The Ghost of Colby Drive (The mis-adventures of Alyson Bell Book 1)

The Ghost of Colby Drive
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Behind hidden walls and hidden hands are thoughts unseen and magic bands the guided mind into the sea of seven sisters sacred thee times seven they number but walk as one guardians of good, thy will is done. Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a time-traveling teenage witch? A book can be a portal, into another world different from our own.

It can offer clues to our own destiny. Such is the diary of Alyson Bell, as drawn up by her eldest guide, Abigail. See sketches of Alyson's house, through her own eyes. Witness new spells in the making as our teenage heroine fills in the many pages of her ancestral spellbook, the Book of the Sacred Seven Sisters.

But beware… not every dark corner is empty. Alyson learns that sometimes in this magical world, you have to close your eyes… to see. And to forgive, you must first open your heart. It is told from the perspective of teenager Alyson Bell. This young adult paranormal romance novel is approximately 75, words. Readers who enjoy authors V. Feist and older readers of J. Rowling will certainly take interest in this haunting novel. It was Alemayehu, with contacts in the church, in academe, and in the government, who provided entree for Colby researchers to enter the sacred forests.

Alemayehu recently wrote that he expected priests and church officials for the workshop, but more than showed up. The director of the North Carolina Nature Research Center, she is a pioneer in the study of forest canopies and a leader in studying the church forests. Doing research in the Horn of Africa appealed to Ball for several reasons.

Globetrotting was one. As a junior she studied in New Zealand for. Another was the chance to fill a void. Wall found additional churches with no remaining forests and few if any trees, Reynolds said. So if I had the opportunity to contribute, that meant something. All of my other experiences led into this—viewing myself as a global citizen rather than just a U. I thought I would have more of an idea what I wanted to do when I graduated, but I have less of an idea. Left: An Ethiopian boy works in the field with a church forest in the background. Middle: Paintings in an Orthodox Tawahedo Church that students visited.

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Paradox or Paragon? And while Random House Boylan briefly touches on this sentiment, she is less concerned about her outward appearance than she is about parenting her children. As Boylan transformed from man to woman, she feared that her gender realignment surgery and new lifestyle might damage her two children, Zach and Sean. Now Boylan was a father for six years and a mother for But as her memoir reveals, there was no divorce, and her kids seamlessly accepted her transition as no big whoop.

The most important thing to Boylan is her family, so much so that she goes beyond her own experience and understanding by interviewing friends and colleagues to see what family means to them. Turner history I. Tauris Most people know about the Inquisition, which began when Roman Catholic authorities decided to root out heresy in 12th-century France, setting off a process that spread throughout Europe and continued for some years.

And though the Islamic inquisition, known as the mihna, lasted just 15 years, it was a pivotal moment in the struggle between secular and religious authorities. The period was marked by a new definition of heresy, which emerged from a series of trials, vividly recreated by Turner in this new study. Most food produced in the United States is planted, weeded, picked, and packed by hand by the estimated 3 million immigrant farm workers, an estimated 50 percent of whom entered the country illegally.

Ghertner met seasonal and migrant farm workers in her hometown of Sodus in New York and embarked on a project to try to understand their lives and the forces at work in them. The result is the feature-length documentary, After I Pick the Fruit, directed, produced, and edited by Ghertner, that tells the story of five female migrant workers over a year period.

There are no easy answers. Maria and Vierge are immigrants who entered the country legally and travel to New York from Florida for. Vierge was born in Haiti and was admitted to this country as a political refugee. Three of the women—Soledad, Lorena, and Elisa— entered the country from Mexico without legal permission. At first we relate to them in the same way. And then Bush-era immigration crackdowns begin. Immigration vehicles patrol the local Catholic parish shattering the immigrant community that gathered there.

Though they can still find work, the women and their families live in constant fear.

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One family packs up and returns to Mexico. The women with documents are creating a place for themselves in welcoming communities in Florida. The women without documents are staying in New York, supported by some but in a country that disapproves of them. Politicians in Washington may be talking about immigration as matters of policy, but, in the end, the power in After I Pick the Fruit comes from these personal stories, the questions they raise, and the assumptions they challenge.

