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10 Things We’re Thankful for This Holiday Season
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But during the holidays, nearly double the percentage of women and about the same percentage of men do; women also spend nearly four hours on the days they do, up from about an hour during the rest of the year. Men jump from about one hour to a full two hours.

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The amount of time spent by women doubles to at least an hour and a half on the day they are shopping. For men, the increase is much smaller. Income does not seem to play a significant role in time changes to shopping patterns during the holidays.

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On the days they decorate, women increase their time spent more than men do. Among individuals who do not regularly attend religious services, only 10 percent say they look forward to attending religious activities during the holiday season. Americans spend increased time on stressful activities they claim to dislike, and decrease time spent on activities they say make them happy.

And there is a relationship between these changes. When the data is explored to see how the different activities are related to each other, it becomes clear that increases in time spent shopping are statistically correlated 5 to decreases in time spent eating and socializing with friends and neighbors.

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After your stroll in the fresh air you will feel revived and full of energy. Sims with the Childish or Geek trait. In a time that is marked by emails and e-cards, the knowledge that someone selected and hand-addressed a personal card for us and sent it along to wish us the best of the holidays is such a delight. Perhaps Mom and Dad, and the in-laws, are monopolizing their time? Make music and make art. And even if you say that you will get together before the next holiday season, you know that you may not do so and even if you do, the time spent will never be as relaxing and special as those that occur at the holidays. Stay up past bedtime and shout at the TV in celebration!

People are not spending more time on both, but rather seem to be choosing one activity over the other. We are actively replacing things that make us happy with things that make us stressed! This relationship is found only in the data from the holiday season. Looking at the data from the non-holiday year, we do not find these correlations.

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In terms of how happy and satisfied people feel, research has shown that participation in holiday traditions and rituals is highly satisfactory and increases positive well-being. The more people enjoy a ritual, the greater their contentment during the holidays. Perhaps we can all make our holiday season happier by developing some low-cost traditions and routines that involve time with friends and neighbors — as well as our families — and avoid crowds and shopping, which lead to immediate stress, as well as future financial stress.

Sounds easy enough … right? This year , people told Pew they have similar feelings. Spending time with family and friends is the most anticipated activity, with 75 percent of Americans looking forward to it a lot. However, because Pew is presenting the data slightly differently than it did in , we looked at the year-old numbers for the purposes of this article. The American Time Use Survey includes about 1, respondents per month. Because we are dividing the sample in a way not intended in the design, the results are more exploratory and descriptive than inferential.

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Could it be that those extra people are volunteering for shorter periods, thus driving down the average for everyone? Heather Krause is a statistician who works with nonprofit organizations. Volunteering There are slightly more volunteers during the holidays, but the number of hours spent volunteering actually drops during the holidays. Eating and socializing Americans spend less time during the holidays eating and socializing with friends and neighbors.

So, in summary: More people volunteer during the holidays, but spend less time at it. Most people spend less time eating and socializing with friends.

Women double the time they spend with their parents. Everyone, especially women, significantly increases the time they spend shopping and decorating. There is no significant change in time spent on religious activities. The spirit of the season comes through as people take the time to gather and talk with one another and share what is happening in other's lives.

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No, it's not because of the presents that I will receive! In fact, that is probably the least favorite part of the holidays for me because I allow the. Use these happy holidays quotes to help you spread love and celebrate “The Joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others' burdens.

People linger over a glass of wine and some hors d'oeuvres or share a meal with no thoughts of rushing off to do something else or be somewhere else. Food and drinks are consumed at a leisurely pace and before you know it, many hours have passed and you are just so relaxed and enjoying that sharing in the moment that you just don't want it to end.

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And even if you say that you will get together before the next holiday season, you know that you may not do so and even if you do, the time spent will never be as relaxing and special as those that occur at the holidays. So, my wish is that everyone has many, many magical moments this holiday season whether experienced alone or shared with others.

I hope that the lights bring a special illumination to your hearts and spirits. I hope that the time that you spend with others takes on a very special feeling of sharing and caring that is representative of this special time of the year.

And my greatest hope of all is that you have the best holiday season ever. Real Life.


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