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A Love Cursed
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After I met her my mom lost my childhood home. I was only 19 at the time. I had never been able to manage to save any money.

The Easiest Way to Break a Curse or Hex (and Keep It Broken!)

No one on earth seems to even like me even the ppl who claim to love me. I watched my friends just go out and do stuff with no problems but when I try I get knocked down every time. I was told by the psychic that the woman I am dealing with had been doing this crap for years. She was confronted by her son unbeknownst to me and the very next day I found black markings on my doorstep. Now I just feel trapped. I am exhausted. I was told by the psychic that she was aiming to make this permanent on my life. This is no way to live. I need help and no idea what to do anymore! No one should have to live like this.

Im so depress i just want to end my life ive done nothing wrong and everuhings a mess and nothings going right! And ive always believed in god ive never new shit about this and i just cant take this shit i wana go get the girl and her mom myself idk what to do im so broke i hardly have even a dollar idk. Please someone tell her to try marijuna oil i know people that had brain tumor and still with us. The list is lo g and keeps deletein. Ive been a good honest person my whole life.

I dont steal and always give. Even broke i give money to people on the road with signs even if its a lie. A good god believing person screwed me out of , dollars because he made a mistake.

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Please advise as I believe it's going to take more than a salt bath especially if it is a hex. This is used to prevent bots and spam. She has a way of writing a story that makes you fall in love with the characters. What is that? All they do is complain, and gossip.

Now he wont even give 10, back and he can easy. A friends wife stole 32, out a bussiness i had with her husband and i only got some back. Then she stole from where she worked and when she got fired they gave her months off with pay and 30, Now im broke and my life sucks there all doing great where the Karma people talk about. Good people finish last. Sucks its that way but ive got nothing to look forward to.

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My sister is dying of cancer , l can't help but think that it's some sort of karma as she wasn't very nice. This time around, I'm struggling to feel anything but thst she probably deserves what she has - sounds mean, l know - but when you realise. We must continue to pray for our enemies, and stay covered by the blood of Jesus , this is the only protection that we have, thank you all for the wonderful comments , testimonies and kind words, just know your not in it alone, leave it in God's hands and live your best life , the enemy hates that. Hi my name is Maria ,I read a book by Sid Roth supernatural healing.

The book tells us to pray Plams 91 from the bible for other or for yourself. Its speeking Gods word overyourself and will protect you. This really works as I pray this alot. May God bless you. I want to add that I prayed Psalms 91 over my brotherinlaw when he was on serious condiition at hospital due to a mistake on the doctors part and God helped him.

It may be hard being a Christian at times, but not being a Christian can be way worse in the end ,especially if you're not living in a wholesome way. Some may only have known one way to live , I'd suggest getting prayed over by good Christians in spiritual Church. Not acknowledging God won't protect, because if you're not with God , there's only one other option. Living a good life as a Christian eg helping others when you can isn't that much different than just being a good person - not too much sacrifice. This life is a test , l know it's an inconvenient thought for many, but compare a human life with eternity.

Eventually they will die an eternal spiritual death. One shouldn't t have the attitude that they can pray for forgiveness on their deathbed as death could take them by surprise. It's important to not get caught up in retaliation even though it's very tempting as this becomes a cycle - keep putting it in God's hands. Eg I'm broke, ;lonely , nothing seems to come to fruition - I'm beginning to lose hope which isone of the worst things that can happen.

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I've always tried to live a good life without much recognition. Help take this hex off of me! It's going to kill me by the way my life has been affected including my health. I have no expierence in witchcraft and need lots of people cuz I believe there is a group. Please help. I was taken abroad when I was 16 and had an arranged marriage. I can honestly say I have never had anything good happen to me apart from my beautiful son.

This all started when I went to India all those years ago. Chaos, my half sister has always been jealous of me. She hexed me and all i ever did was love her? My husband and I have been separated for over 2 years. He met this girl they are on methamphetamines. He got in touch with me we started hanging out and was thinking about working things out.