On the golf course, father and son come to grips with life and each other No one can accuse Don J. Novelist, nonfiction writer, and memoirist, the author of The Cliff Walk has spent his career reflecting deeply on relationships, real and fictional. That Snyder had never caddied—had never even used a caddie—did not deter him. A few months after a farewell father-son golf trip to Scotland, Jack begins his collegiate golf career at the University of Toledo; Snyder heads in the other direction, the venerable courses of Scotland to begin his life as a caddy.

Another course allows him in, and the professional caddies, a platoon of weather-beaten, philosophizing veterans, see him as a curiosity but take him on. He may be Don J. Snyder and his compatriots are like hunting guides, ushering golfers from around the world along the challenging Scottish links, imparting advice like diplomats.

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Snyder knows his golf and golf history, and the anecdotes are sprinkled like birdies throughout. But this is more a book about a father and son and their fitful relationship than it is a book about golf. Jack Snyder is kicked off the team for bad grades, loses his bid for a full-ride scholarship, and two dream-. Jack eventually graduates from the university and decides to give the pro tour a shot. Father and son are reunited as golfer and caddy for a satellite tour in Texas. And in the end, this is a book about trying to hold onto something—children, defining moments, innocence—that slips through our fingers no matter what.

Even non-golfers will find it worthwhile to follow him around the course. Marines in Afghanistan as that war winds down. The challenge of my life, which is why I joined the field of journalism in the first place—to write stories of importance in a way people back home could connect with. Born in Norwood, a Boston suburb, he was the oldest of four children and the first in his family to attend college.

And it was the thrill of my life. A city editor took a liking to the exhausted stringer and helped him land a job at the South Middlesex Daily News. Later he moved to a newspaper in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Was he ever afraid? We … were suddenly given twelve hours notice that our unit was moving out to Iraq.

I asked myself what I had just done, signing up for this. There is an amazing sense of being alive—in the midst of it—of getting the story. Del Rio flunked out of her first accounting class and graduated with a major in economics, much preferring sweeping macro systems to balance sheets. Out of the blue came a call from the U.

Harvard gave her more than a degree. It turned del Rio on to kettle-fried potato chips in Massachusetts via reading a case study on Cape Cod Chips. Maruyama was born in Japan but grew up in Irvine, Calif.

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She became a citizen in , during her time at Colby. Her extended family in Japan told her about the organization. She landed an internship in August, which quickly turned into a full-time position. As administrative assistant, Maruyama plans programs and events, helps with.

In the same building is Williams. I just wanted to do something that would help people in that area. Williams majored in biology and minored in environmental studies at Colby; Lindley studied geology. Both earned advanced degrees from the University of Delaware at different times. Organizers are helping students affected by the earthquake and tsunami, in part by bringing them to the United States for educational and cultural programs.

She spent the last four years earning her law degree through an evening program at American University and was to graduate in May. State, and a daughter, three grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren live with her. Y Like Lois, I too sang in a plus-voice chorus this Christmas. That really was quite an ambitious endeavor! A tremendous number of people have the same allergy, almost epidemic! I started teaching at Wilton Academy in Sept. There were three other Colby graduates there in a faculty of Susan Weston , mathematics; Edna F. My last year at WA was.

Meg Bernier Boyd classnews colby. My memories of Colby are pleasant. I wish all my classmates the very best. At Christmastime she and her daughter Carol sang in a voice community chorus in Boonville. She turned 90 in April She has had a pacemaker installed and a successful cataract operation on her right eye. She had visited her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, who live in Arizona and Florida. She does travel alone! She has moved from her family home into a smaller residence, but still in the town of Barrington.

She is delighted to be still near her many friends. Y Nancy Curtis Lawrence is not as mobile as she used to be since she had the aortic valve in her heart replaced. She lives in Washington. Guess I did too much talking those many years I taught school! I did make my trip to Cambodia and Vietnam last Nov. The temples are magnificent with carvings that are unbelievable. Vietnam is much more modernized and equally overrun by motorbikes. The showplace along the coast in that country is Ha Long Bay, with hundreds of stone islands of all sizes! Some many stories high, others smaller, but the sight is breathtaking.

The only challenging part of that trip was the time in transit! Going over was about 18 hours, but the return trip, what with the time differential and a six-hour layover in Seoul, South Korea, ended up being close to 40 hours! Delighted I had the opportunity to go. Petersburg, Fla. Most of the time the daily temperatures range from about 55 to 82 degrees.

