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Grab your cape and find out more. Young Alice falls down a rabbit hole and meets a variety of fantastic creatures. He was an amazing character actor, and his work in "Alice at the Palace" illustrates it. I remember watching "Palace" when it first aired in I was 9, and I didn't get it. Now, at the ripe old age of 36, I'm a huge fan. Other reviews of this production have been harsh.

Most audiences prefer to have the story handed to them ala Disney. In the theatre, audiences are given more credit and expected to "fill in the blanks" with their imagination. That is definitely the case here. The actors, in the same spirit as the BBC version of "Alice", are not smothered or suffocated beyond recognition by their costumes. Instead they're allowed to use their bodies wow, what a concept to morph and melt from one character to the next. The result is breath taking. Now, here's something a little off topic but nonetheless important to mention. Why is it that, next to Michael Jeter's name in the cast roster, the word "Caterpillar" is misspelled and posted anyway, yet when I attempt to misspell it in the title of this post, the word is automatically spell checked and fixed?

That makes no sense, but I suppose it fits with the theme of this film. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.

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Anonymous June 21, at pm Reply. Take care God cares for you and so will I Like Like. This book includes favourite games, special holiday times and after school activities that are unique to Korea. All dressed up Gilly does not want to wear a frilly pink dress and be the flower girl at her cousin's wedding. Things just go from bad to worse, but, when your heart's in the right place and you give things your best shot, you can be a star in the most surprising ways.

All new must have orange , The Harvey owned a heap of stuff, but could always use more. The Orange was the latest and the greatest. Harvey wasn't sure what it did, but he had to have it! All pigs are beautiful If you like pigs, you will love this story book about how pigs live and how you can keep them as pets. All set for the big wet The ants come scurrying one by one. Quickly, they're followed by swooping barn owls, trundling wombats, jumping kangaroos, striding brolgas and other favourite Australian animals, all in their race to get to the ark before the flood.

He's looking for the rare Bearded Night Parrot and we're trying to find him.

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Join us on a trip across the Nullabor and all over Western Australia. Allie Finkle's rules for girls: moving day Allie Finkle doesn't want to leave her pretty, pink bedroom in her lovely modern home and all her school friends to go and live a long way away in a creepy old house with a zombie in the attic. Fortunately, the rules she makes to live by, as well as being practical and very funny, also help her to make the best of things. Allosaurus ate my uncle, An When Susie won't hand over her pocket money to her mean cousin Walter, he locks her in the attic.

But when a gigantic meat-eating dinosaur turns up, Walter's the one who gets scared.

And when the dinosaur gobbles up Uncle Colin, it's time for Susie to save the day. Alone in the night Jasmine is thrilled when she gets to catsit for her neighbours while they're away on holiday for Christmas. She adores looking after the beautiful Star and only wishes she could keep her forever. Star loves playing with Jasmine and soon the pair are inseparable.

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But, what Jasmine doesn't know is that Star has a secret. Alpha quest Join the Alpha quest, a journey in search of treasure. But, only you can find the hidden pieces of the key to unlock the treasure. Amazing Australian mammals One of the Amazing Australian series. An information book with interesting, simply presented facts and detailed photos of various Australian mammals. Maps, fact files and a glossary of words enhance the text.

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Amazing Australian women In this book you'll meet twelve amazing Australian women who have changed the world, in small ways and large. Some of them are world famous, like Annette Kellerman and Nellie Melba. And all of them deserve to be famous, and admired. They represent the warriors, artists, business owners, scientists, singers, politicians, actors, athletes, adventurers, activists and innovators of Australia.

Amazing Australians in their flying machines Amazing Australians in Their Flying Machines tells the stories of ten brave Australians who changed the face of aviation forever. Up until these pioneers changed aviation in Australia, it could take days, weeks, or months, for everyday Australians to get to their destination in the early 20th Century. He is really excited when the circus superstar, the Amazing Fleadini, wants to stay at his place.

But, his guest isn't quite the fun that Matt expects him to be. The beans from Tibet allow her to fly through the air. Ambulance officer An exploration of the role of ambulance officers in our community. Bright, photographic illustrations and simple clear text show the ambulance officer performing a range of typical work tasks.

Ammuchi Puchi, The Aditya and Anjali love listening to their grandmother's stories, especially the scary one about a ghost in the tree. The night their grandmother dies her stories lose their meaning until something happens that is more mysterious and magical than any story. Could their grandmother still be with them? Amphibians Simple factual information about amphibians.

The book includes beautifully presented photographs and illustrations, a glossary and an index. Amy and the Wilpena flood Amy and her friends take an exciting time travel adventure with the help of a rainbow necklace. After finding a map of South Australia with a mysterious location, the necklace takes them to Wilpena Pound in the early s. Here they meet Jessie Hill, whose family is threatened by a disastrous flood.

