Children Of Our Own War

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How we provide vital psychosocial support to children and youth

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How to Talk to Kids About Violence, Crime, and War

Yet - with the right support - most children will be able to cope with the adversities they experience. Our psychosocial support interventions are designed to enable children and young people to develop their resilience and innate strengths. Participants in our life-skills interventions and structured recreational activities develop increased self-confidence and trust in others. For children experiencing enduring distress, we are currently testing a scalable model of intervention in Lebanon developed by the World Health Organization. A community-based detection tool - to enable the identification of children in need of specialised support - is also undergoing assessment.

Psychosocial support How we provide vital psychosocial support to children and youth Ensuring the improved psychosocial wellbeing of children forced to live with the effects of armed conflict. Support our work.

Dr. Samantha Nutt, MSc, CCFP, FRCPC, C.M.​

Become our partner Start fundraising. Key Project TeamUp. I know what the book did not say. My friends and I killed in Marjah, and Marines in my rifle company lost limbs and lives.

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No notional exercise in choice will erase the fact that both my battalion and the battalion to our north killed many civilians in the opening days of Operation Moshtarak, when American high-explosive rockets struck occupied Afghan homes. Then, in the end, American plans for the area failed.

An integrated approach

Today Marjah is again under of the control of the Taliban and warlords. Maybe this moment of discomfort in my home was inevitable.

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It is and the big war in Europe is now in its fourth year. The Allies have begun to take the fight to Germany and bombing raids on German cities are now an. children-of-our-own-war-a-boy-s-journey-by-fred-bonisch-hardcover.

My daughters were, quite naturally, trying to figure out a piece of their lives that everyone seemed to know more about than they did. Eventually I will honestly discuss my time in Marjah with them. I will tell them about the time one of their uncles and I commandeered an Afghan National Army truck for a joy ride.

What did 'growing your own' mean?

Many homes kept chickens if they had space outside. We thank you for your support. Search form Search. Plus1 Musicians have always been at the forefront of social change and Plus 1 continues this tradition. Christopher Tidey.

I will tell them about the Marines who died, and how much I miss them every day. Finally, I will tell them about the family I escorted to a graveyard.

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I will tell them that I took lives in combat, because they deserve to hear it. I will tell them the truth.

Some who were among us never came home.