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The tracks for Once In A While were recorded alongside the songs for his last album, 's In Full Swing- and material for another, future record- in a marathon session at London's legendary Abbey Road Studio 2, the room in which the Beatles cut the majority of their catalogue. Unlike the hard-charging big band swing of his previous project, the thirteen songs on this album are all ballads that MacFarlane says "deal with longing, lost love, and sadness, infused with fond recollection and a hint of hope.

The show was professionally recorded, possibly for eventual release, but was soon forgotten and the tape languished in the vaults for almost 58 years. This recording and this quartet both serve as a sort of "road not taken" for Stan Getz. Having just returned from living in Europe, Getz assembled a new quartet and was exploring a slightly more modern and aggressive sound with this group.

Steve Kuhn had only recently finished playing with John Coltrane's quartet and a more modern music and sound - personified by Coltrane - was gaining popularity. Sonata Dementia follows on the success of the ensemble's Vol. Early reviews recognize Partch as "truly one of a kind, and the group PARTCH does a wonderful job of capturing both the letter and the spirit of his music.

Of the new version, Chloe says, ""One of best things about being an instrumentalist is that I can arrange almost any song into a peaceful piano song! Upon release, the track debuted at the top of iTunes' Classical Chart, holding the No. Following the track's debut, Chloe premiered her first-ever music video for the track, which also notched a top spot on iTunes' Classical music video chart and reached the top 10 on iTunes' overall music video charts upon its release.

Records , the year-old pianist, singer, and composer returns with the poignant, Secrets of My Heart, reuniting with noted Australian composer, arranger, and events music director, Chong Lim, who produced her first two discs — Don't Tempt Me and Close Your Eyes. Half-hearted concessions to freedom of expression were not enough to hold Rudolf Nureyev in the Soviet Union. The young dancer, a superstar soloist of the Kirov Ballet, caused an international sensation when he became the first Soviet artist to defect to the West during the Cold War.

The White Crow, a new film directed by Ralph Fiennes, charts Nureyev's journey from childhood poverty in Siberia and meteoric rise as a principal dancer to the decisive moment of his defection in June at Le Bourget airport in Paris. The story's personal and political drama surges through Sir David Hare's screenplay and is intensified by the austere beauty of Ilan Eshkeri's original score. Ludovico Einaudi has played piano on an Arctic glacier, performed at huge pop music festivals, and become the most-streamed classical artist in the world, but the composer and pianist's new album may be his most ambitious project yet.

Einaudi also announces today his signing of a new worldwide contract with Decca Records, under Universal Music Group. Amelia Piscitelli, violin o? Steve Robinson, narrator o? Drostan Hall, conductor. Enjoy this fabulous educational recording of Vivaldi's Four Seasons brilliantly performed by seventeen year old violinist Amelia Piscitelli and Camerata Chicago conducted by Drostan Hall.

This Double CD set is replete with poetry written by Vivaldi himself and incorporates more than twenty musical examples of seasonal elements and characters cleverly depicted in the music - all beautifully narrated by Steve Robinson of WFMT radio station fame. Disc 1: Narrator Steve Robinson guides you through this iconic work, season by season, movement by movement, with explanations, musical examples, Vivaldi's poetry and the music itself. Disc 2: Complete recording of the four violin concerti comprising The Four Seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - each of which has three movements.

The performance is first class from young violinist, Amelia Piscitelli and Camerata Chicago, led by Drostan Hall, while the narrative from Steve Robinson is highly informative and expertly delivered. I give this recording my highest recommendation. After giving eight years of his life, creatively and emotionally, to his three-part The Family Tree series -- The Roots , The Branches , and The Leaves -- Cooper had indeed lost touch with hope. He'd too long grasped ideas and perceptions that held him back from peace.

Speaking with a professional finally enabled him to let go, something he's honored by naming his new effort Therapy. On Therapy, Radical Face has let go of all his past narratives. Instead of an intricate saga, he's kept his parameters simple. Instead of acoustic folk, he's written lush compositions.