This made the girl mad she got him so far on drugs that he lost his house she sold all his property for drugs he lost his job when we were hanging out and he got a new job and was trying to get his life back and getting off the drugs. She came back into his life and now has total control over everything in his life. I think he has a spell cast on him because I've noticed on her Facebook she's into some bad stuff. I've known him for ten years you cannot control this man but she has total control.

She's got him mad at everybody he is not allowed to be on his Facebook he's not allowed to answer his phone he's not allowed to go anywhere. This is why I think she has some type of spell cast on him is there any way that you could help me get that off of him I get him back to himself he has abandoned his dog his children and his grandchildren his friends. He's a very sociable person and now he's like hidden away I need help please.

She is not her same self, she has no feelings towards her parents anymore and has deattached herself completely. I need help urgently , she is my baby and is only 11! My sister by think put a curse on me and it's making me I'm not happy I've never been happy with little I need help I don't know what to do get this curse. I want to get this women away from my son.

Because she got something on him and he not thinking right at all. She always come in my yard smiling at me because she got my son in her hands. If i dont have bathe tube to soak myself in can i use it to bath from the bucket? I can leave my body to dry naturally. I've also had wicked things done to me my whole life , starting with my family! I now realise many things as l prayed for revelation.

People putting evil on others are not in their right minds - they are being driven by an evil force guess who? For this reason one should pray over their enemies. Feel sorry for them that their minds are consumed with hate. When I already know that I have been subjected to wisdom snd knowledge freedom of how speech is spoken of how intelligence is righteous and how progressive development of a natural humane soul is within its basis of law.

I need some help. Everything was going good for me in my life untill my husband. We are no longer together. But I think he has his spell he once told me that he put on me. Is still on me. I need help. It sounds more like Gigibaker's story on here but it was my husband instead of cousin. I am so happy to find a place to talk about this. My cousin did black magic on me for almost 2 years. She was sleeping with my boyfriend while i was living with him and with whom I went thru hell and an ectopic pregnancy and even physical abuse.

She turned all my friends against me, and even the other guys I dated after she has done sexual things with. She talked to 3 of them at the same time even now and she made me the bad person. She taught my friends to go to places to do voodo to me. She even caused my car accident which I was about not to walk ever again. I run to a psychic on the road a few weeks after my accident and she told me to go to her and have a reading as I looked like something bad was happening, at first I hesitated but then was like why not.

So I went the woman told me that this cousin wanted me dead, and she was amazed I was still alive after all the curse that was put on me!! So I went to another psychic teo different towns apart just to see what she had to say, and the other one said the exact same thing. I guess when you got a good heart, never hurt anyone and you do good things for people, God does look upon you!

She used my clothing, my exes clothing and she even took my hair to do black magic on. All this while she was doing black magic to me and I was suffering emotionally and financially without knowing the cause of it. My relationships were a mess and no one would commit to me. Even my relationship with my mom was a disaster, the most important person in my life and I as fighting with her everyday for no apparent reason. After all she did, after all I went thru, I still do not curse the cousin or wish her bad luck. So life really hasn't been kind for My dad and I our lives just go from bad to worse my grandmother told me when dad was younger he had the Greek curse evil eye but see knew the ritual and preformed it on him but I just feel even through I try not to that something over us what to do to find out if there's is?

Kayla believe me I understand your frustration because I am also facing similar situation. This girl was suppose to be my best friend she was going at any length to have life my first sign was bad luck then demonic attacks, then I could see my money when I got paid I was always broke and feeling possessive then I started to have awful breakout in my face no man would look at me and end up have move out of my apartment to live with family members including her move and went to stay with a her friend and 3 weeks after guess who moved into the very same apartment I have to move out of?

That same girl I was so shocked I cried to God for mercy because I worked as a single mother and helped this girl out of the kindness of my heart. One night again my car broke down on at work I was stuck there until 5am when I got my elder sister on the phone she sent a Uber for me. The next day i got in contact with 2 more ritualist one from Atlanta and another from my country the one from Atlanta words was someone is about to get your head you need help fast and the lady from my country said I am not trying to scare you but u can go to sleep and not wake up any day now.

