Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate - Vital Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate You Didnt Know

Go Over to the Dark Side. Of Chocolate, That Is
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Six Benefits of Dark Chocolate

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Dark Chocolate: Good For Your Brain! | Psychology Today

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Weekly chocolate consumption helps heart

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate - Vital Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate You Didn't Know eBook: Eddie Macah: Kindle Store. Here is a guide to nine of dark chocolate's health benefits. It has long been known as healthy food, and even ancient tribes like the When we judge the health properties of food, we shouldn't first look at the Sunlight is vital for our health and offers a beneficial boost to vitamin D and nitric oxide levels.

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Share with facebook. Share with twitter. Share with linkedin. Share using email. Those who had one to three servings a month had a 26 percent lower risk. However, the study noted that including small amounts of dark chocolate in the diet could help lower blood pressure and that some studies indicate the flavonoids in chocolate help improve heart blood vessel function. Additionally, it has beneficial impacts on levels of alertness, focus, and energy Research also suggests that dark chocolate or cacao might be a useful aid for patients suffering from depression or mental health issues.

However, almost everyone agrees that high-density lipoprotein HDL is beneficial and that a higher number is positive. As we discussed earlier, LDL can become problematic if it remains in circulation long enough to oxidize and this makes a higher amount of HDL ideal. On the positive side, dark chocolate repeatedly increases the concentration of HDL in clinical and randomized controlled studies 18 , 19 , High levels of HDL are believed to be one of the most significant protective factors against cardiovascular disease, so this is a nice health benefit of dark chocolate Furthermore, dark chocolate typically improves other cardiac health markers such as insulin sensitivity, inflammation, and blood pressure There is a wealth of studies showing the benefits of these compounds, and a higher intake is associated with a reduced rate of most chronic diseases 25 , 26 , For instance, their mechanisms potentially play a role in fighting inflammation and possibly reducing the early development of cancer and various neurological diseases.

Otherwise known as PEA, Phenylethylamine is another compound found in chocolate that acts as a mild central nervous system CNS stimulant. Interestingly, research suggests that phenylethylamine may improve mood and reduce the risk of depression 28 , If this was an article about the health benefits of some insect food or organ meat, then it might be a hard sell. As with most things in the nutrition world, almost all foods have some negative points.

Dark chocolate is no exception.

6 Dark Chocolate Benefits: Reasons to Indulge

First of all, chocolate has a history of being contaminated with lead. One study in this area found that dark chocolate contained roughly 30 to 70 nanograms of lead per gram However, the researcher behind this study, Charley W. That said, it is worth noting that Californian food safety laws are notoriously strict.

As an example, against mainstream scientific consensus, California recently considered classing coffee as a carcinogen and putting warnings on all coffee labels For further analysis of lead in chocolate, you can read more in this news article. However, others try to avoid every source of sugar—even the small amounts contained in extra dark chocolate. It is generally a good idea to limit sugar, but the small amounts in dark chocolate are not worth worrying about.

Another clear difference is that milk chocolate has a much milder flavor due to the reduced cocoa content.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

However, due to the reduced cocoa content and increased sugar, the nutrients occur in much smaller quantities. While dark chocolate contains nanograms, milk chocolate only contains nanograms of lead per gram Although the cocoa in milk chocolate is beneficial, there is just too much negative effect from the sugar.

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These added blood vessels can help provide the healthy oxygenation your skin needs to help protect itself and give a youthful glow. Last, but by no means least, is the unique bitter taste of dark chocolate. Smooth, sophisticated, scrumptious…some days, just nothing else will do!

6 reasons to love dark chocolate

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