I tell people. Our four kids are properly attentive, themselves nearing Social Security age, the seven grands are all working, and we have two precious greats. Though I had the benefit of a Colby education, none of ours has opted for it foolish they! Life is good. Why does this create a mystery near a hundred years later? Turns out that CJW had created an album of his photographs during those Oxford years. This album of. Sending a disc with half the photos, the Society historian asked the Weber family to identify faces, places, and assign dates to photos, which included shots at Oxford, the Swiss Alps, CJW rowing with his Oxford college team, and a formal CJW portrait when at Oxford.

By chance CJW had written his family detailed letters during those same years, So the challenge now was finding events in the latter to enlighten the former. Could the link be found between hundreds of unnamed photos to the hundreds of letters? A needle in one haystack with DNA of another needle in another haystack?

Hours of tedious matching effort, and at last the success was quite striking, to the satisfaction of both parties. It has been very rewarding to me to clarify this personal bit of Colby history. Because I am so busy now. I attend a monthly book group. I do yoga. Sadly but realistically the land and house are on the market. The narrow, winding mountain road, the bringing in wood to keep the stove going, the draining of pipes through the winter months are getting a bit much. I see family as often as possible. In fact I now have five greatgrandchildren, the youngest born three months ago.

Presently I chair the Peconic Landing Community. Auriemma became head ice hockey coach at the school in , leading Brick to eight Gordon Cup titles and six state titles in his plus-year career. Fund, which raises funds to support such in-house activities as the season series of the Metropolitan Opera on HDTV, a ballet series—also in the big screen—and various improvements in the community to benefit the residents.

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The Ghost of Colby Drive (The mis-adventures of Alyson Bell Book 1) - Kindle edition by Kristin Groulx. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, . The Ghost of Colby Drive (The mis-adventures of Alyson Bell Book 1) eBook: Kristin Groulx: Kindle Store.

Thank you Dorothy and David for soldiering on despite the thinning ranks! We are planning a trip south in mid-March. We will take the car train from Virginia overnight to central Florida. Then we plan a leisurely trip so as to circumnavigate south Florida, seeing friends at various places, and then proceed up the East Coast with some time in both Charleston and Mt. For instance snow to date is Here in Montana our unemployment is starting to edge down as more of our people are heading to North Dakota for work in the Bakken oil fields.

The only problem at Bakken is the area was not ready for the influx of people and housing is scarce. Of course our people who need work also want the Keystone pipeline. Our other grandson, Sam Moller, will graduate from Needham, Mass. Hope to hear from some of you next time around. Drop me an e-mail anytime! Storm Sandy did considerable damage to many of the houses on Fairfield Beach, but for them the major loss was sand, which they will have to move back from the roadside to the beach.

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Within a half a mile of them three houses were completely destroyed and seven others declared uninhabitable until extensive repairs are made. Petersburg, Russia. They live in North Carolina but hope to spend some time in New Hampshire in the summer. Their granddaughter, Abby, is a freshman at BC where my grandson, David, is finishing up work on his M.

It was great to hear from Dan Hall in Duxbury, Mass. He cuts up all the fallen trees he can find and has survived a cold and snowy winter. Dan has a special interest— Uganda—and raises funds for many young students and needy people he has met on his trips there. Dan also keeps in touch with our former Colby coach Nels Corey. Keep up the good work, Dan, and good luck. Y Walt Russell continues his zest to make our country a better place and more responsible to our countrymen and women.

Walt was a great baseball pitcher and continues to throw strikes. All the best and good health to a fine friend and classmate. Keep up the great e-mails! We should all visit Charlie in Dennisport and stay at his lovely inn. Good luck, Charlie. Y We had a nice note from Harland Eastman, who retired 30 years ago from diplomatic service. Harland schedules concerts and chamber music while enjoying his most productive life. Keep up the good work, and consider writing a book or at least a story for Colby magazine. Stay in touch with your classmates; we need more info from you.

One highlight was having dinner with Ted Shiro. Ted continues to play tennis at the Waldorf Astoria courts and spends most time chasing mixed-doubles partners who can run and spend off-court time with him. He will never change! Ted also spends a lot of time following his iconic grandson, who is a nationally known quarterback for the University of Georgia.