The girls learn about courage and the value of true friendship. Ancient Greeks A beautifully presented book for younger readers about the ancient Greeks, including simple and interesting facts, an index, a glossary and web links. And Tango makes three At New York City's Central Park Zoo, two male penguins fall in love and start a family by taking turns to sit on an abandoned egg until it hatches. Anders and the comet Meet Anders, Eden and their new friend, Bernie. It's the school holidays and there are comics to be made, games to be played, ice-cream to be eaten, and rhinos to impress at Wekiwa water park.

When Anders and his friends meet the Green Grabber, things take on a whole new twist, leading Anders to a wonderful pet and wild adventures in the sky. Anders and the volcano Now that school is finished, Anders and his friends, Bernie and Eden, are looking forward to their holidays at Camp Canvas at Mount Tremble. They make new friends and discover new things about themselves. That's lucky, as they'll need everything they've got when Mount Tremble, an extinct volcano, starts to rumble.

Andy Roid and the avalanche of evil Judd's on a rescue mission, and he's brought Andy along as his weapon of choice. Can Andy help Judd and bring down the forces of evil and still stay true to what he believes in. The pressure's on and the stakes have never been higher. Andy Roid and the Camp Howl crusades When you're half boy, half machine, it's hard not to be a hero.

Andy is starting to enjoy his new life but he might not be the only one who's hiding a secret. Andy's parents think the safest place for him is school camp. They couldn't be more wrong. Andy Roid and the field trip terror Andy's trying to live an ordinary life, despite his extraordinary powers. But, when a field trip goes terribly wrong, Andy has to decide whether to save the day and risk blowing his cover.

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With the evil Dr Baffi on his trail, it could be the last decision he'll ever make. Andy Roid and the heroes of the night Andy and Judd are on a mission but it's possible that Andy's awesome powers won't be enough. Someone who Andy cares may lose their life to protect him. It's the toughest night of Andy's life and he'll have to summon all his courage to outwit a merciless enemy. Andy Roid and the missing agent Andy and Judd have blown their cover - so when Judd goes missing, can Andy risk going after him.

With the police, the Agency and the evil Blaireau Corporation looking for him, this time it's Andy versus the world. Andy Roid and the sinister showdown Andy must take the fight to the enemy and win to save the people who mean the most to him. This time, there's nowhere left to turn and everything is on the line. Andy Roid and the superhuman secret When you're half boy, half machine, it's hard not to be a hero.

Andy's just a regular kid with a normal, everyday life. Or is he? Why is? And who are his parents really? He's about to find out who his parents are and why a sinister scientist is out to kidnap him. These superhuman secrets will change everything. Andy Roid and the tracks of death Andy and Judd are undercover in Switzerland.

Their mission is to find the headquarters of the evil Blaireau Corporation, but why is Judd so freaked out. One thing's for sure, Andy's upgraded powers and hardware are certainly going to get a workout. Andy Roid and the turbine runaways For the first time Andy is on his own and having the time of his life.

But, Andy may be putting other lives in jeopardy because, when you're a superhero, a simple mistake can have terrible consequences. Andy Roid and the unexpected mission It's official. Andy is joining the secret service.

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But, when he is sent on a job halfway through his training, Andy wonders whether he is up to the challenge. With no back-up and no experience, this life or death mission will be the ultimate test. Andy Roid series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

She is the class know-it-all who bosses him around. Luckily Andy has a very wise and understanding grandmother who teaches Dolores a lesson. It was his dream to exhibit there one day. How will he ever achieve his dream? Join Andy, the original artist-in-residence, as he gets up close and personal with the great masters to learn all he can about art.

Angelo High above the rooftops of Rome, Angelo begins his work restoring the facade of a once glorious church. When he finds an injured pigeon, Angelo nurses it back to health and they become good friends. Angelo is worried about what will happen to the pigeon when he dies and comes up with a plan to make sure the pigeon is safe. Animal babies Wherever they live, baby animals do many of the same things that human babies do. They play, eat, sleep and find adventure.

From the biggest baby animals to the smallest, you'll find out how long different animals stay with their parents, how they find food and the sorts of things they do. Animal disguises Find out about the secret world of animal camouflage. Learn how animals use disguise to catch their prey while others use it to avoid being eaten. Some animals do amazing things to avoid being attacked, like the American fainting goat.

Animal homes The different places and spaces that animals choose to call home. Simple explanations and beautiful illustrations help readers to find information about how to locate animals. Animal Rescue series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Animalia This stunning book of illustrations from A to Z has hidden puzzles and ideas that fascinate all ages.

Animals scare me stiff Tom is very scared of animals. He imagines being eaten by a dog, squeezed to death by a snake, spiders crawling up his nose and birds pecking off his ears. But, Tom has the scariest secret weapon of all. Animals: on the world's rare and endangered species Many of the world's beautiful animals are now in danger of extinction. In this book Garry Fleming captures the unique beauty of some of these animals and provides information about the animals and their plight.

