Mémoires de Saint-Simon, livre 2, tomes 11 à 20 (French Edition)

Mémoires du duc de Saint-Simon
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Voir Arch. Gabriel de Rochechouart , marquis puis duc et pair de Mortemart.

Thoinan, Paris, , p. III, p.

Saint-Simon: une oeuvre pour notre temps?

Champion, , passim. Michel Lambert ? Voir Bibl. Luigi Rossi dit aussi Aloysius de Rubeis Compositeur italien. IV, p. XI, p. III, art. Hachette, coll. Pierre de La Porte, op.

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Anna Bergerotti. Jonckbloet et J. Land, Leyde, E. Brill, , passim. Auguste Jal, op. La vue magnifique donnait sur le parterre du Midi. IV, , p. Plon, , p.

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Le Roi, Paris, , p. Marquis de Sourches, op. Voir aussi marquis de Dangeau, op. Voir marquis de Sourches, op. Yet he posthumously acquired great literary fame. He was an indefatigable writer, and he began very early to record all the gossip he collected, all his interminable legal disputes over precedence, and a vast mass of unclassified material. Most of his manuscripts were retrieved by the Crown and it was long before their contents were fully published: partly in the form of notes in the marquis de Dangeau 's Journal , partly in both original and independent memoirs, partly in scattered and multifarious extracts, he had committed to paper an immense amount of material.

On the one hand, he is petty, unjust to private enemies and to those who espoused public views contrary to his as well as being an incessant gossip. Yet he shows a great skill for narrative and for character-drawing; he has been compared to Tacitus , and to historians such as Livy.

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Proposition de mariage conduite par Mlle de Conti entre une fille de M. Rating details. As he did not receive further promotion in the army, he resigned his commission in , thereby incurring Louis XIV's displeasure. Couverture rigide. Niert, premier valet de chambre du Roi, fit hier signer S. Some features of WorldCat will not be available.

He is at the same time not a writer who can be "sampled" easily, [1] inasmuch as his most characteristic passages sometimes occur in the midst of long stretches of quite uninteresting diatribe. His vocabulary was extreme and inventive; he is deemed to have first used the word "intellectual" as a noun, and "patriot" and "publicity" are also accredited as being introduced by him in their current usage. A few critical studies of him, especially those of Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve , are the basis of much that has been written about him.

His most famous passages, such as the account of the death of the Dauphin, or of the Bed of Justice where his enemy, Louis-Auguste de Bourbon, duc du Maine , was degraded, do not give a fair idea of his talent. These are his celebrated pieces, his great "engines," as French art slang calls them.

Much more noteworthy as well as more frequent are the sudden touches which he gives. The bishops are " cuistres violets " purple pedants ; " M. They had three children: [2].

Louis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon

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