Instead of his troubled past, he's focused on his scarred present. Unsure yet confident, battered yet resilient, Cooper is taking Radical Face in a poignant new direction. And there's hope there. The complementary releases both feature previously unreleased music and superstar duets with the likes of Bono, Elton John, James Brown, Lou Reed, and more. Isata will be joining forces with an all-female line-up to champion the significance of women musicians throughout the years, and their influence on the classical musical canon.

The recording features Clara Schumann's Piano Concerto in A minor, written at the age of fourteen, performed by the composer at Leipzig Gewandhaus two years later under the baton of Felix Mendelssohn. Capturing a rare performance of one of the world's most acclaimed pianists as a chamber musician, this live album is a new gem in DG's vast catalog. The rehersal and preparation process for the recording created space for a true meeting of minds, allowing Kissin and the Emersons to preserve their individual characteristics while revealing qualities unique to their collaboration.

Ideas tested in the rehearsal room were subsequently forged in the heat of performance, unleashing elemental shifts between Classical heroism and Romantic introspection, and drawing out points of dramatic tension and release. Everything flowed, nothing became fixed as Kissin and the Emersons moved from one concert to the next.

The composers use very different musical approaches and sonic techniques in response to their chosen spaces. Here is a Schubert recording for our times, made in a small hall in Bonn on a historically appropriate instrument intended for an intimate setting. An interpretation of subtle nuances, fine shadings and regional flavors, emphasizing the cultural framework that defined this music. In the liner notes, Schiff explained his conversion "from Saul to Paul", advocating a historically informed style of playing on instruments used in the classical era and describing the tonal characteristics of the Brodmann piano.

The timbre of the instrument, he reasoned, reflected "a typically Viennese quality, gentle, melancholy, and song-like".

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And since Schubert, like no other composer, used "the soft notes, the quietest sounds" to touch our hearts, the excellently preserved Brodmann with its four pedals serves these "quietest sounds" particularly well. Three works by Salonen are followed by four of Saariaho's, linked by a chiacona by seventeenth-century Modenese composer Giuseppe Colombi that inspired the last of Salonen's pieces Sarabande per un coyote and the first of Saariaho's Dreaming Chaconne.

Both are components of the Mystery Variations, commissioned from thirty-one leading composers by Finnish cellist Anssi Karttunen in This recording captures the live performance in Los Angeles on February 8, A team of Hollywood female film composers and documentary creator Amy Andersson have joined forces to produce a social justice concert experience. With thrilling live-to-screen visuals and a full symphony orchestra, this is unique experience is not to be missed!

The new album "Tokyo Stories" captures Francesco Tristano's deeply held admiration for the city in 16 original compositions for piano, synthesizers and electronics. Composed by Tristano and recorded primarily in Tokyo, the album features a variety of guest artists on several tracks, including the Japanese musicians U-zhaan, Keiichiro Shibuya and Hiroshi Watanabe, Argentine electronic artist Guti and legendary French musician Michel Portal.

The Lithuanian musician, who is the Music Director of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, becomes the first female conductor to sign an exclusive long-term contract with the label. She also directs Kremerata Baltica in the early Symphony No. Home represents more than just a physical place. It encompasses a state of being and an ideal. When you feel home, you feel whole. Humanity intrinsically seeks that feeling. This eternal search inspires Beta Radio's third full-length and first for Nettwerk, Ancient Transition. The Wilmington, NC duo-Benjamin "Ben" Mabry and Brent Holloman-transform a tumultuous two years of corporeal and existential wandering into 10 songs cast in folk-style literary lyricism, Americana spirit, and orchestral experimentation.

Inspired by everything from The Arrival soundtrack to a re-reading of Slaughterhouse Five, the guys carefully crafted the music comprising Ancient Transition. The first single "Our Remains" illuminated a spark of inspiration. Off-time beats and ukulele bristle against strings as Ben's delicate delivery captivates. It culminates on the thought-provoking refrain, "I'm wearing your remains. The album is designed to highlight three generations of American composition and, as defined by Harlin in the context of his work, to depict rapture not as a religious event, but as an experience of extreme human emotion.

