Ghosts of Halloweens Past (Short Story)

The Ghosts of Halloween: A Learning Curves Short Story Collection
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He goes for a walk, and finds himself at the workplace of a monumental mason. Is there anything scarier than precognition —the uncanny sense of being haunted by the future, or that you have been here before? Marghanita Laski — The Tower Driving through Italy, a woman happens upon the Tower of Sacrifice, a high tower standing alone outside Florence, reputedly built by a Renaissance Satanist. Rather against her better judgement, she stops the car and decides to climb the tower. Laski was a brilliant, chainsmoking journalist, intellectual, biographer and lexicographer who somehow found time to write fiction as well.

The tide is coming in.

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This seriously mean-spirited and unpleasant tale is a bit of a curio. One of the nastiest stories ever written. Edith Wharton — Afterward An American couple moves into a grandly dilapidated Dorset house that is haunted by a ghost which, they are told, you only recognise as one long after the fact. Edith Wharton is by far the best-known, most straightforwardly canonical writer on this list. But, like Henry James, with whom she is often associated, she was drawn to the ghost story, as well as to tales of American cultural encounters with Europe. Afterward is both. To comment you must now be an Irish Times subscriber.

Please subscribe to sign in to comment. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. For more information see our Cookie Policy. Classic horror: the 10 most terrifying short stories ever written The short story is the perfect medium to deliver a quick, intense burst of fear Wed, Oct 31, , Updated: Wed, Oct 31, , Darryl Jones. More from The Irish Times Books.

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The short story is the perfect medium to deliver a quick, intense burst of fear

Shortly thereafter, he was hired on as a drayman with the Phillip Best Brewing Company. Welcome back. Darryl Jones. Her yard was overgrown, and the house was in a state of disrepair. I would've liked it if all three of the stories had been the same length as the middle one as I felt that was the story with the best pacing. Matt Hope added it Feb 02,

Irreplaceable: Powerful hymn to humanity engaging with nature. Ducks, Newburyport: One extraordinary sentence 1, pages long. The Book Club. Sign up to the weekly Irish Times books newsletter for features, podcasts and more. Most Read in Culture.

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Short stories. Deus Absconditus, a short story by Mary Costello. Transatlantic Railroad, a short story by Mary M Burke. Locksmiths, a short story by Wendy Erskine. Wet and out of breath, he rushed inside and asked for two shots of tequila. He then started telling everybody about the horrible experience he went through. A silence enveloped everybody when they realized he was crying and About 15 minutes later, two guys walked into the same pub. They were also wet and out of breath.

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Looking around and seeing John Bradford sobbing at the bar, one said to the other, 'Look, Bruce. There's the idiot who got in the car while we were pushing it. Shelagh was happy, it was Halloween and she was in love. This evening she would see Jack and they were going to Reading to watch a movie that she particularly wanted to see. As she considered what to wear she hummed along to the music on her radio.

Take a look back at Halloween costumes from years ago.

inside this book. The Ghosts of Halloweens Past by [Irving, Washington, Poe, Edgar Allan, People have been enjoying a good horror story since the earliest writings, and no doubt long before then. Now, from the Related Video Shorts (0 ). Ingrid Seymour is a young and new adult author. She writes in a variety of genres including romance, urban fantasy, paranormal and horror. She loves pizza and.

The news presenter cut in to issue a news flash that a serial killer had escaped from the nearby Broadmoor Mental Hospital. The presenter described the man as deranged with only one hand as the other had been replaced with a hook. He was not to be approached as he was classified as very dangerous.

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Shelagh took little notice of the newsflash as she sang to the next tune being played. She showered and dressed in her most fetching outfit for the evening out. Jack arrived in his new [to him] Lexus and they set off from Crowthorne to see the film. The movie proved to be excellent and on the way home Jack pulled into a quiet lane near Easthampstead for a kiss and a cuddle while listening to the romantic songs played on his digital radio.

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As had happened earlier the programme was interrupted by a news flash which stated that the killer was still at large and had not been taken into custody. Jack appeared not to hear the news and carried on canoodling. Shelagh was now scared as Easthampstead is rather like the back of beyond and the night was pitch dark with no moon.

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She asked Jack to take her home. Jack preferred to stay in the romantic situation in which he found himself and for some little while they argued about the 'hook man'. Just then, the car rocked and there was a loud noise. Shelagh screamed at Jack to drive on and he seemed oblivious to the earlier movement. She shouted again and, Jack, with a scowl, raced off into the night. At her home, near Crowthorne, Jack got out to open Shelagh's door as he thought that would impress her and let her know that he was not angry with her after their cross words.

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He walked round the Lexus and stared fixedly at something on the side of the car, his mouth gaped and moving soundlessly. Shelagh, concerned, rolled down her window and shrieked at what she saw.

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Because of a guest, we have a confirmed ghost story. My husband and I both experienced the same "feeling" and vision while outside working the orchard and blueberries -- the funny part is I didn't tell him about it when it happened mine happened first and I didn't tell him, then his occurred some months later and he came in and told me. My husband came in one day about a month or so after I had my experience and told me of his experience.

Same man, same "watchful" feeling. We both "saw" this figure in our side vision -- a man watching us as we worked. It also was a "feeling" of this voice telling us where to prune, how to do the job we were doing. We found out later that it was Old Man Simon.

Short Scary Halloween Stories

How did we find out? We described this man to a guest a relative of the Brewsters, who owned the property before us that brought pictures of Simon. She showed us the picture only after we described him. It was one of the original owners of this year-old home! The Flying Dutchman is a legendary cursed ship that was doomed to travel around the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa for all eternity. It was made famous in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. The captain, Henry Van der Decken, failed to notice the dark clouds looming and only when he heard the lookout scream out in terror did he realise that they had sailed straight into a fierce storm.

The captain and his crew battled for hours to get out of the storm and at one stage it looked like they would make it. Then they heard a sickening crunch - the ship had hit treacherous rocks and began to sink. As the ship plunged downwards, Captain Van der Decken knew that death was approaching. So, even today whenever a storm brews off the Cape of Good Hope, if you look into the eye of the storm, you will be able to see the ship and its captain - The Flying Dutchman. The legend goes that whoever sees the ship will die a terrible death.

The midshipman, a prince who later became King George V, recorded that the lookout man and the officer of the watch had seen The Flying Dutchman and he used these words to describe the ship: 'A strange red light as of a phantom ship all aglow, in the midst of which light the mast, spars and sails of a brig yards distant stood out in strong relief. It's pity that the lookout saw the Flying Dutchman, for soon after on the same trip, he accidentally fell from a mast and died. Fortunately for the English royal family, the young midshipman survived the curse to become The King of England.

One dark, windy night, just outside Doncaster in Yorkshire, England, Neil, the town drunk was meandering his way home after the pub had closed. Somehow Neil got turned around and ended up walking through the graveyard in St Mary's church instead of taking the Tadcaster road home. The wind howled louder and Neil thought he could hear a voice calling his name. Suddenly, the ground opened up in front of him, and he fell down, down into an open grave. He could still hear the voice clearer and louder now, calling to him.