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Affectation Sentence Examples. But there was no affectation in her assumption of a becoming bearing or in her picturesque words.

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His style is copious and flexible; abundantly idiomatic, but without any affectation of being so, it carries with it the force and freshness of popular speech, while it lacks not at the same time a flavour of academic culture. There is no affectation about them, and as they come straight from your heart, so they go straight to mine. The short-sighted policy of the amir Abdur Rahman in discouraging imports doubtless affected the balance, nor did his affectation of ignoring the railway between New Chaman and Kila Abdulla on the Peshin side of the Khojak conduce to the improvement of trade.

It would not be difficult to show that the reaction in the i 8th century against literary and class affectation - however editorial and bookish it was in the choice of subjects and forms - was in reality a re-expression of the old themes in the old ways, which had never been forgotten, even when Middle Scots, Jacobean and early 18th-century verse-fashions were strongest.

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Curiously, Apotheosis is used by the Latin Christian poet, Prudentius c. But he is always ingenious, often witty, and nobody has carried farther than he the harmony of diction, sometimes marred by an affectation of symmetry and an excessive use of antithesis.

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Love words? The "purposed affectation " sprang from an unaffected delight in gauds of attire, gauds of fancy and expression. Studies in Colluthus' Abduction of Helen. The thesaurus of synonyms and related words is fully integrated into the dictionary. The florid style is a mixture of affectation and common-place. Lichtenberg : Affectation is a very good word when someone does not wish to confess to what he would none the less like to believe of himself. Halidom pseud.

He renewed former acquaintance, however, with the " poet " Mallet, and through him gained access to Lady Hervey's circle, where a congenial admiration, not to say affectation , of French manners and literature made him a welcome guest. There is a curious affectation about his style - a falsetto note - which, notwithstanding all his efforts to please, is often irritating to the reader.

Af ter the death of Holberg, the affectation of Gallicism had reappeared in Denmark; and the tragedies of Voltaire, with their stilted rhetoric, were the most popular dramas of the day. To him also belongs the great merit of liberating Russian preaching from the fetters of Polish turgidity and affectation by introducing popular themes and a simple style into Orthodox pulpit eloquence. Change your default dictionary to American English.

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