The Album contains 12 evocative songs about identity, reconciliation and nostalgia. Words, melodies and rhythms that walk a delicate tightrope of paradoxes, born of a childhood and adulthood immersed in two disparate cultures, on two different continents and at two different times. Ola states; "Hands-on, self-sufficiency has always been my mantra for survival in the music game. I always felt like the creative parts of song writing, producing and recording were merely different stages of a single process".

With brand new arrangements by Adam del Monte and Mak Grgic, La Buena Vida explores classics of Iberian Romanticism from Albeniz and Granados as well as promoting the vivid ethnic rhythms of Ginastera and the beautiful filmic nostalgia of Carlos Gardel, master of the tango-song. The bittersweet poetic richness of Hector Stamponi is balanced by del Monte's own original flamenco dances, which take the genre into vivid new directions. Ron Davis. Ron and his band of award-winning musicians have kept people listening, loving and coming back for more. Ron's music blends genres and pushes boundaries.

It builds on his jazz and classical training, influenced by world music klezmer, Hungarian, Italian, Brazilian, Latin. He seeks new textures, new forms, new compositions, new formations and new ways of presenting his signature sound. The music is diverse in a characteristically Canadian way. Ron is the founder of SymphRONica, the creative project that combines jazz, world, groove, pop, classical music and a stellar group of Canadian musicians into a mix that can be found nowhere else.

In Ron's words "Just as Toronto is a city composed of many people from many places, SymphRONica is composed of a group of musicians from diverse backgrounds, and every one of them plays with intense passion and pleasure together. But Danny Elfman is a composer of film music.

Yet, who doesn't know how to whistle the theme from The Simpsons? Or the driving sound of Beetlejuice devised by Elfman in , which became a hallmark for the comedy-fantasy film genre and for video games. Elfman provided the film score for nearly all movies directed by Tim Burton, invented the cinematic sound for Spider Man and Men in Black and came up with the main theme for Desperate Housewives.

Hailing from Los Angeles and already a member of an avant-garde ensemble by the age of 19, Elfman has established himself as a fixture among the greatest film composers alongside Hans Zimmer or John Williams. However, among the soundtrack masters Elfman stands out for the distinctive character he lends his scores. With him, tubas and trombones play at a breakneck speed and violins are put through Paganini-like paces.

And every soundtrack has its own unique idea which captivates the imagination of moviegoers over and over again. Anna Shelest's first release featuring virtuosic repertoire by women composers from the last three centuries. The program sheds light on the under-explored territory of piano repertoire and makes the case that the music of female composers, many of whom were virtuoso pianists, is as relevant today as the music of their male counterparts.

Snack Cat's first official release has been a long time in the making. The band has been refining its sound for a few years now, drawing inspiration from classic funk, soul and rock while never forgetting its jazz roots. It was something about the setting of the dirty yet iconic city that got the creative juices flowing - the many dreamers trying to make it big and putting on whatever face or facade got them through the day. While the songs come from a reflective and almost pensive place, they express a certain joy and hopefulness.

Magdalen's Skull: Allegory and Iconography in 'Heptameron' 32

At its heart, Glick's music is inspired by his hometown of New York City, but for some reason these particular songs needed to come to life and grow elsewhere. Put these two in your library. The Year of the Storm by John Mantooth. A terrific debut novel from John Mantooth. The Hard Bounce by Todd Robinson. Another great debut novel that I highly recommend. I rarely and I mean rarely have to put down a book, but this one got to me. Both of these stories will horrify and continue to lurk in your brain.

Fierce Bitches by Jedidiah Ayres. Lightning fast pace combined with an interesting structure that will keep you glued to the page.

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The book felt partly experimental, and if so, it was a resounding success. Catch My Killer by Ed Kurtz. Kurtz knocks it out of the park with the first of the Sam Truman series. Enjoyable characters especially Sam and a great sense of humor. Ron Earl Phillips has an in depth look at the Sam Truman series here. Thuglit Issue 4 edited by Todd Robinson. Share this: Twitter Facebook Email. Like this: Like Loading Round two of mini-reviews. Staring into the Abyss by Richard Thomas Excellent collection of dark fiction and I mean dark that lives up to its title.