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I continue to play as much golf as possible and am busy preparing for the U. Open at Merion Golf Club, where I have been a member for 52 years. Keep Colby in your thoughts and in your will. The greatest class of all time. All the best to the best. Hope to recover for a trip to France in May.

This book is similar to my first book, My House Notes, in that it is a workbook, but this is about managing your boat. It outlines those things a boat owner must, or should, do before leaving a mooring or marina—important tasks that promote safety on the water. Both books are available on Amazon and on buybooksontheweb. He lived in Seattle, was 56, and never married. So do we, Joyce. Since our class was the last one to have had classes on both the old and new campuses, it is interesting to see what is now located on that part of the old campus which was across the street from the Waterville railroad station.

That section of land is now called Colby Circle by the city of Waterville. There are three buildings, which are complete and occupied: the District Court, the Social Security Field Office for the area, and a beautiful new homeless shelter. There is a fourth building currently under construction: the Waterville Police Station, which has been located on the ground floor of Waterville City Hall for decades.

Cynthia and I are spending a typical Maine winter in front of our fireplace and waiting for our plow guy to get us clear. I see most of the Bowdoin hockey games as the rink is only 10 minutes from our home, and on occasion, I make the trip to Waterville to watch the Mules. It is fun to watch the development of the players as the year progresses.

I used to see a lot of Bob Kline, but I have sort of lost touch with him. Other than that, until spring and golf begin, I read a lot and try to keep busy around the house. Here on the Cape, we have had our share of cold weather, howling winds even as I. Here in the retirement community where I live, we had no power for more than two days and nights, except in the community areas, which had a big, loud generator.

Our staff, or those who were able to get to us, managed a hot meal each day take-out style , coffee and pastries each morning, with hot oatmeal on Sunday—what a special treat! They both talked about a fabulous concert at the 16th-century Hall of Mirrors, where music combined with art on the walls and ceilings. Carolyn said it seemed like there was a castle on every corner. Carolyn sold her condo in one day WOW! Y So that, my friends, brings us to the end of our news for now, except for sending you all my very best wishes for a fine, healthy She said the party was a wonderful affair at Top of the Point, which offered spectacular views and great food.

They focused on art, music, and dance, having a lot of interaction with Cubans. There was a lot of storm damage at his home. When I talked with him he was looking forward to going to Boca Raton. Y Carolyn Doe Woznick wrote a note just before one of the snowstorms. She and her husband were looking forward to a five-day trip to Lisbon in early March with some time in London as well before coming back to the spring weather here. Y Carolyn English.

Y We would love to see as many as possible attend our 60th reunion and the th birthday of our college. Chase and Nan Murray Lasbury have been collecting gifts from class members and will announce the totals at reunion. I look forward to seeing all of you in June. A few days in Washington, D. Snow piled up four feet! Newspapers and milk were delivered on horseback up to the new campus; tunnels were dug in snow to get into stores and the bank; the Blue Beetle bus had no road to drive on; but we had fun!

Were you one of the brave souls who jumped out of the third floor windows onto the snow piles? Y Beverly Mosettig Levesque writes that despite the mild weather, she has been plagued with colds, bronchitis, and sinus infections, and she hungers for the HOT sun! Y Betty Harris Smith is enjoying the beaches of Anguilla.

Every time I wear a Colby sweatshirt, someone asks me when I graduated. Two years ago we stopped in Waterville and walked around the campus. I miss the old campus. There are so many buildings now that it felt cramped. We did visit the museum and walk around the pond. We feel so lucky to be able to ski, especially in such a great setting.

Donna wrote the book and 90 percent of the lyrics. Currently she is in negotiations to license the. Anyone interested in spending a fun afternoon or evening at the theater should go to the website: cougarthemusical. Please say hi to everyone who might remember me. Petersburg Ensemble, sung in Russian. Kathie just retired from singing with the group for 18 years. I still enjoy classes at the UMaine Senior College. This winter I am reminded of the blizzard at Colby. Good job! The board celebrated Larry and his service at a dinner held in his honor in October, attended by friends, family, classmates, and his fellow board members.