Annie's snails Annie loves her pet snails. They have adventures together and she makes them a special home in an ice-cream container, where they should be very happy. Antarctic close-up John finds himself caught up in an Antarctic adventure that happened in when he travels back in time using one of his inventions. A chance to discover the Antarctic through the writing of someone who has been there. Antarctica Find out fascinating facts about Antarctica. Anthology for the earth A collection of writings by people of many cultures and countries, including Sir David Attenborough, a Kapayo Indian chief and an eleven year old boy.

All talk of the need to treat the earth with care to preserve it for future generations. Anthony Browne's King Kong This the traditional story of King Kong, brought to life with Browne's wonderful and unique illustrations of the apes. It is a very moving and exciting retelling of the story. Anton can do magic Anton has a magic hat. A real one. He wants to do some magic and make things disappear. Anton tries to make a tree vanish but it's too big. But, when he is successful in making someone disappear, Anton desperately wants him to come back.

Ants A fascinating look into the world of ants, their habitats and how they keep safe from predators. Find out where ants live, what they eat and how much weight they can carry. Ants Simple, factual information about ants, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. A glossary of terms and an index are included.

Ants Ants are everywhere, in different shapes, sizes and colours. They creep, they crawl, they climb and they do a lot of different jobs. These hard-working little creatures thrive wherever they go, making whatever adaptations are necessary in their ever-changing world. Any questions An author and some very curious children, with lots of questions, collaborate to write and illustrate a story. The kids become part of the story and let their imaginations run wild, becoming inspired to create tales of their own. Find out how brilliant ideas creep up on you when you least expect it and how words sometimes float out of nowhere, asking to be written.

Anzac puppy, The Freda was the loyal, good-luck mascot of a brave young soldier, battling explosions on the Western Front.

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Alice, an aspiring princess, wants a palace, but a toad steals her money. When she receives a special book from a kind mole, her destination is revealed and. Alice is Looking for a Palace (Alice and Friends Book 2) eBook: Robin Voils, Jon Voils: Kindle Store.

Anzac tree, The In , two brothers planted two trees on their farm. They then headed far away to France to fight in the Great War. The Anzac tree tells the story of a century of Australian generations who went to war, and the story of those who were left behind. Apes and monkeys A fascinating introduction to our nearest animal relatives. Simple explanations and beautiful illustrations provide interesting information on apes and monkeys.

Aphrodite Alexandra Aphrodite Alexandra is named after both her grandmothers who grew up in different countries and don't want anything to do with each other at all. Aphrodite Alexandra visits both grandmothers often and loves the stories they tell her about their childhoods. She realises they both have more in common than they think.

Her Day: The Virgen de Guadalupe

April Underhill, tooth fairy April and Esme Underhill have never collected a tooth before. Mum and Dad have always done it but, tonight, it's their turn. So, equipped with a bag, a coin and a mobile phone, the sisters head for Daniel Dangerfield's house, and a very unusual first tooth visit. Arabella Matthew and his grandfather sail to his grandfather's island. They discover the love that can exist between a child and his grandfather, the beauty and ferocity of the sea and the joy and exhilaration of sailing, even in a wheelchair.

Arctic foxes and red foxes Simple, factual information about arctic foxes and red foxes, with beautifully presented photographs and illustrations. Are we there yet Join Grace and her family on their adventurous and, sometimes, funny expedition around Australia. A warm, heartfelt story based on an actual journey undertaken by the award-winning author and illustrator, Alison Lester. Are you an art sleuth Have a close look at twenty-one famous paintings and discover how each artist uses colour, techniques and secrets to delight you.

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Be an art sleuth and find items and details in each painting that, at first glance, might not be so obvious. Aristotle Delightful story of a young kitten who becomes a witch's cat and goes through most of his nine lives being rescued by his kind witch, Bella Donna. Ark in the park The delightful story of Sophie, a lonely girl living in a big city, and her three secret wishes. Two of the wishes seem impossible but the third is, perhaps, not so impossible.

Ark of dreams, The After falling from a boat, Tom and Alice, find themselves on board the Golden Ship, an ark carrying mythical creatures such as unicorns, griffins and basilisks. The ship is sailed by friendly but suspicious elves and a dwarf until it is sabotaged. Arno the garbo An off-the-wall picture book about Arno who lives in the middle of his family's junkyard making him unpopular, mostly because of the smell. But, when Arno brings an exciting invention to school made from recycled garbage, the situation changes.

Arthur is an accomplished painter while Max is a beginner. Max's first attempt at using a paintbrush sends the two friends on a whirlwind trip through various artistic media, which turn out to have unexpected pitfalls. Although Max is inexperienced, his energy and enthusiasm bring the adventure to its triumphant conclusion. Arthur Arthur is a lone dog in Mrs Humber's pet shop and, each day, he attempts to copy the attributes and antics of the popular pets like the rabbits, snakes, fish, cats and frogs so that he will be purchased.

Meanwhile, Melanie and her grandfather have been attracted to the shaggy dog who knows lots of tricks. Arthur's dream boat Arthur has an amazing dream about a pink and green boat with a striped mast. He can't wait to tell his family about it.