Edited by Matt Hilton. Includes my story Soup Sandwich. Description and blurbs below: Lyn works at an isolated roadside diner. Stay tuned for updates! What about you, readers? Older Posts. Newer Posts. Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Gavotte from Contrasts op.

Wie missed something like a melody. The piano accompaniment consists mainly on harmonies. One of my favorite woodwind quintets. Five winds make a typically Bohemian nearly symphonic sound. Terrific and difficult. The tango is much nicer, easy music made for coffeehouse or something like that. En bateau is edited for flute and piano. Syrinx Lesure Nr. Henle Verlag , Rating: mid-grade Tres modere An classic and absolutely beautiful. Written in for Fleury. Nyfenger dedicated a chapter named Twenty-Five Perversions of Syrinx of his book Music and the flute to this piece of music.

As original tempo for the piece he takes 78 R. The fourth flute should have a foot joint with deep h or you have to play the alternative notes of this part. Originally for piano. Debussy Suite No. It sounds awful and we never came further than the first movement. J Rating: mid-grade Tres Modere Probably one of the most popular flute soli in orchestral literature.

This is an edition for flute and piano. Rating: difficult Allegro con spirito Adagio Allegro molto e leggierissimo This as usually very expensive French edition comes with a very soft, thin paper cheap. A new bad idea is to include the woodwinds parts in the middle of the book. You have to open the tacks in the middle to get them free. Nazareth, Ernesto - Both flutes and both bassoons are printed in score. Pastorale op. Nocturne en Forme de valse op. Souvenir de l'ami lointain op. Au Foyer op.

I like this kind of music. The first flute has to change to piccolo. Lots of cue notes for better orientation. Strauss, Richard - Introduction, Thema und Variationen op. Variation - Tempo primo minore 3. Variation - Maggiore 4. Variation - Adagio Finale - 5. Variation - Allegro assai Sibelius, Jean - Kronke, Emil - Suite en stile ancien op. Only parts, no score. Caprice Impromtu op. Nielsen, Carl - Quintett op. Written in Quintett op. A score is available separately. Fantasy Pieces op. Both pieces were transposed up a minor third. Very beautiful melodies. Danse Grecque op.

In a newer edition at Billaudot the pieces are available again. Sonatine Modale op. Deux Nocturnes op. Early composition from around the turn of the century. Premiere posthum in Unfortunately it is a really thin, touchy paper which will probably not last long if really worked with. Duration is given with two and a half minutes. Divertissement op. Partly without bar lines. Let's rag At the end he is sent to a galley as a murderer and drowns. A few hints for playing this are to be found in the book Music and the flute by Thomas Nyfenger Trio op.

Edition s Musicales , D. Lent Ciel, aer, et vens The premiere was on the 3rd February in Hamburg with Siegfried wagner as a conductor. In the orchestra there is a doubled woodwind group, four French horns and timpani. Schmitt, Florent - Chants Alizes - en quatre parties op. Very large and nice printed, but due to the big format not very practicable. The score is available from the edition with a different order number. Chants Alizes - en quatre parties op. Sonatine en Trio op. Looks great but is a bit inpracticable as all bags are too small and the booklet is thus spoiled quite soon.

The pianist has to work hard. Many time changes. First part plays very high upper half of third octave Scherzo - Pastorale op. Zemlinsky, Alexander - Graener, Paul - Suite op. Only two pages for the flute, but really a gem. Quite high fot the flute up to the high h. Originally for violin and piano. The edition was done by Maximilian Schwedler. Serenaden op. Henle Verlag , Rating: difficult Serenade op. Reger wrote in the accompanying letter to his editor: "Enclosed you will find something very easy, simple and melodic But I ask you heartily not to disregard this unimpressive work, because it will be able to make me lots of new friends Schmid, Heinrich Kaspar - Sonate op.