Congratulations are definitely in order to you, Larry! Our sympathy to his family. Y Brian Stompe writes that I misquoted where he does his salmon fishing—off the Marin coast, which is the county north of the Golden Gate Bridge, not the Maine coast. My apologies. Brian says that the East Coast Atlantic salmon are endangered due to all the damming and pollution of East Coast rivers. There are still fairly large runs of Chinook salmon and some coho salmon in the Sacramento and Kalamath Rivers and some other coastal rivers.

The Kalamath runs have been threatened by several antiquated dams that the owners of the dams, the states of California and Oregon, the Indian tribes, conservationists,. The highlight of the trip was seeing and flying around Denali Mount McKinley on four consecutive days in brilliant sunshine.

Afterwards on to Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Haines a raft trip down. So nice to hear from Isobel Rafuse Capuano, who tells us that no trips abroad are planned for this year especially on Carnival but every other base is well covered. In midJuly their travels will take them north to New Brunswick, Canada, where they will stay until the end of September. And after. Among the speakers were former President Cotter and Bro. I hope to get to Winter Haven to see the baseball team and to look up my old roommate Justin Cross.

I like this outdoor living and the tax situation here. I am ready to sign up. The best to my classmates and to my other roommate, Bill Haggett, and wife Sally. Love my job! We all enjoyed the different cultural Christmas. Y Being very involved in genealogy for 35 years, Jeanne Arnold and husband Peter Jeffries have enjoyed traveling the country from east to west to attend the Sheldon Family Association annual meetings and to gather information along the way.

Jeanne and Peter will be driving to Utah again this year, stopping for a planning meeting in Ft. Wayne, Ind. The Barneses, who live in Houlton, Maine, now juggle their time from one family in Fort Kent to another in Bath, pretty much traveling the whole state of Maine. Ann and Forrest cruised the Maine coast last.

September aboard the schooner Heritage and highly recommend it. Y Kyp Piqueres Greenwood is counting the days until spring after this brutal cold and snowy winter. In that capacity, Al, with Andrea, was flying to Cyprus at the end of February to testify as a witness on Massachusetts business law before the District Court of Nicosia. It was a good opportunity to buy unique Christmas gifts! This spring they plan to drive around the U. She is now at peace after suffering a disastrous stroke on the eve of our 50th reunion, but what a courageous fighter she was! Judy and Doug look forward to the 55th reunion.

Y Judy Brown Dickson has been on the road and seas again—a birthday celebration in Shanghai, then snorkeling in Fiji, then visits to Auckland and Hawaii, with Alaska and Brazil on tap. Chorale in Weymouth, Mass. Y Archie Twitchell and wife Irene journeyed west this winter, one stop being a visit to the Boulder mall, built when Archie was the city manager. The Wall Street Journal had described the shopping center as one of the two best malls in the country, and Archie wanted to see how it had fared after 30 years.

It looked economically healthy and the street art was excellent. Both Twitchells were also excited about being at Colby in June. Since her daughters had never met Marcia, they all had a good time telling stories from the past and present. The Whitakers also look forward to getting together with many friends and classmates at reunion. Fran will be remembered with fondness, admiration, and respect for the special place she filled in our class.

Woods classnews colby. Y Solange and Reed Thompson made their annual trip back east to visit old friends in and around New York City and their son and his family in the Boston area. They spent three fun days with Posie and Grant Hendricks and their family. It usually takes Reed. After arriving in their former neighborhood, they had the chance to reunite with friends. They walked a couple of beaches, zip-lined!!! Assuming all body parts are operable, the Thompsons plan on being at our 55th in Y Tim and Barbara Churchill Eddy keep busy.

Tim is still in business as a financial advisor, and Barbara volunteers at their church. They have three properties to maintain: a home, an office building, and a place in Maine. Their three children have provided six grandchildren. Y Ed Goldberg remains active and travels constantly. He spends four months a year in Bozeman, Mont. There are lots of aging flower children reliving the Fifties in a beautiful setting.

Trout fishing in highaltitude lakes, horseback riding into the wilderness, skiing in unbroken snowfields, and hanging out with cowboys at local bars make for full and exciting days. Much time is spent learning about alternative sources for his local town, which has struck down wind turbines for a variety of good reasons. The balance of his life seems to be filled with good friendships, family, books, and frequent trips to Israel, where he is involved with one of the universities.

