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Desda details with powerful precision and clarity what has otherwise been so elusive to our understanding of what we, in essence, truly are. Your Sacred Anatomy skillfully lets us in to the mysterious complexity of our deepest nature, with wisdom, gentleness, love and grace. I think this paradigm shifting book speaks to the everyday genius in us all, with a compassionate and encouraging voice that wakes us up to our biggest selves. I cannot imagine a more worthwhile book to read and own. I only wish I had grown up with the knowledge contained in its pages- but now we all can.

Thank you Desda for this priceless and life changing gift!

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I have been working with Desda for eleven years. It is very exciting for me to have this beautiful book in my hands so I can see what Desda sees when we are doing healing work together. Thank you Desda for sharing your gift with us. There is much to be learned from this breathtakingly beautiful book.

I am not a practitioner in the healing arts and am just getting acquainted with my non corporeal spiritual self. This book invites anyone to start the journey. Desda has a light touch. It is neither dogmatic nor didactic. She knows that much of her work is new to people. She has no problem poking fun at herself. Anyone not already immersed in this field will be enlightened by this book. The illustrations are gorgeous. It is worth your time and your money to become entranced by this book.

This book and Ms. On the most basic level, just being able to stay physically and energetically expanded, centered and compassionate during the midst of a contentious staff meeting was a revelation. Rather than struggling to decompress and running for a glass of wine at the end of a long day, using these techniques throughout my day I feel energized, safe and more present in my body.

Other books with similar titles that come up when you look for subtle anatomy are good! Just holding the book, having it in your office and looking at the pictures has an impact that facilitates healing. The book has its own energy field! If on the other hand you are like me: the more detail the better! No matter who you are, if you use some of the processes and meditations, you can have a profound healing.

This book will have a profound impact on the Energy Healing Community and health care overall. Count on it!! Her illustrations beautifully support the concepts presented. Patterns of EEG coherence, power and contingent negative variation characterize the integration of transcendental and waking states. Biol Psychol. Evidence for Bose condensation-like excitation of coherent modes in biological systems. Physics Lett A. Pokorny J.

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The conscious universe: the scientific truth of psychic Phenomena. New York: Harper One; Entangled minds: extrasensory experiences in a quantum reality. How consciousness becomes the physical universe.

J Cosmol. A consciousness-based science: From quanta to qualia. Brain, mind, cosmos: The nature of our existence and the universe. Quantum biology. Nat Phys. Particle size as well as the surface area have a major effect on dissolution of a compound in a solvent, because the surface energy influenced by surface area and chemical affinity is the driving factor for dissolution efficiency [48, 49].

The surface area for both the control and Biofield Energy Treated zinc chloride samples was analyzed and the results are presented in Table 2. The control sample showed surface area of 3. The result showed 5. Kale et al. The various reasons to increase the particle size are enhanced the powder flowability, improved product shape and appearance [50]. It is presumed that the Biofield Energy Healing Treatment i. XRD data also supported that the Biofield Energy Healing Treatment could alter the size, shape, and appearance of zinc chloride. Figure 2.

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The peaks found in the control IR spectrum were at , , , and cm -1 , whereas the Biofield Energy Treated zinc chloride showed the peaks at , , , and cm The strong and broad absorption band centered at and cm -1 , while the H-O-H bending motion was noticed at cm -1 in the FT-IR spectra indicated the presence of the lattice water in both the control and Biofield Energy Treated zinc chloride samples. The fingerprint region of the Biofield Energy Treated and control samples was remained same. From the literature, it has been found that metal stretching absorption band for inorganic materials was found in the cm -1 region [51].

In control spectrum, metal-halogen Zn-Cl stretching was shown at cm -1 , whereas it was displayed in the Biofield Energy Treated sample at cm Overall, IR peaks of the Biofield Energy Treated zinc chloride did not show any significant changes with respect to the control sample. These type of electronic transitions are happened when the difference in energy between the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital LUMO and the highest occupied molecular orbital HOMO is significantly higher than the activation energy of the compound [52].

Figure 3. UV-vis spectra of the control and Biofield Energy Treated zinc chloride. Thus, the structural configuration or activation energy of the Biofield Energy Treated sample was not changed as compared to the control sample. The TGA thermogram of both the control and Biofield Energy Treated samples exhibited two steps thermal degradation and mentioned in Table 3. The pattern of the thermal degradation of the control zinc chloride was nearly matched with the reported data [53].

The weight loss of the 1 st step 8.

Empowering Quantum Technology.

Figure 4. Table 3. Thermal degradation steps of the control and Biofield Energy Treated zinc chloride. The total weight loss of the Biofield Energy Treated sample Overall, the TGA study revealed that the Biofield Energy Treated zinc chloride was thermally more stable as compared with the control sample. The decomposition temperature and enthalpy of decomposition of both the control and Biofield Energy Treated zinc chloride are presented in Table 4. A significant increase The onset and endset decomposition temperatures of the Biofield Energy Treated sample were significantly increased by The control zinc chloride exhibited the enthalpy decomposition of The results as shown in Table 4, indicated a significant increase in the enthalpy of decomposition by It is anticipated that Biofield Energy Treatment might enhance the internal energy in zinc chloride that leads to increase in the enthalpy of decomposition as well as thermal stability of the Biofield Energy Treated sample.

Figure 5. The enhanced thermal stability of a drug is an advantage in the maintenance of the product in long term storage condition throughout the shelf-life for any pharmaceutical formulations [54]. Table 4. The particle size analysis indicated a significant increment in the particle size of the treated zinc chloride at d 10 , d 50 , and d 90 by 8. Consequently, the surface area analysis indicated 5. The weight loss of the treated zinc chloride in 1 st and 2 nd step degradation was significantly decreased by The DSC analysis exhibited a significant increase in the decomposition temperature by The TGA and DSC analysis exhibited that the treated zinc chloride was found to be thermally more stable compared with the control sample.

Coordn Chem Rev Science Gielen, E. Tiekink Eds.


The Structure of Energy Healing (The Structure of Energy Fields Book 1) - Kindle edition by Kay Urlich. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ The Structure of Energy Healing (The Structure of Energy Fields Book 1) eBook: Kay Urlich: Kindle Store.

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