Counterpoint and Harmony

Writing (Harmony, counterpoint, fugue and orchestration)
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Module Overview This module will provide you with a firm understanding of the theory and practice of the principles of Western tonal music that will be invaluable to later courses. Teaching and learning methods Weekly lectures will introduce concepts that will be explored further in weekly practical seminars. Johann-Joseph Fux.

The Study of Counterpoint. Open Music Theory.

Learning Counterpoint On Your Own

Anna Butterworth. Work is presented coherently, and with some stylistic appropriateness. Full understanding of staff notation, with excellent understanding of musical practice in the historical period studied.

How to Harmonize a Melody (Counterpoint) - 2 Music Theory Hacks for Better Choruses

Very good grasp of key skills pertaining to the subject, with the ability to apply these skills across the full range of musical contexts. Excellent demonstration of individual creativity.

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Work is presented coherently and full stylistic awareness. On completion of this module, a student should be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of modern music notation.

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The basis of counterpoint (point against point) is melody. Harmony is evident in counterpoint which, I suppose, is what is causing the confusion. In university music departments counterpoint and harmony are often taught separately. Nowadays most people probably encounter harmony.

Due on Thursday of week 10, at noon. Typically comprising one or more short questions on analysis and analysis in practice demonstrating an understanding of the principles, techniques and methodologies taught on the module.

Principles of Counterpoint

Due on Monday of week 13, at noon. Typically comprising one or more questions on analysis and analysis in practice demonstrating an understanding of the principles, techniques and methodologies taught on the module.

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Students who do not meet this prerequisite should contact the instructor, Dr. Evan Meier, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. More Information and Enroll.