. Cf Fireside Amusements, below, which is largely copied from Child. Chiu Chang Suan Ching. Also called Chiu Chang Suan Shu and variously transliterated. German translation by K. My citations will be to chapter and problem, and to the pages in Vogel. Needham said, in , that Wang Ling was translating this, but it doesn't seem to have happened. Some of the material dates from the early Han Dynasty or earlier, say c, but Chap.

The Milbourne Christopher Library. Mike Coveney's Magic Words, Pasadena, References are to item numbers. Christopher II. Recently received,?? Nicolas Chuquet. MS No. The first part of the MS was published by Marre; ibid. I will cite problems by number. There are problems. Nicolas Chuquet, Renaissance Mathematician. A study with extensive translation of Chuquet's mathematical manuscript completed in Reidel, Dordrecht, This studies the entire MS, of which the above Appendice is only the second quarter.

It often gives a full English translation of the text of the problem and the solution, but it may summarize or skip when there are many similar problems. Mental Nuts. Copyright, , by S. Clark, Philadelphia. Makers of Fine Varnishes, Newark, N. Revised Edition. Waltham Watches, Waltham, Massachusetts. This was an promotional item and jewellers would have their address printed on the cover. Thanks to Jerry Slocum for this. In fact there are only 95 problems; numbers 68, 75, 76, 78, 84 are skipped. Revised Edition , with no specific company mentioned. The editions are considerably different.

Only 40 problems occur in all three editions. There are 50 problems common to and , 42 common to and and 71 common to and , though this counting is a bit confused by the fact that problems are sometimes combined or expanded or partly omitted, etc. Solutions are brief. It includes a number of early examples or distinct variants, which is remarkable for a promotional item. I have entered 36 of the problems plus 13 of the problems not in and 7 of the problems not in or Many others are standard examples of topics covered in this work, but are not sufficiently early to be worth entering.

I originally had the ed and cited the problems as on the grounds that editions of this period do not change much, but having now seen the and eds, I realise that the editions are very different, so I will cite the actual dates. Since only the version is paginated, I will just cite problem numbers; the solutions are at the back. Clarke, William. Crux Mathematicorum originally titled Eureka until The College Mathematics Journal.

Henry Thomas Colebrooke , trans. John Murray, London, Frederick Collins. The Book of Puzzles. Appleton and Co. Fun with Figures. Columbia Algorism. Transcribed and edited by K. Vogel; Ein italienisches Rechenbuch aus dem My page references will be to this edition. Van Egmond says it has a title in a later hand: Rascioni de Algorismo. The Algorism is discussed at length in Elizabeth B. Conway, John Horton.

Cowley, Elizabeth B. Canterbury Puzzles. I have found no difference between the 2nd and 4th editions, except Dover has added an extra note on British coins and stamps. I now have a 1st ed, which has different page numbers, but I have not yet added them. Savill, St. Martin's Lane, Photocopy provided by Slocum. It has a list of about puzzles on pp. Unfortunately there are no pictures. Comparison with Hoffmann helped identify some of the puzzles, but I can not identify many of them. I have marked almost all these entries with??

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Some of the names are so distinctive that it seems certain that the item does fit where I have cited it; others are rather speculative. There are several names which may turn up with more investigation. Toole Stott says there should be 48pp, though the later pages may be the added material on gambling. Cremer, William Henry, Jr. Cambridge University Press.

This is a reprint of Loyd's "Our Puzzle Magazine", a quarterly which started in June and ran till See OPM for details. Sidney W. George Johnson, London,