Leaving for Florida in the middle of December. The book describes the history of knotted netting from 23, B. Requiring only two simple tools, the technique evolved in many cultures around the world. Nets are used for fishing and trapping game and also, with the same knot, for making lace of fine threads. In December the book was awarded an honorable mention by the New England Book Festival Y Dan Van Heeckeren sent the sad news that Doris, his wife of 49 years, died in November, two days after a snorkeling accident and near drowning in Hawaii, where Dan had been attending an AMA interim meeting.

Doris had been in the Holsteiner horse business, but she and Dan had made a decision some years ago to stop breeding because the market for foals had collapsed. In the fall they took the final step in winding down the horse business. Last summer they had a giant family reunion at Nags Head, N. Dan has been dealing with recertification as a U. He is looking forward to a spring fortnight in Europe, visiting in Sweden and the Netherlands. Y Mike Silverberg is still working and enjoying the challenge. Mike and his wife travel on their boat to Block Island. Y Anna Johnson lives in Oregon, where she is removed in time and space from Colby.

She remains in touch with Dorothy Reuman, who taught in the Music Department. Anna is becoming a master gardener through a University of Oregon program. Ken is still recovering! He was going to be working for the Red Sox during spring training and planned to attend Orioles games in Sarasota. After the concert they talked to Bob Flick, the only original member in the group.

They learned a great deal about the delicate ecosystem in Florida and the efforts to restore the balance between plants, animals, and marine life. He spent Christmas in Colorado with three sons and one grandchild. Steve reports that there are many fine singers and the rehearsals are off to a fine start.

During the brunt of the storm, EMT Bev was on a call with a mother in labor and got to the hospital just one hour before the baby was born. Y One of the many reasons that Lucky Christov moved to Southern California was the lack of hurricanes. They neglected to tell him about the earthquakes! Y John Clark has retired after 53 rewarding years of teaching—the last 22 years teaching math at Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, N.

John and his wife, Eleanor, are busy playing tennis and taking classes at the community college. Y Bob Marier and his wife are active golfers—Bob has a single-digit handicap! Bob has returned to Colby to do concerts with the Colby Eight. Bob reports that Jeanette continues coping with MS challenges. They continue traveling and go out to eat quite often. Bebe Clark Mutz spent pre-Thanksgiving time with us in Vermont. Go classnews colby. Add a remembrance of your Meg Bernier Boyd own! I volunteer at St. Travel is Josephine Pitts McAlary mainly an annual trip across the pond to visit classnews colby.

Spent a lovely day with Colby is in the midst oflastasummer!

Our Children. Learning Today. Leading Tomorrow.

Pictures Kendall, Jane 6. That section of land is now called Colby Circle by the city of Waterville. Working for God! I am grateful to Cal for his service in Vietnam, but more grateful for his service to our college and his country as a teacher. He's done some middle school, high school and junior college teaching but mainly he has been working in magazine publishing for the past 6 years and change at Vibe, 17, Blaze magazines. After graduating, she worked as New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd's research assistant, freelancing for every section of the paper during her five years with Maureen in the DC Buro.

I do not her North We recall play golf, ever mentioning hadand a th bridge, dominoes,that and they canasta enjoy anniversary celebration. PaulStunning is on the board you think of the changes in the hundred of directors, and I run the biweekly potluck years then. Transportation, supperssince and the holiday party. She lived hereofinthe Rockport. To get snow to shovel—one reasons we to Waterville had forward to catchtotheourtrolley moved here. Maine Railroad Waterville. Class Tozier Florida, In weour escaped of started in September the blizzardwe of andout enjoyed degree with 16watching sons and 15 daughters weather while Facebook videos of Colby alumni.

I have no way of knowing our kids snow blowing driveways. I belong howtwo many of usgroups had a parent the Class to quilting here ininFlorida: at of Even current students mayquilts have my church, where we make charity in that had adonated great-great-grandparent from fabric, and the Sebastian class.

We dometal, well, ranginginfrom to 32 feet. Butand no one of in the blizzard of lost in the Class hasBrrr—got communicated, our power forof48 hours. A reminder my e-mail 40 inside. Just likethat those Maine. We want to talk about Colby and the liberal arts.