A Little Bit of Madness

Mary Spender – A Little Bit of Madness
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This is really random but I've just started exams so as a way to relax I've been writing fanfic and with dodie's cover of city of stars in my ear I had to write something about them, I hope you like it!

Life Lately: A Little Bit of Madness

I'm sorry it's really short but it's just a bit of fun and I'll be hopefully starting a multi chapter fic soon! The yellow ribbon shaking its shine catching the spotlight trained on me. And play and play and play. I sing softly to accompany the music, my voice soft and gentle. We sing together our voices mellowing together like they were meant too, her voice portraying a grin and I smile too, our voices carrying across the room but still soft and gentle. The crowd claps, half-heartedly and spattering but as the lights flick of me to the crowd A lady stand in the centre, clapping loudly with a bright smile to match my own and for a moment all I see is her.

I take a short bow and walk off the stage, hiding behind my Disney-Ariel hair.

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With a small smirk at the crowd I wander off to the empty backstage staring at myself in the mirror, a smattering of lopsided freckles on one side of my face, clumped mascara locking my lashes together after I hurriedly put it on. Even my foundation had melted slightly turning a orange colour against my ice cream pale skin.


I loved it that's like one of my favourite songs ever and I've covered it before it is just beautiful. I'm sorry I joined in I couldn't help myself you just looked so vulnerable and I know how that feels.

This girl knows what she's talking about. She knows music.

A Little Bit of Madness (Rachel K Collier Remix)

A Little Bit of Madness (Single) by Mary Spender, released 07 September A Little Bit of Madness (Rachel K Collier Remix) by Mary Spender, released 08 January

And her excitable nature is like a virus spreading to me. The more she looks at me the more my stomach dances like Ryan and Emma in La La land, across the stars and into a kiss. A kiss.

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It looked dark against her pale hands but it was so beautiful, "I play ukulele now and again I'm pretty okay. Then there is lovely little May who gives the impression of being a bit dotty but who is in fact a clever and astute lady. Never Smile At a Crocodile. One Comment articolo perfetto grazie. Cover Your Mouth.

I look at her lips as she talks but her eyes are what catch my attention, the more she talks the more her eyes dance. I should know that name it's so familiar but I don't know. I had given up most everything I knew.

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I knew no one. The paper was well-regarded.

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I was at the whims of circumstances beyond my control. The area had just suffered through riots. Was it all going to be worth it? How would this all end? Who knows, is this the start of something wonderful and new? Or one more dream that I can not make true?

La La Land, the Creative Dream and a Little Bit of Madness

In that time, our emotional, financial and spiritual lives have to survive the messiness. Doubts, questions and feelings manifest. So many things can sour.

Will destiny favor my future? Ambition and creative frustration can be convulsed by feelings of insecurity — of being an imposter as you pretend to a higher state of achievement. At some point, in the darkness of frustration, all can be for naught. Your life revolves around work, and when work is bad, everything is bad. And then sometimes imperceptibly, you catch yourself experiencing a renewal, and improbable rebirth.