The Seeking Of The Lost Sheep

A Portrait of God: “The Shepherd Seeking The Lost Sheep”
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The secret is to allow the sheep that come to you to actually eat grain or they will soon figure out that they are being fooled and will not respond.

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Just like humans, sheep like to maintain a distance, or safe zone, between themselves and others. The flight distance varies a great deal depending on the situation the sheep or human is in. In a normal situation, when the sheep is relaxed, the distance is small. However, if danger in the form of a dog or a strange person appears then it is greatly increased and the sheep moves away. By working with sheep daily, you will decrease the flight distance of the sheep as it relates to you.

Seeking For Lost Sheep

This is because you are perceived as a friend and the sheep accepts you. Your relation to God is completely changed, and that for the better! Do we need them? Do they need you? Christians and Christian families need each other to grow in their Christian faith. What kind of needs do we have? Our needs are probably like many other believers.

If your body and family are functioning correctly, pain is felt and taken care of! In Specifically Terms, in the Bible we have been given advise as having the same behavior as sheep …. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.

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The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. Then He said to him, Follow me! As I have loved you, so you must love one another. Throughout the world there are churches, televangelists and teachers with all sorts of false teachings, fake healing ministries and the false prosperity gospel. These people are described and condemned in 2 Pet. Keep away from them" and in Gal.

Seeking the Lost Sheep

Like the Bereans, in Acts , we must check the scriptures to see if what we are being taught is true and we must warn others about false teachings otherwise they may be badly misled and leave the path of holiness. So, it is most important that we make righteous judgments according to the Word of God so that we can recognize and separate ourselves from false teachings.

This entry was posted. To the end of the age. Seeking the Lost Sheep. Living as His Sheep i. Living as His Flock Herd of Sheep i. Do you like this post? Be the first to comment. Sign in with. Remember me. You have got away from Him. There is the sheep that wanders. That is partly conscious, and voluntary, but in a large measure simply yielding to inclination and temptation. Then there is the coin that trundles away under some piece of furniture, and is lost -- that is a picture of the manner in which a man, without volition, almost mechanically sometimes, slides into sins and disappears as it were, and gets covered over with the dust of evil.

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And then there is the worst of all, the lad that had full knowledge of what he was doing. Give me what belongs to me, for good and all, and let me go!

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They rank just below the pig and on par with cattle in intelligence among farm animals. Living as His Sheep i. What about you today? We will regain hope that our God cares for us so much that He will never stop searching for us. The shepherds of His day knew every one of the animals in their flock by sight and spent their lives pr What kind of needs do we have?

I had rather be far away; and my own master, and not always be "cribbed, cabined, and confined" with these limitations. Let us learn the lesson. In a world like this, if a man does not know very clearly where he is going, he is sure to go wrong. If you do not exercise a distinct determination to do God's will, and to follow in His footsteps who has set us an example; and if your main purpose is to get succulent grass to eat and soft places to walk in, you are certain before long to wander tragically from all that is right and noble and pure.

It is no excuse for you to say: 'I never meant it'; 'I did not intend any harm, I only followed my own inclinations. And the sheep has strayed as effectually, though, when it set out on its journey, it never thought of straying. Young men and women beginning life, remember!

But then there is another point that I must touch for a moment. In the Revised Version you will find a very tiny alteration in the words of my text, which, yet, makes a large difference in the sense. The last clause of my text, as it stands in our Bible, is, 'And seeketh that which is gone astray'; the Revised Version more correctly reads, 'And seeketh that which is going astray. In the former the process is represented as finished, in the correct rendering it is represented as going on.

And that is what I would press on you, the awful, solemn, necessarily progressive character of our wanderings from God.

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“THE LOST SHEEP AND THE SEEKING SHEPHERD”. READ IN THE BIBLE ( LUKE ). In the Bible, the Word of God, in the Gospel of Luke, chapter The most prosaic shepherd looks for lost sheep, and everybody has peculiar There the seeking Shepherd is obviously Christ; here the seeking Shepherd is.

A man never gets to the end of the distance that separates between him and the Father, if his face is turned away from God. Every moment the separation is increasing. Two lines start from each other at the acutest angle and diverge more the further they are produced, until at last the one may be away up by the side of God's throne, and the other away down in the deepest depths of hell.

If No One Is Lost, Then the Mission of Christ Was a Waste of Time

So accordingly my text carries with solemn pathos, in a syllable, the tremendous lesson: 'The sheep is not gone, but going astray. Now the last thing here in this picture is the contrast between the description given of the wandering sheep in our text, and that in St. Here it is represented as wandering, there it is represented as lost. That is very beautiful and has a meaning often not noticed by hasty readers. Who is it that has lost it?

The Lost Sheep and the Seeking Shepherd

We talk about the lost soul and the lost man, as if it were the man that had lost himself , and that is true, and a dreadful truth it is. But that is not the truth that is taught in this parable, and meant by us to be gathered from it. He to whom it belonged. That is to say, wherever a heart gets ensnared and entangled with the love of the treasures and pleasures of this life, and so departs in allegiance and confidence and friendship from the living God, there God the Father regards Himself as the poorer by the loss of one of His children, by the loss of one of His sheep.

He does not care to possess you by the hold of mere creation and supremacy and rule.

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He desires you to love Him, and then He deems that He has you. And if you do not love Him, He deems that He has lost you. There is something in the divine heart that goes out after His lost property.


We touch here upon deep things that we cannot speak of intelligently; only remember this, that what looks like self-regard in man is the purest love in God, and that there is nothing in the whole revelation which Christianity makes of the character of God more wonderful than this, that He judges that He has lost His child when His child has forgotten to love Him. So much, then, for one of the great pictures in this text. I can spare but a sentence or two for the other -- the picture of the Seeker. I said that in the one form of the parable it was more distinctly the Father, and in the other more distinctly the Son, who is represented as seeking the sheep.

But these two do still coincide in substance, inasmuch as God's chief way of seeking us poor wandering sheep is through the work of His dear Son Jesus, and the coming of Christ is the Father's searching for His sheep in the 'cloudy and dark day. And this, couched in veiled form, is the great mystery of the divine love, the incarnation and sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Lord. Here is the answer by anticipation to the sarcasm that is often levelled at evangelical Christianity: 'You must think a good deal of human nature, and must have a very arrogant notion of the inhabitant of this little speck that floats in the great sea of the heavens, if you suppose that with all these millions of orbs he is so important that the divine Nature came down upon this little tiny molehill, and took his nature and died.

And then, there is a difference between these two versions of the Parable in respect to their representation of the end of the seeking. The one says 'seeks until He finds. God's long-suffering, if I may take such a metaphor, like a sleuth-hound, will follow the object of its search through all its windings and doublings, until it comes up to it.

So that great seeking Shepherd follows us through all the devious courses of our wayward, wandering footsteps doubling back upon themselves, until He finds us. Though the sheep may increase its distance, the Shepherd follows. The further away we get the more tender His appeal; the more we stop our ears the louder the voice with which He calls. You cannot wear out Jesus Christ, you cannot exhaust the resources of His bounteousness, of His tenderness. However we may have been going wrong, however far we may have been wandering, however vehemently we may be increasing, at every moment, our distance from Him, He is coming after us, serene, loving, long-suffering, and will not be put away.