Due Divertimenti brillanti op. Sounds a bit like Italian opera. I liked it very much. It would be quite a lot of work to get it properly running for example for a concert. Improvviso op. Unfortunately no score and very modern. Il Pastorello Polacco op. The third movement is included twice: in original and transposed key. Dedicated to Georges Barrere. The two similar instruments are very often going in parallel. G-Dur voice range e'-e'', flute Durand S. Quintet flute violin , oboe violin , clarinet viola , bassoon cello , piano Rosewood Publications , RP 7 Rating: mid-grade Allegro con brio Adagio Scherzo Finale Score in spiral binding and parts for all of the possible instrumentations Early composition of The first publication was only in Zagwijn, Henri - Trio No.

Soir Paien voice, flute, piano Rating: mid-grade Lent We did not like this very much on the first try. Written in summer of There is a elaborate introduction from Karg-Elert about the logical development of modern figuration. Sonate Op. Paul Arma, a student of Bartok did the edition for flute and piano. I liked other collections of this composer better. Tanzsuite op. The parts are available separately. I like this piece of music very much. Dances like in the nineteentwenies. Hard to play due to many changes of time and key. A quintet should already know each other before trying this.

The piano plays from the complete score. Dedicated to the wind society of the Dresden National opera. I love Blumer, but we did not play this yet. Quintett op. Haydn, op. I will never forget the high D. The same description anti-Syrinx is also given by Nicolet. It is the first piece using the beats on the flute keys.

Two scores but very small print. Very advisable. Andraud, Albert J. Bachianas Brasileiras No.

Stanford Libraries

No chance for practising though it is really difficult. The score is available separately. As difficult as usual. Durey, Louis - Weiss, Hans - Ein kurioser Kaffeeklatsch op. Each movement is a invention for another instrumentation. The edition was the price at a contest. Laborious and useful exercises for daily warm up.

The best mixture is given by the included practising concept. Fixed part of my practising. One row of numbers at the beginning each day. You have to play in the first two octaves only. Divertimento Finale Score, from which the piano has to play and parts. Nice edition on good paper. Thus the different sound and technical possibilities double stops are used.

The guests had asked for a part of the flute concerto by Ibert. As there was no piano available, Ibert retreated and wrote Piece for Moyse. The piano part is a complete score. Good, robust paper. Originally for violin, cello and piano and dedicated to the Trio Cortot, Thibaut and Casals.

This edition is by Arthur Hoeree. Through composed, no separated movements. Hand written, hard to read. The orchestration was done in Written for the committee of artistic matters of the USSR in Peter and the Bird Bearbeitung flute, piano B. Ostermeyer, and a version by the German comedian Loriot. If this is the at the time of the publication already dead poet, is not clear.

Published in and to be ordered as a special edition from the publishing house. The first movement is a duet for flute and English horn, the second for flute and clarinet and the last is for all three together. The edition consists of a single score. Milhaud, Darius - Sonatine flute, piano Durand S.

But really beautiful. Clarinet is included in both tunings. Each part only one page. Two pages of lovely sound pictures, technically not so difficult. A mood piece I would say. Kanonische Sonatine op. I seem to hear a bit of Reger and of Debussy in the first and third movement. Sonate Werk 32, Nr. This is the score.

The parts are available from the same publisher. For the French Horn there is no key printed on the part and without a score it is not easy to make a guess. The clarinet is in C, this information is not given on the score or the parts. Bentzon, Jorgen - Sonatina op. Technically not that difficult, only the french horn has to play some high notes. It is modern music but it is nevertheless singing.

All of us five decided, this is something we wanna work on. The first three parts are going more or less parallel. The fourth makes the rhythm. Bacon, Ernst - The piece was commissioned by the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation and is thus dedicated to this piano player and patron. The premiere was played by Rampal and the composer on the Strassburg festival in Sonata Bearbeitung flute, guitar Chester Music , J. Belaieff , Bel. The first flute plays a lot in the upper half of the third octave, the other parts are not so difficult.

