The Tudors: Its Good to Be King

The Tudors: It's Good to Be King
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This is not the story of the old, fat Henry you've read about in history books.

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The Tudors is an intimate, delicious, and daring drama revealing the early years of Henry VIII, an idealistic, lustful tyrant torn between bedding wives and. Mar 30, In Showtime's new series The Tudors, Jonathan Rhys Meyers portrays one of the most famous kings in history, Henry VIII. The actor, known for.

At eighteen, the throne and the entire world became his. Young, sexy, and the most powerful man of his time, the king was known for his good looks and athletic prowess. He was so arrogant that he despised dealing with the consequences of his actions.

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King Henry executed people with little excuse, and single-handedly tore apart the Roman Catholic Church, the most powerful institution in medieval Europe. Passionate, vibrant, and scandalous, he forever altered the course of history. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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Building the house of Tudor

He had an athletic physique and excelled at sports, regularly showing off his prowess in the jousting arena. All this changed in when the king — then in his mid-forties — suffered a serious wound to his leg while jousting. This never properly healed, and instead turned ulcerous, which left Henry increasingly incapacitated.

By the time of his death, he had to be winched onto his horse. It is this image of the corpulent Henry VIII that has obscured the impressive figure that he cut for most of his life.

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Read more:. Despite the popular image of Henry VIII throwing a chicken leg over his shoulder as he devoured one of his many feasts, he was in fact a fastidious eater.

5 things you (probably) didn’t know about Henry VIII

Only on special occasions, such as a visit from a foreign dignitary, did he stage banquets. Most of the time, Henry preferred to dine in his private apartments. He would take care to wash his hands before, during and after each meal, and would follow a strict order of ceremony.

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The marriage unified the warring houses and gave his children a strong claim to the throne. But is this image wholly accurate? During his four decades of sovereignty, he presided over the foundation of the Church of England, a remodelling of government, a major growth in the importance of Parliament, the incorporation of Wales into English administration, the establishment of the Kingdom of Ireland and oversaw the construction of many colleges, palaces and fortresses. So too in The Tudors would the audience apprehend that ultimately Henry would die and make way for his children, with Elizabeth eventually ascending to the throne. Henry VII wanted to maintain the Spanish alliance.