I have the major part complete which is the death treats a little bad luck is still there and going back to put back the fire in my hands. Be careful who you call friends who u help because once jealousy enters the mind your own friends will plan to take your life and the worse part is hex is a struggle to get rid of is like gaining weight easily but struggling to get it off.

How do i stop this person from cursing people i care for and how do i stop them from putting curses on others? I believe I was cursed in a state university art college almost 8 years ago by who I am quite sure is a dark occultist and sex predator named Robert Rivers. This curse had led me and other young women to follow that professor and, overdose on drugs many times the 2 years I had been going there and it also kept me an outcast and emotionally broke me down to the point that i could barely dress myself to look decent And so i was outcasted there, scapegoated for Rivers sexual abuse of his students, and called crazy because of it The situation twisted up my mind The curse had kept a very strong hold on me for almost 8 years til a year ago I had a spiritual awakening and began seeking Christ I think I need serious help with this curse if anyone has resource information.

That situation still rests on me to this day and possibly has gone on in past lifetimes of this man and his coworkers abusing students in a psychopathic web, where i am at a loss in exposing this evil. Im serious but the curse on me is everytime I jerk of or have sex i get bad luck for that day or the day after mostly coming late or just some other bs so i jerked off in a perfect moment came on time and when i came home my ipad that was in my bag and which kve been using for over 3 years suddenly had a cracked screen and i dont know how.

A curse has been on the head of my family which is me now for years. Placed on my great grandfather with the last breaths of a dying man It isn't pretty. Baptisms and holy waters made it mad If that tells you anything. Lunar My grandmother read cards for years using only playing cards.

She had a core group of people who would see her and felt she was very accurate. Many people use standard playing cards for readings especially considering the price of some decks or maybe they just like the anonymity of it. There is still a wisdom in silence and doing your work quietly. At one time, it was not "cool" to display or even own Tarot cards. Hell, a deck of everyday playing cards was enough to get you trouble from a local church. So women did what they had to do.

Also, Tarot cards are based on playing cards. That is where the correlation between suits and numbers come from. I don't do things I used to love. I always iv always been in a relationship since I'm happiest when I'm sharing daily love. I am in love with my three children. I haven't had a friend for years.

The Love Curse: Are People Unlucky in Love or Is it Their Own Fault?

I went to 3 different hospitals to get surgery was neglected and never got the surgery I need. This is so stupid Theres so many ways and this is the most misleading piece of crap ive ever read. Using selenite is basic stuff but it wont rid a curse. If you believe you are cursed look into a real hoodoo witch not an exemplor article. Some curses can even be dangerous to unhex because the person who did it can have you KILLED if they find out you are trying to.

Its best to see a real person not take advice from someone who doesnt even know what tarot cards are. Tarot doesnt have jokers or aces those are as you said, playing cards. Tarot is not a play thing it is an oracle. I pulled 2 cards, the third was an ace, in the second stack I pulled 1 card, it was an ace, and finally in the third stack I pulled 3 cards and the forth was an ace, I have only 3 aces in my deck, now I have no doubt I'm cursed. Think someone has cursed my family for many many years so many people have died and other hard family things like really bad bad luck.

Thank you this should help me I've been cursed with a bad luck hex for 12 years in a row I'm tired. I have been told repeatedly and more recently by mediums etc that I was cursed as a child out of jelouse Nature and that is why no matter how Good I am or how hard I try, things just don't go as intended. Honestly, great article, but I can tell you're a wiccan or a "light path" follower because of how you handle the description of the curses, specifically the one on lessons. That sort of shaming towards cursing for justice is abusive and gaslighting, witches who practice revenge and justice curses are just trying to do something to get back on their wrongdoers, and many a time those witches are just hurting from abuse and feel like that's the last resource they have in their hands to get some control back on their situation that has forcibly put them on a position of powerlessness.

It's disgusting to tell people to "just forgive and move on," no one can tell an abused person that, people have to work through their grief, and calling for justice definitely should not be placed in such a bad eye, mainly considering many a time those abusers never see any sort of punishment from anyone else, even society. So no, I have to disagree with you deeply at how you worded about curses, you made it seem like cursing to get justice is as bad, if not worse than a binding, which IMO is WAY worse, since you're inflicting emotional and psychological pain, which goes far beyond some karma.