Kammer-Konzert op. This edition for a smaller group was done by the composer himself. Those were the ones to play it first, too. The piece is technically very simple and the composer first did not agree upon printing. The Ricercare shows the names of the children Thomas, Maria and Helen and the name of the village, where the music was composed Baech in notes.

Woodwind Quintet op. Casadesus, Robert - First work of Haas which received international success. Written in Elements of Moravian folk songs with choral melodies and songs from the synagogue. Additionally the composer uses polyrhythm. A revies of the Neues Wiener Tageblatt in said: The woodwind quintet of Pavel Haas is a work to be reckoned with. It is characterised by the originality of the themes and by a striking mastering of harmonization. Premiere was at the March played by the Moravian Woodwind Quintet. The first edition was published in by the Sadlo edition in Prague.

Krenek, Ernst - Sonatina op. Parts and score are included. He played the premiere of this concert on the 17th Octobre in the Royal Festival Hall. We did not like this transcription so much.

Pilss, Karl - Bruns, Victor - Rating: difficult Andantino sereno - Allegretto - Andante Written in This edition consists of two scores. The music is full of frullato, tremoli and flageoletts. Romanzetta flute, piano Edition Suvini Zerboni , S. Rating: difficult Un poco mosso ma calmo Ahlgrimm, Hans - I learned a lot about this piece of music in an workshop with Carlo Jans Written in and dedicated to Gastron Crunelle. This is an antique dirge. The edition for alto flute was authorised by the composer. There are annotations regarding the timbre. The Epilogue needs to be played in very strict rhythm, while where are no bars.

All comments are given in German, English and Italian. Suite flute, clarinet Editions Salabert , E. If you really want to play this, you have to either buy two of this more than 25 Euro each in Germany or to mage illegal copies I do not want to guess which choice most people will make. The main problem is to find the way through these arrangements with all the segnos, codas and so on.

Permutazioni a Cinque flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn Schott Verlag , Rating: difficult I - Viertel 90 - Allegretto scherzando - Sostenuto - stretto This is a pocket score, the parts are available separately. Commissioned by the Virtuoso Chamber Ensemble in The score is available in the same edition. Only one page, mainly low sounds. Air Pastoral flute oboe , piano Alphonse Leduc , A. Very calm music, as meant for oboe, too, mainly in the middle and lower range.

Only one page for the flute. Due to the alternative instrumentation with oboe written in the first and second octave. I played this with organ, too. The flute has much more to play in this version. A small score is included. Scherzo op. Sonatine flute, bassoon Alphonse Leduc , A. Seems technically easy for music written by Bozza.

Very good paper. Appropriate for so nice a music. And it is not so difficult for a composition of Bozza. Serenade flute, oboe, clarinet in H flat, bassoon Alphonse Leduc , A. I don't know yet, which one was first. Pocket score and parts in a very fine paper quality. Divertimento op. Cavally, Robert - Fancy piece. Preludes G-Dur flute violin , clarinet violin , bassoon cello Edition Musicus , Rating: mid-grade I - Moderato II - Allegretto Very nice, great passages for the clarinet and a lovely solo for the bassoon.

Gregorian chant books

Strange glossy paper reflecting artificial light. Not very clever The piano part is nearly unplayable as the pianist has to turn about five pages for the dacapo and back again to get to coda. Beside all the critic regarding the edition, the music itself is very playable and lovely. Waltz No. This fact makes the dark atmsophere of the work understandable.

At first sight reading not much convincing. I think there is some more studying needed. Borris, Siegfried - Berthomieu, Marc - Chats.. I always remember a reading of Alice Schwarzer, a German feminist, which made me really like her. Very nice short pieces. You will have to copy if you want to practise. Pentatonic piece, which is typical for Japanese music. Larsson, Lars-Erik - Quattro Tempi op. Available directly from the Swedish edition.