Kayla - I have read your comments and just wanted you to see in case you came back on here that someone is reading and someone cares. It's definitely not an easy world to live in these days, and it definitely sounds like you're depressed. Have you tried reaching out for help IRL? I hope that you'll consider telling someone in your life that you trust about how you're feeling so they can help you get the help that you need.

I'll be sending you tons of Love and Light! The probability of not getting aces using this method is almost zero. If you had said randomly draw 3 cards that would make sense but you are effectively drawings 30 cards from 52 and hoping you don't draw an ace which is just stupid. You will draw aces and highly likely 3. Literally every Endeavor I have put together and I am very detail-oriented has fell apart has failed I have had numerous businesses personal relationships they have all failed it seems like money just Escapes Me so am I cursed.

I would like to break this type of curse or a spell that came from this girl without using any magical things i just want it to be simple but maybe it won't be that simple as i think it is. Im just tired of being depressed like this because my life and even my spirit has been down lately since Im really tired of it. I will pray to jesus to help me heal and keep me safe. I just need help maybe psychological help. She's been to our house a total of two times. The first time she came, my dad left his job and now our financial situation isn't great.

The second time, she made her son skip his exams just to meet us, but that's uncharacteristic of her since she skips all the weddings in our family because of said son's studies. But that's not all. My mum complimented her watch which was quite expensive, fyi , and not two minutes later she's sitting with the watch in her hand, muttering under her breath my mum was busy in the kitchen, but she got a glimpse.

Then she gave my mum the watch.

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I need help or a spiritual healer that won't be a scam for any circumstances whatsoever. Anyway I am so sick and tired of being this way because in my mind, my mind is blocked from all my thoughts and it comes naturally to me but in i started to become depressed and depression is a symptom of a curse and i never been depressed before.


I am acting forgetful and probably memory loss too. I don't know what it is i mean i do know who did this to me simply because she doesn't like me. But all im doing is taking one day at a time but still im depressed and i eat healthy and stuff like that i just don't like being this way i was happy and find until my mind became tormented by this girl.

I cry just about everyday because of the way I am right now and I just need help im tired of everything and I'm only 18 and I'm depressed. Thanks, id say an amatuer was trying to curse me but my protections are high so it showed in observable odd ways.

Made a talisman and did the bath cleanse with oak amd rosemary thank you! Feeling great! There are a number of different ways to break a spell that is causing you harm, and those will vary depending on the guidelines and tenets of your tradition. However, the methods we're going to discuss now are some of the most popular means of breaking a curse or hex. This is especially effective if you know the identity of the person who is sending bad mojo your way.

There are several methods of creating a magic mirror. The first, and simplest, is to use a single mirror. First, consecrate the mirror like you would any other of your magical tools. Place the mirror, standing up, in a bowl of black salt , which is used in many hoodoo traditions to provide protection and repel negativity.

In the bowl, facing the mirror, place something that represents your target - the person who is cursing you. This can be a photo, a business card, a small doll, an item that they own, or even their name written on a piece of paper. DeAwnah is a practitioner of traditional folk magic in north Georgia, and says, "I use mirrors a lot.

Breaking a Curse or Hex

It comes in handy to break curses and hexes, especially if I'm not exactly sure who the source is. It bounces everything back to the person who originally cast it. A similar technique is to create a mirror box. You may use black salt if you wish to add a little more magical oomph. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview For fans of r.

Born to Love, Cursed to Feel is about loveā€”the good, the bad, and the confusing. The poetry is frequently written in a narrative manner that evocatively pulls you in and makes you feel. This book is about falling in love, bad decisions, and ultimately growth. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Samantha King Holmes has been writing since the age of She took up the pen during a tough time in her life and it evolved from song writing into poetry.

Not always able to articulate how she felt, poetry became her therapy. The compilation of poems over the years takes you through the various stages of her life, almost like a diary. The essence of who she was and is becoming can be found in her words. She currently resides in New York with r. Average Review.