Quite difficult, exotic metrum changing very often, rhythmically difficult and a big range from deep to very high notes. The music is dedicated to Nadia Boulanger. In English the title means "The blackbird". It is one of the works made on birdcall motives. Bartos, Jan Zdenek - Preludi flute, piano Panton , P Rating: difficult Molto moderato Allegretto Largo Scherzando Andante Allegro molto Genzmer, Harald - Pan flute alto flute Edition Peters , Rating: difficult Adagio, libero e con fantasia - Allegretto Vivace This composition of the year uses the whole range of the flute and includes changing beats.

The score is separately available from the same edition. Looks a bit complicated, changing times. Notturno op. The print is like handwritten, not easy to read. All parts are full of hints what the others have to play. And there are cryptic signs H- , not explained but probably showing important phrases.

Barber, Samuel - Canzone op. Schirmer , Rating: difficult Moderato Summer Music op. Mederacke, Kurt - Serenade op. Bach op. The parts are oversized and made of a thin paper. Everything in hand writing, which is relatively easy to read. The two flutes are written in a score which is included twice, parts for cello and alto flute are separate.

Hovhaness, Alan - Wind Quintet op. Very funny music, sounds more like brass than like chamber music, very typically for american wind music, a bit like a brass band. Advanced Method Flute - Vol. It is written in a very high range and the edition says, the version with piano score is only for practising and not for a public concert.

Moyse, Louis - I wish I was able to play the third movement. Change to alto in the fourth movement. The parts are separately available from Schott. The score is available separately from Schott. This is a real blockbuster. Very, very beautiful and again quite difficult to play. Parts are available separately in the same edition.

In the second movement the piano has nothing to play. Zipp, Friedrich - Suite op. Satz KV - Allegro aperto 2. Satz KV - Andante ma non troppo 3. Satz KV - Allegro 1. Satz KV - Alelgro maestoso 2. Satz KV - Adagio non troppo 3. Winters: Fuga B.

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Jozsef: Epitaphium in memoriam reti Jozsef P. Ivan: Pastoral P. Ivan: Burla S. Endre: Vier Medallions S. Haydn: Minuetto L. Beethoven: Minuetto F. Lessel: Andante grazioso A. Schumann: Vogel als Prophet P. Tschaikowsky: Kamarinskaia A. Ljadov: Prelude N. Written for the conservatory concours in , dedicated to Gaston Crunelle.

Zulawski, Wawrzyniec - Sancan, Pierre - Sonatine flute, piano Durand S. Not very child-like, but I learned it nevertheless. Written in Bonneau, Paul - Kvandal, Johan - Quintet for winds op. Extremely small print. Composed in and takes about 17 minutes to play. Quintet for Winds op. Arnold, Malcolm - Fantasy for flute op. Composed in , one of a series of solo fantasies. Dream City c-moll flute, oboe, clarinet in H flat, bassoon, horn Queens Temple, QT42 Rating: easy Andante Parts and score Technically not so difficult but with unusual harmonies, a bit jazzy.

Parts are separately available. Trio flute, bassoon, viola Novello Rating: difficult Allegro ma non troppo Andante con moto Allegro comodo Parts, score separately available. Trio flute, bassoon, viola Novello Rating: difficult Allegro ma non troppo Andante con moto Allegro commodo Score, parts separately available Quintet op. Flute Concerto No. The piece is dedicatd to Richard Adeney, who played the premiere with the English Chamber Orchestra as part of the Aldeburgh Festival on the 28th Junie Sonata op. Korn, Peter Jona - Flute repertoire - The name of the composer is linked to the associated biography.

The following data is ordered by the birthyear of the composer.

Only parts. Masters Music Publications , M Allegro con brio - Allegretto - Questa o quella - Caro nome - Allegro brillante. Vous dirai-je, Maman G-Dur. Zimmermann , ZM Variation - Lento e sostenuto Finale - Allegro risoluto. Reinecke, Carl - Octet op. International Music Company , Allegro moderato Scherzo Adagio ma non troppo Finale Allegro molto e grazioso. Very nice, not easy and especially in the third and fourth movement demanding for the flute. Allegro Intermezzo - Allegretto vivace Andante tranquillo - molto vivace Finale - Allegro molto agitato ed appassionata, quasi Presto.

I love romantical flute music.